12 Best Gifts For Dog Groomers in 2023

gifts for dog groomers

Dog groomers love dogs; there’s no way around this. But what gifts do they love? If you wonder what the best gifts for dog groomers are, you’re in the right place. 

Read on to get some inspiration for the most fun, useful and creative gifts for a dog groomer.

If you own a dog that needs grooming every once in a while, you already have a favorite dog groomer that has built a connection with both you and your dog, and you would like to surprise him with a great gift. 

Or maybe a friend, family member, or loved one is a dog groomer, and you’re thinking about buying him a fantastic gift. Either way, this article is for you! 

Dog groomers are kind and warm people, have a lot of patience, and usually have a well-developed sense of humor. They’ll appreciate a gift that shows them you care about their job and their love for dogs. They will also enjoy a fun, creative, and out of the box gift. 

As you’ll soon see, we’ve got plenty of those in the list we curated for you. So, grab a coffee cup, and let’s see some of the best gifts for pet groomers.

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1. Dog Groomer Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a dog groomer, look no further! Here’s a cute idea for a Christmas ornament they’ll surely love and hang in the Christmas tree for years to come. 

It looks incredible and has the cutest message that will melt the heart of any dog groomer in an instant. Let’s face it: dog groomers are a cut above the rest! They are patient, they work hard, and dogs love them, so they deserve a Christmas gift to remind them of this. 

You can find it here

2. Dog Groomer Apron 

An apron is a necessity in a dog groomers salon. Dog groomers can’t do their job without one, so an apron with a cool print is the kind of gift that’s both useful and fun. 

If you search online you’ll find lots of aprons with creative print, or, if you have something special in your mind, you can order a custom print to surprise your dog groomer.

Here is one of our favorite prints for a dog groomer apron. I bet dogs will love it too.

You can find it here

3. Dog Groomer Hoodie

Hoodies are another item that’s both useful and fun. They can also be personalized with fun messages. 

Choose a word-game, a joke, or a funny saying about dog groomers to personalize the hoodie, and you’re good to go. They will relate!

Here’s our favorite so far.

You can find it here

4. “Dog Hair is My Glitter” Gifts For Dog Groomer

For dog groomers, dog hair is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere! No matter how hard they try to get rid of it, dog hair always comes back and sticks to everything. 

It’s all part of the job and, by now, they are most definitely used to it. But that doesn’t mean dog groomers can’t have fun from time to time by pretending it’s glitter. 

Just like glitter, dog hair is impossible to clean, sticks to everything, and we all have a love-hate relationship with it. 

Here’s a fun keychain with the “Dog hair is my glitter” message: a perfect gift for dog groomers to remind them that in the right hands, all things can shine.

You can find it here

5. Dog Groomer Coffee Mug

Dog groomers are working with active and energetic dogs every day. With a job like this, they will need coffee (and lots of it)! 

But, since they can’t always catch a break to enjoy their favorite coffee, here’s a stainless steel mug that will keep it warm. It also features a funny message that will help the clients smile and relax. 

You can find it here

6. Dog Owner Welcome Mat

Here’s a welcome mat that fits perfectly in front of any dog groomers salon or home. The fun message will entertain visitors, clients, and friends. 

Look no further! This welcome mat is the perfect gift if they love Hemingway’s books!

You can find it here

7. Dog Lover Sentenced Candle

Here’s another gift that’s both useful and funny, with a message that will make everybody laugh. Because, as all dog owners know… it happens. And, when it does, it’s good to have a sentenced candle handy. 

You can find it here

8. Dog Lover Book

As a dog lover, you can sometimes hear some sad stories about abandoned dogs. And, from time to time, you need some great rescue stories to restore your faith in humanity. Here’s a book that does just that.

This book can be an excellent gift for any dog lover or dog groomer. They’ll enjoy every story and maybe cry some tears of joy.

You can find it here

9. Dog Tail Coat Hooks

Like any business, a dog grooming salon needs some extra coat hooks for both employees and clients. But, unlike any other business, a dog salon can use dog tails coat hooks. 

Grab a handful of these cute tail-wagging hooks and offer them as a gift to a dog groomer. They’ll find a place for them in their salon. 

You can find it here

10. Dog Pots For Plants

Everybody needs plants to brighten their workplace or home, but not everybody has the time to look after them. Succulents are an excellent choice for busy people like dog groomers because they don’t need to water them often. 

These dog pots for succulents make great pet groomer gifts. They’re cute and can bring a smile to their face instantly. Buy one and see for yourself!

You can find it here

11. Groomer Customized Clock

For a dog groomer, it’s almost always time for grooming. A wall clock to remind him about this is a fantastic gift. It can also help him meet appointments and keep a regular schedule. 

The dog-themed wall clock with cute paws made of rocks is an all-time favorite. Go ahead and pick one; you can’t be wrong with this gift!

You can find it here

12. Dogs Treat Jar 

Sometimes the only way you can get a dog to calm down and stay still is by giving him some treats. And that’s where a dog treats jar comes into play. It will find its place in any dog grooming salon or dog owner’s home. 

And, as a bonus, you can also buy some quality treats to make sure the jar stays full for a while. The dogs will thank you!

You can find it here

I hope you enjoyed our list of dog groomer gift ideas and found something that inspired you. Let us know if you have any other ideas to surprise a dog groomer with a cute gift.

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