Use text message marketing to grow your business

Drive more bookings

Fill your schedule by easily sending customers rebooking reminders and letting them know about your offerings. Run seasonal or service-specific promotions with the best app for sending mass texts to boost your revenue.

Target specific customers

Select groups of clients to message based on when they last had an appointment or when there next one is. Then, provide them with tailored offerings that keep them coming back.

The best app for sending mass texts

Goldie’s text marketing for salons empowers you to send messages to dozens of clients simultaneously multiple. Creating bulk SMS has never been easier.

Keep clients up to date

Quickly communicate last minute business closures or changes in availability to your clients with our text marketing app. Plus, receive responses from clients even when your messages are sent automatically via Goldie’s system.

A better text marketing app, as rated by other independent professionals







Happy customers.
Goldie made a huge difference to our business since we just started a few months ago. The app helped us keep our customers happy by reminding them about their appointments, getting their feedback after they had a procedure, and giving them more information about services.
New You Clinic
Never looked back.
I started using Goldie 1 year ago and I have never looked back. It made my life so much easier to have my client database, my appointments, reports, and the option to send mass marketing messages to my clients, all in one app.
Toula P.
So valuable.
I like sending reminders so quickly, and they still look like a personally-written message rather than a corporation-style. I also like there are many messages I can send out, so valuable in the middle of the day when I am busy but need to get certain information out to new clients.
Timothy R.

Goldie's got everything you need

Schedule appointments and control your calendar using our powerful platform
Reduce no-shows by sending appointment confirmation, reminder, and follow-up messages
Enable your customers to easily book appointments based on your schedule
Take deposits at booking and offer a seamless checkout experience
Manage your list of service offerings and prices to keep your customers up to date
Stay organized and communicate with all your clients in one place
Grow your business by sending mass messages like promotions and rebooking reminders
Review your business performance to simplify taxes and identify new ways to grow

with ease

Take your business to the next level
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