How to increase client retention with rebooking reminders

Goldie app rebooking reminders

Client retention is an essential aspect to focus on when it comes to your salon’s success. From the moment they enter the salon to the moment they leave, you have to make sure they feel appreciated and that they’re happy with the service you provide. In the end, happy clients mean returning clients. 

Rebooking reminders are a great tool to save precious time and increase your revenue. The process of rebooking clients is fast and cost-effective, so you’ll have the opportunity to be fully booked in a short time and with low investment.

Many salon professionals forget to take advantage of the opportunity to rebook clients. But here’s a fact: if you don’t remind them to rebook, they might forget they need an appointment. So, find the right tool for your salon and start sending SMS rebooking reminders

Tip: Increase the chances of rebooking by offering freebies or discounts. You can include this information in your reminder template and get customers excited about their next visit. 

Advantages of sending rebooking reminders to your clients

💡Makes them feel more valued

💡Reduces last-minute appointment panic

💡No more need to check their calendar to see when was their last appointment

💡Allows them to book the time slots that suit their needs

💡It allows you to focus on providing good services

💡Consistency in client experience

💡Increased client loyalty

💡Easier to plan ahead 

💡A simple way to increase your income in low months

💡Reduces the costs of attracting new clients

Understanding the financial impact of retaining clients with rebooking reminders

Retaining clients plays a key role when it comes to your salon’s financial health. A loyal customer base ensures stable revenue and reduces the need for constant marketing efforts to attract clients. Satisfied clients are more likely to return for regular appointments, try additional services, and refer their friends and family, all of which contribute to increased sales and profitability for you. Moreover, long-term client relationships foster trust and a sense of belonging, making them more willing to invest in your services. Also, it’s important to note that sending rebooking reminders with an automated system takes you just a few minutes and has minimum costs. That’s why periodically reminding clients to rebook and offering them discounts will positively influence your income.

Setting up an effective rebooking reminder system

How to set up rebooking reminders

If you’re not using one yet, now’s the right time to do it. Goldie is an all-in-one tool crafted for professionals who want to launch, manage, and grow their beauty businesses. Besides the rebooking reminder option, you can use this app to send appointment confirmations, collect deposits and payments, create an online booking website, and many more. 

You can give it a try by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play. No card is required, it is totally free. 🙂 

⚙️Here’s a detailed article on getting started with it.

How to send automated rebooking reminders with Goldie

At Goldie, we understand the importance of managing your business like a pro, and we want to make sure your clients will always return to you with pleasure.

Rebooking reminders: edit message template

You can activate the rebooking reminders by opening the app and accessing Settings -> Message, and tap on the + icon to create a new message template. Tap on the “Sending Time” section and select “AFTER” (this means the reminder is sent after the appointment). 

Note: Rebooking reminders will be sent only if the client hasn’t booked a future appointment. If the message doesn’t need to be sent (meaning that a future appointment exists), we will display the status NOT SENT for that message.

Personalized rebooking reminder templates

With Goldie, you can craft personalized rebooking reminders for your clients. Tailoring the content to their preferences shows that you value their opinion and increases their chance to rebook an appointment with you. 

Personalize your rebooking reminder messages by opening the Goldie app and accessing Menu > Messages > tap on the settings icon in the top right corner, select Rebooking reminders, and that’s where the magic happens. Feel free to invite clients to rebook an appointment, offer them a discount, and inform them how to book. 

Don’t forget to analyze your results

Goldie financial reports screen

Sticking to your client loyalty strategy is essential, but analyzing your results is equally important. Analyzing your results provides valuable insights into how much money you’ve earned, how many clients you welcomed in your salon, and your top-selling services. 

Also, Goldie’s reporting option also offers forecasts that allow you to anticipate your low months. This way, you’ll know exactly when it’s the right time to work on some sales campaigns in your salon and to send rebooking reminders to clients to keep you fully scheduled.

🔍Read more about how to stay in control of your business with reports


You don’t need to spend tons of money and implement complicated strategies to increase client retention in your salon. There are simple, actionable tips that will make your business successful with minimum effort.

Educating your clients and staff about the benefits of rebooking and using the right tool to manage your schedule and your clients’ communications is essential. Rebooking reminders are undeniably a win both for you and your clients. 

Let us know in the comments section your thoughts on sending rebooking reminders to clients. Your insights and feedback can help others in the salon industry improve their client retention practices as well.

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Tshepiso Ngwenya
Tshepiso Ngwenya
4 months ago

This is the best. I love it. More wins

4 months ago

Unfortunately there is only a max choice of 4 weeks or 30 days for reminders. Most appointments are 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks.