10 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Salons

Mother's Day marketing ideas

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate mothers around the world. Because it is an important event for everyone, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to promote your hair salon services and encourage mothers and daughters to visit your salon on the 12th of May.

Bringing in more customers on Mother’s Day is not as hard as you may think. This blog post will show how to market your business and promote your services to have a successful Mother’s Day in your salon.

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Salon in 2024

Below, you’re going to see 10 promotion ideas for your salon. You can implement them in any order you wish, and you can adapt each of them to fit your salon business.

1. Start a mother & daughter promotion

Mother and daughter marketing promotion

A great idea for attracting clients to your salon on Mother’s Day is to create a mother and daughter program. You can create a service package and offer a discount for women who come into your salon with their daughters. You have nothing to lose with this special Mother’s Day program, as even with the discount you’ll offer, it will be profitable for you. Remember, more clients in your salon mean more services provided; therefore, more income to you. 

2. Offer a social media giveaway

Mother's Day giveaway salon

Social media giveaways are gold for your salon business. Not only you’ll increase your online visibility by gaining more followers, but you’ll also reach some new potential clients. Plus, if you have a “Book Now” button activated on your business profile, they’ll be able to book an appointment with you immediately. 

To organize a social media giveaway for Mother’s Day, you have to check on the Instagram and Facebook contest rules, create your contest image, choose your goal and the steps you want people to follow, and prepare your post description. Don’t forget to use emojis in your post description to make it easier for readers to follow the contest steps. Here’s everything you need to know to run a successful social media contest.

As a prize, you can offer free salon services for mothers, beauty product samples, or even a dinner voucher at a restaurant in your area.

3. Organize a charity event

Mother's Day charity campaign

Fundraising events are a great Mother’s Day marketing idea, as you can increase your local visibility and make a kind gesture as well. All you have to do is to find a cause to donate money for, to set up a budget for the event you’re going to organize, to promote your Mother’s Day charity event, and, in the end, to donate the money. Here you can find more about how to plan a fundraising event

A cause you can support on this special day could be breast cancer. There are many breast cancer foundations around the world. Choose the one you want to donate for and start organizing your Mother’s Day event: women will appreciate your gesture and be more than happy to participate.

4. Send marketing messages to women in your client’s list


Before Mother’s Day, you can send marketing messages to all the women on your client’s list to encourage them to book an appointment at your salon. You can let them know about your special promotions and send them your booking link in the message.

If you don’t know how to do that exactly, here’s an idea that might help you. With the Goldie scheduling app, you can create your online booking page, send mass messages to your clients, and take deposits or full payments online. This way, you’ll gain precious time, and you can forget about texting each client individually. 

All you have to do is create an account (which is free), set up your services and prices, personalize your booking page, send a bulk message to all the ladies on your list, and wait for your calendar to be full of appointments.

Your Mother’s Day marketing plans are easy to put into practice when you have a little helper. You can download the Goldie app from the App Store or Google Play and give it a try.

5. Prepare Mother’s Day gift bags

Happy Mother's Day box

Another great Mother’s Day marketing idea is to give the ladies coming into your salon a gift bag. You can offer them a greeting card, an agenda, beauty products, and even vouchers with free services in your salon.

Also, to make the experience even more special, you can personalize the gift bags with a “Happy Mother’s Day” wish. You can design them yourself in an editing app like Canva and print them at a print shop.

6. Offer limited-time vouchers

Mother's Day salon voucher

A great way to encourage bookings in your salon is to offer limited-time vouchers. This means that you offer to the women coming into your salon on Mother’s Day vouchers with discounts and free services only available during May.

I promise that with this Mother’s Day marketing idea, your schedule will be full all month. According to specialists, creating a sense of urgency makes people decide faster to book an appointment.

7. Partner up with local businesses 

Salon partnership with local business

By partnering with businesses in your area, you will not only spread the word about your salon, but you’ll also spoil your loyal clients. How? Very easy. 

Let’s say you choose to partner up with a restaurant close to your salon. You offer to your clients on Mother’s Day a $50 voucher at that restaurant, where they can enjoy dinner. They’ll be glad about your kind gesture and will be more likely to visit both your salon and that restaurant again. Plus, your local partner will be more than happy to recommend your salon to their clients as well. So this Mother’s Day marketing idea will come with advantages for you and your partner as well.

8. Encourage rebooking

Rebooking reminder for salon

Mother’s Day marketing ideas for salons are meant to increase your salon bookings and income. To achieve this goal, you should encourage clients to rebook an appointment with you. 

You can use the Goldie app to send a rebooking reminder to all your clients. For example, say you haven’t seen them in a while and share your online booking link. Don’t forget to mention a discount too. 

9. Organize a salon event 

Candy bar love is sweet

Organizing a salon event might be the funniest Mother’s Day marketing idea. If you have enough space in your salon for this, organize with your salon staff a Mother’s Day party all day long. 

You can partner up with a sweets shop and ask them to give you some free sweets to offer in your salon, or you can even bake something at home and bring them to work. Making a candy bar in your salon is not as complicated as you think, and I swear it will be much appreciated. Also, you can put on some music and even decorate your salon with some balloons on this special day. 

10. Appeal on men as well

Men haircut at salon

To have a successful Mother’s Day event, your primary focus will be on women and mothers in your clients’ list. But don’t forget that usually you also have men clients in your salon, and you shouldn’t neglect them.

That’s why you should also think about sending appointment reminders to men who keep coming into your salon.

Don’t forget that staying organized is essential

Your schedule might become a mess in overcrowded periods, and you don’t want that. A bad time organization will lead to lost appointments and even lost clients. 

Goldie is a free solution that keeps your appointments and client information organized. Stop losing time and money & get ready to put into practice these Mother’s Day marketing ideas. Happy Mother’s Day in advance! 🙂

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