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Increased productivity with appointment automation

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually booking appointments. Our lash booking app allows you to set up recurring appointments for your regular clients, whether they occur weekly, monthly, or at custom intervals. Simplify your booking process and guarantee consistent care while also granting you more time to focus on perfecting your craft.

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Take client management to the next level

Easily access your client’s information, notes, and appointment history with the best booking app for lash techs. Goldie allows you to provide personalized service with an efficient client management option for lash technicians.

Protect your time and money with deposits

Process fast and secure deposits and full payments while providing a nice checkout experience for your clients both online and in person. Take control of your schedule, reduce revenue loss, and foster trustworthy client relationships with our booking site for lash techs.

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Accept payments from leading brands, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

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Keep an eye on the numbers that matter

Unlock the power of turning comprehensive reports into actionable growth strategies with our lash booking app. Goldie empowers you to extract valuable insights from in-depth reports on clients, appointments, staff, and revenue, together with forecasts.

A powerful, all-in-one booking app for lash techs

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Offer your clients the freedom to book themselves

Let clients schedule 24/7 with the best online booking site for lash techs. Your Goldie scheduling site offers round-the-clock booking convenience, allowing clients to easily book appointments whenever they want. Keeping yourself fully booked has never been easier!

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Transform your followers into loyal customers

Activate your “Book Now” button with Goldie’s integration with Facebook, Instagram, or Google Reserve, and turn your followers into customers. With just a simple click, potential clients can instantly secure their spot with you, eliminating the friction of manual booking.

Drive more sales with bulk marketing messages

Get in touch with your clients and drive more sales by sending targeted promotions and exclusive offers with our lash booking app. Segment your audience, personalize your messages, and time your campaigns effectively with the Goldie app.

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A better salon scheduling app, as rated by other independent professionals

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My business runs smoother and appears more professional by using this app. I'm an independent professional, so having something simple to set up and operate from my side and also easy to use for my clients is essential.
Emily Jean S.
Simple set-up.
I absolutely love the customization of the reminders. Adding my prices in the reminder message is a lifesaver. My clients are no longer surprised by the cost and are prepared. integration was simple since it was based on my existing contacts.
Ashlie M.
I can relax.
With Goldie, I can easily schedule my clients' appointments, allowing me to relax while it automatically reminds them of their appointments. Everything is synced with my Google agenda, so even if I lose my phone or tablet, I won't lose all my appointments.
Vera P.

Goldie's got everything you need

Schedule appointments and control your calendar using our powerful platform
Reduce no-shows by sending appointment confirmation, reminder, and follow-up messages
Enable your customers to easily book appointments based on your schedule
Take deposits at booking and offer a seamless checkout experience
Manage your list of service offerings and prices to keep your customers up to date
Stay organized and communicate with all your clients in one place
Grow your business by sending mass messages like promotions and rebooking reminders
Review your business performance to simplify taxes and identify new ways to grow

with ease

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