5 Ways you Can Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

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According to RMIT Online, social media management is one of the top marketing skills you need in 2021. Effectively using multiple platforms and raising awareness of your brand will require you a very strong social media marketing strategy

So, to help you know how to use social media to increase brand awareness, we’re going to provide you with the top five social media tips to increase awareness of your brand. Read on to find out more. 

1. Make sure your brand voice shines in all of your posts

One of the most effective ways you can build a recognizable brand is by ensuring you have a strong brand voice. Once you’ve nailed this down, you need to highlight it through all of your social media posts.

When developing your brand voice, you should consider who your audience is, and you can figure this out by creating buyer personas, which are fictional representations of your target audience. You should also think about what kinds of brand personality you want to portray and how you want people to feel when they come across your business.

After considering all this, you can then start to create a seller persona. This is basically the opposite of buyer personas, and it refers to a fictional character that depicts your business and how customers see you. You can use a seller persona to plan out your brand voice and the type of personality you want to portray as a business.

To give you some inspiration, here is an example of a business that does a great job of projecting its brand voice across its socials.


Glossier is a beauty brand that sells skincare and cosmetic products. They aim to focus on making products that people actually want on their bathroom shelves and they’ve always made it known that they want their audience to be as involved in the development process as possible. That’s why their social media pages are filled with posts of real people using or modeling their products.

Creating a brand voice early on in your business is essential, as you can ensure that it shines through all the subsequent content you publish on your site or social media platforms, just like Glossier is doing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of brand you own — it could be in the beauty, fitness, or even wellness industry. If you would like to learn more about tailoring your brand voice to the type of business you run, make sure you check out these social media marketing tips for hairstylists. You’ll discover a lot of advice that will work for most beauty-based businesses.

2. Give people a reason to talk about your business online 

If you give people a reason to shout about your business, this will spread awareness on social media for your brand, attract more followers, and drive more traffic to your website. Some of the ways you can do this are by hosting giveaways or by giving out awards with badges that can be shared on the winners’ social media pages. 

You can also reward loyal customers with free gifts or encourage them to share their experiences with your brand, preferably with a branded hashtag. This will get people to talk about your business and allow you to reach even more people. 

Giveaways are a great way to make more people aware of your brand, and they work well as one of the marketing strategies that have helped various spas or businesses in the beauty or wellness industry.

Let’s look at some examples of businesses that have successfully given people a good reason to talk about their brands on social media. 


For instance, Best Value Schools helps people by providing information about the best educational institutions for pursuing a degree. They improve the social media reach of their content by giving out badges to the schools they’ve ranked highly. This allows the chosen schools to then share those badges on social media, showing they have been acknowledged by the company as a reputable institution. It’s a great way for the schools to promote their brand while also making more people aware of Best Value Schools and what they do. 

This is something that can also be done by businesses in the beauty or fitness industry. For instance, personal trainers could give awards to a client of the month, a beauty supply store could create lead tables of their best-selling brands, or salons could give shoutouts and badges to their favorite hair product manufacturers. 

Alternatively, if you would like some inspiration for hosting a giveaway that will get the word out about your business, here is a great example. 


Uhai Hair is a hair product brand and, in an Instagram post earlier this year, they hosted a giveaway for the black women in their audience who are graduating in 2021. The rules of the giveaway included the need for participants to follow the brand, and this is something that could help them to gain more followers, build new levels of awareness, and also have more people talking about the brand. 

If you also want to build more awareness for your brand using these tactics, one thing you can do is make sure to set specific rules when hosting contests or giveaways. You could ask people to follow and tag other friends or ask them to like and share the post because these strategies will put your brand in front of more people. 

3. Collaborate with beauty and wellness influencers 

If there are local influencers in the beauty and wellness space, consider collaborating with them to get the word out about your brand. Influencers are popular figures who have a huge following and can influence the decisions of a lot of people. So, collaborating with them could help you reach a lot of new people who might be interested in booking an appointment with you.


It can be as simple as inviting an influencer to your salon, gym, or establishment for a free appointment, and asking them if they can document it for social media. You could also decide to pay the influencer(s) for specific content that will boost awareness of your brand. 

Some companies even partner with influencers on a longer-term basis to promote their services over a set amount of time. When choosing influencers, you want to make sure you go for people that are in the same niche as yours, so you’ll be sure that they are promoting your brand to the right target audience. 

You’ll also need to reach out to your preferred influencers in the right way. Nowadays, most influencers have business emails that they will prefer you to use, as their social media inboxes can be busy and difficult to manage. They don’t always have their email addresses on display, though, as they assume the best brands will be working with reputable PR firms that already have their contact details. If you don’t, you can use a tool like Bookyourdata.com to find the contact information and create an email list of people you wish to reach out to and work with. 

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing beauty industry trends and, to make sure you are getting the most out of it, you want to set clear objectives for your brand and the influencers you choose to work with. Creating a contract is the best way to do this, so you can outline campaign goals, metrics, activities, fees, and any other necessary information. You should also monitor your campaigns while they are running, so you can see their performance and decide whether or not to improve your strategies for next time.

4. Make sure you post plenty of visual content 

If you don’t know how to use social media to increase brand awareness, content is an essential task for you.

Visual content tends to perform great on social media and, according to Venngage, 41.5% of marketers say creating visual content like infographics and illustrations works very well for them when used on social media platforms. 

Most beauty and wellness companies typically lend themselves well to creating visual content, so it’s definitely a great route to go down. Visual content tends to get the most likes and shares and those can extend your reach and raise awareness of your brand.

If you’re in the beauty niche but need some help with creating visuals,  Goldie has a great guide on creating social media graphics that will help you design and post visual content like a professional. 

To give you some inspiration, here’s a great example of the kind of visual content your company could post on social media to improve your brand awareness and book more appointments. 


Luxe Fitness Club is a gym in Bristol, England, and they understand just how to use visual content to engage their audience and improve awareness for their brand. On their Instagram page, they have lots of images and videos showing people in their gym working out and doing several stunts. In this particular example, they show a woman exercising in what appears to be an upside-down position and this kind of content is one that can make people start talking about their brand and increase the number of gym appointments and sign-ups they get. 

It appears their tactics are already working from the look of the comments, where various people seem impressed and are commenting on coming to the gym to try the same technique. 

5. Create helpful content and share it on social media 

Your company should be providing value for your website visitors or customers with helpful blog content. It’s important that this content is shared on social media to reach a wider audience and raise awareness of your brand.

There are different types of content you can publish on your website. For example, you could make how-to guides that provide comprehensive information on how to perform specific tasks. You can also create buying guides that make people have an easier time when trying to purchase or work on writing blog posts that answer common questions asked by people in your audience. 

Another type of website content you could create is expert round-ups. These are basically a compilation of quotes or insights from popular and authoritative figures in your industry, and they can be very useful in providing valuable content for your readers. 


When sharing your blog content on social media, make sure you include short captions that tell people a little about the content you’ve created and make them curious to go read the full post on your website. It’s no longer enough to just post the link to your blog and hope people will click on it. You need to also provide a context so that people can be motivated to read your blog. 

You could also lift some points from a blog post and use them to create and share a short infographic. When posting this infographic, make sure to include the link to your blog post and tell people to go read the full post for more information. These techniques are great for getting people to read your blog posts and they can help you send more traffic to your site.

If you think about starting a blog or if you’re struggling with creating a strategy for your blog posts, Loganix can help. They have lots of useful SEO templates, including a content strategy template, which will support you in creating and publishing helpful blog content that your audience will appreciate. 


Using social media to improve your brand awareness can do wonders for your business. It can help in boosting your reach, give you new leads, and help you to book a lot more appointments. 

And you can achieve this by implementing some of the tips we’ve outlined — projecting your brand voice, giving people a reason to talk about your brand, posting visual content, and collaborating with known influencers. 
Taking these tips on board will allow you to see a change in the number of people that sign up for your services. And, if you start to have any trouble managing your newfound fame and multiple bookings, Goldie has a free appointment booking application that helps you spend less time scheduling appointments so you can focus on growing your business.

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