How to Create Social Media Graphics for your Beauty Salon in Canva

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People’s behavior on the internet has changed a lot. If some years ago written content was the most important and required the biggest effort, nowadays, visual content does all the job. 

Here’s the new success recipe for businesses: if you have well-designed and eye-catching graphics, you have your people with you. If you don’t, they scroll until they find something that amazes their eyes.

Social media graphics are an important aspect of your beauty salon’s marketing strategy and they can have a huge impact on how your social posts perform. As a hairstylist, it’s crucial that you use social media to grow your business and keep in touch with customers. 

Facebook or Instagram have become the main communication channels between professionals and clients, and you can educate them through your content.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how easy it is to create social media graphics for your beauty salon business using Canva- one of the fastest-growing graphic design tools out there! I’m designing it with you right now, are you ready?

How to create social media graphics using Canva

1. Create an account


First of all, create an account in Canva. You have to simply add your email address and set a password, or log in directly with one of your social media accounts and there you are, registered on Canva. Don’t worry, your registration is totally free, and you can create and download your hair salon social media graphics totally free. 

2. Choose your template


When you want to create social media graphics for your beauty salon, you don’t have to be a pro in design. Actually, creating amazing visuals is not such a big deal nowadays, and you don’t have to worry about learning how to use a complicated tool. 

Canva offers you thousands of templates. Try to choose templates that are on the same theme and colors and stick to them. People get used to your brand-style graphics after a while, and they will recognize immediately when you publish something.

3. Be consistent with your brand style manual


Your brand style guide defines what your salon’s main visual elements are and how they should be aligned in your social media graphics. In your brand style manual, you can establish the size of your image, the colors you’re going to use, the font text, letter dimensions and spacing, alignment (left, right, or centered), or your logo’s positioning. 

This way, even when you’ll have someone to design them for you, your graphic design’s style will remain the same, and your clients will still be able to recognize your salon’s brand when they see your posts. You can learn more about the importance of a brand style guide here, and you can even check Canva’s color wheel to see what colors look good together. 

4. Explore Canva’s features


You don’t have to worry about finding the ideal photos or icons around the internet. In Canva’s library, there are plenty of free images ready to use for your hair salon social media graphics, illustrations, icons, speech bubbles, shapes, and other elements.

Also, you can apply filters or photo effects and create movement with animated features on the images you find. There’s an entire universe to discover while using Canva!

5. Customize your graphics

You can make your social media graphics unique by uploading your own images and choosing your own background and color palette.

For example, in the template you choose for your social media post, you can change the image, but make sure you replace the new one in the exact same place as the original. If your image doesn’t apply the way you want, you can add a frame and insert the uploaded image into the frame.

6. Use the right size for each platform


One of the most important aspects while designing your salon’s social media graphics is to adapt the image’s size. It differs a lot from Facebook and Instagram, and that’s why you should keep in mind what the custom sizes are for each of the posts you design. Even if Canva offers you the right dimensions for the templates you choose, I’d recommend you to read more about the best social media image sizes before starting to design.

7. Keep it clean and simple

You have plenty of ways to design your social media salon materials, and maybe you have more eccentric tastes, but for your business pages, it’s better to keep it clean, simple, and neutral. 

Why? Because by making a post full of colors and shapes, followers will not focus anymore on the information, but on the design. 

Maintain a clean feed, with a wide design, if you want people to really care about what you tell them. Canva has plenty of simple design templates, and you can find them by tapping in the template’s search bar for keywords like “neutral design”, “white design”, “simple design”, etc.

8. Sign up on Canva’s free learning platform


If you feel like you need a little bit of inspiration or help with creating your social media graphics for beauty salons, you can access for free Canva’s design school and learn from their tutorials with design tips, Canva Pro features, branding, presentations, etc.  You can even keep track of your progress when you navigate through the courses. It’s the ideal learning partner for your creative design journey.

Last but not least

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in the designing field, these 8 easy steps to create social media graphics for beauty salons can help you create eye-catching and engaging content. 

Anyway, social media marketing is just one part of your strategy if you want to have a prosperous salon business.

Besides promoting your business, you also need to be efficient and work with the best tools and brands. A great idea when it comes to being more productive as a hairstylist is using an appointment scheduling app

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And you, how do you design your social media posts? Let us know in the comments section below and inspire your industry mates. 🙂

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