How To Take Deposits & Accept Payments as a Pet Groomer


Are you struggling with managing your pet grooming salon income? Well, here are some things that might make you change that.

According to statistics, almost 60% of consumers prefer using cards instead of cash. Also, specialists show that people are willing to spend up to 100% more when using a credit card. 

The reality is that lately, we have wallets filled with too many cards and too little cash. And if you want your business to succeed, you must adapt to this reality. 

Many pet groomers struggle with how to take deposits easily and efficiently. This can be a huge hassle, especially if you’re not used to taking payments online in your business. 

Luckily, there is great pet grooming software out there that makes this process a breeze! Goldie allows you to accept deposits, payments, and tips quickly and easily. You can accept bookings online, ask for deposits, and process payments, so you’ll never have to worry about missed appointments or late payments. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to take deposits, then Goldie is your solution.

Advantages of taking deposits and full payments online

With a good booking app with payments integration, you can take deposits in advance from your clients and process payments securely when the appointment is made. Here are some advantages of doing it: 

  • eliminate client no-shows permanently;
  • cushion your business against financial loss;
  • offer secure payments;
  • collect payments using multiple methods (cash and card);
  • create a loyal client base;
  • reduce costs (with the Goldie app, you don’t need extra equipment to process payments by card);
  • more hygienic than using money;
  • you can instantly see the state of your finances.

When should you ask for a deposit?


Well, there’s no rule for that. But for certain professionals who work based on appointments, deposits may be common. 

As a pet groomer, you’ll want to ask for a deposit when a client asks for an appointment with you. 

It’s not very pleasant to have a client confirming a two-hour appointment with the dog, then not showing up. Therefore, the deposit should be paid before the service. Of course, if you consider it necessary, you can also take the full-service payment in advance. That’s up to you. But securing your work is not something to neglect.

How much should you charge?

For example, in the Goldie app, the default setting for deposits is 25%, as statistics show it’s recommended to ask for a minimum 20% deposit. But of course, you can ask for as much as you want, from 5 to 100 percent of the service value (or any specific currency amount).

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level with multiple payment methods? Let’s dig deeper into how to take deposits and accept payments easily.

1. Install and set up your account in Goldie

First, install the app from the App Store if you’re using an iOS device or Google Play if you’re using an Android device. 

To start using your pet grooming software with payments integration, you have to:

  • Upgrade to one of our paid subscription;
  • Set up your services and prices, 
  • Complete your business details;
  • Set up your work schedule.

After that, you can create the first appointment in your new booking software. Here is more information on how to get started with Goldie and how to create your first appointment.

2. Set up payment processing

Payment processing is a powerful and easy-to-use feature available to subscribers on Goldie’s Ultimate and Staff plans. 

Note: If you’re worried about security, it’s important to look at the research that’s been done: lately, there are more and more studies confirming that online payments are easier and safer than cash payments. And Stripe explains specifically how they handle security and protect your data. 

Keep in mind that the payments integration in Goldie is only available in certain countries. Is yours on the list? 🙂

To start using this app for pet groomers, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Menu (☰) > Payments and tap “Set up payment processing.”
  • You’ll be redirected to a new screen and prompted to set up an account with Stripe. The email address associated with your Goldie account will already be prefilled, so simply tap the “Continue” button to set up your account.
  • You’ll need to move through Stripe’s account setup — which starts with setting a password and then involves entering key information about your business.
  • Once you’ve entered all the information required by Stripe, tap “Submit” to continue. (You’ll then be directed to return to the Payments menu in Goldie.)
  • As a final step to verify your Stripe account, you’ll need to upload documents to confirm your identity (this is required by all payment processors). To do so, navigate to Menu (☰) > Payments in Goldie and then tap “Upload.”
  • You’ll then be taken to your Stripe account, where you can upload the relevant documents (be sure to click “Submit” when finished).
  • Once the documents are received by Stripe, you’ll receive an email from Stripe to confirm your account. Simply click the link in the email to confirm.
  • If successful, the “Payment” screen in Goldie will show a “Balance” button. Your Payment account is now set up through Goldie/Stripe – congratulations! You can now accept deposits, payments, and tips from clients.

After all this process, you will automatically require a 25% deposit when your clients book an appointment, but you can change that percentage anytime. Learn how here

3. Create your pet groomer payment and deposit policy


Your pet groomer’s terms & conditions are fundamental. You establish the rules in your salon, so make sure to create a clear payment and deposit policy for your clients. 

With Goldie, you can easily create your payment policy, which will be displayed on your pet groomer’s online booking page. Clients will have a clear view of your rules and requirements, so they will know everything they need before actually booking an appointment with you.

If you’re out of ideas when it comes to writing your pet grooming business policy, here’s a very helpful article on how to create a payment policy for your small business.



Now, you are all set. You’re ready to accept deposits and payments from clients in your pet grooming salon. How does the whole process really work? Well, super easy. 

  • Select the appointment for which you want to collect payment. Next to the remaining balance, tap “Take Payment.”
  • Select the method you’d like to use to collect payment:
    • Send payment link (to take payment from clients by card) 
    • Cash – for payments you collect manually, enter the amount you received.

Once the customer has paid, you will see a transaction record under the “Service Total” on the appointment details page. You can transfer your payouts anytime from the Stripe account into your personal/professional bank account without any hassle. 

Final thoughts


There’s no doubt that taking deposits and accepting payments as a pet groomer is beneficial. Clients are more likely to show up to their appointments, it minimizes the chances of having empty time slots during the day, and it allows you to manage your business in a more professional way. 

Let us know in the comments section what your thoughts are on taking deposits and accepting online payments in your pet grooming business. 
Also, if you feel the need for an improvement in your pet groomer marketing strategy, here are some social media content ideas for your business. Get ready to make your business more visible and welcome more puppies to your salon!

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