12 Social Media Content Ideas for Dog Grooming Salons

social media content for dog grooming business

Social media is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers. For dog grooming salons, social media is an essential marketing tool that allows you to reach out to potential clients and get them to you.

If you already included social media posts as part of your marketing strategy, you know that there are many different social media platforms to choose from. Find out what social media platform might work best for your salon and what posts you should create to bring in more clients!

How can I promote my dog grooming business?

Besides using some of the best social media marketing tips and ideas for dog grooming businesses, you should focus on creating social media posts for your dog salon. A great idea to do so would be using an easy-to-use design tool like Canva. It will allow you to create different visuals, from flyers and other marketing materials to Instagram or Facebook posts. 

The great part about using this design tool is that it is free, and it provides you many templates that you can customize with your business information. For example, many professionals use Canva to create their marketing materials, which is life-saving for your business!

Social media content ideas for dog grooming salons

1. Memes


Entertainment is something that social media users crave, and memes are a perfect way to provide it.

One way to create social media memes on your own is by using dog filter photos on Instagram. It will make pet owners laugh a lot, and it will also make them want to follow you on social media for more funny stories and posts.

If you’re not into creating funny content yourself, you can use a meme generator or search around the internet for some funny memes about pets and then share them on your profiles. 

2. Business tips


If you want to bring in more social media followers and customers for your dog grooming salon, then make sure that you’re providing high-quality and informative content.

This includes business tips such as how to properly groom a dog’s hair or what products are best when cleaning them after they get wet. You can check out how other pet salon owners or pet influencers share content on social media and then try to do the same.

3. Client generated content

The most trusted and the most convenient content you can share on your social media pages is content generated by your clients.  It allows them to share their experience with your salon, and it is a way for you to show off how much work you put into making sure they are satisfied. 

When a client shares something related to your business, make sure they tag your page and write down your salon’s location. 

You can even create a unique partnership program with your most loyal clients and reward their social media posts about your business with discounts. In the end, they do the job to promote your dog groomer salon, and they provide you content materials too!


People love to spend time reading inspiring and entertaining quotes, and they will most likely love to repost them. So a great idea for your social media content strategy might be to have a list of quotes about pets, create a personalized quotes template in Canva, add the quote and your logo and publish your quotes posts. This way, when people will republish your content, you’ll have more visibility by displaying your salon’s logo on the post. 


For example, this dog grooming scheduling app often shares motivational quotes on social media for their audience, just as a little reminder for them to work hard for their dreams. 

5. Tips and tricks


With Facebook and Instagram having over 3,51billion active users monthly, it’s impossible that people won’t notice you if you share something valuable. One of the most practical trends on social media now is creating Q&A sessions on your story. 

After you do it, you can turn the questions coming from your followers into social media posts, providing tips and tricks. For example, if people ask you how they should properly brush their dog, you can create a social media post about that.

6. Behind the scenes


Before coming to your dog grooming salon, potential clients would like to see what kind of experience they could have there. Show them how welcoming you are and how much care you have for their pets by sharing photos made in your salon. 

7. Holidays wishes and celebrations


You will be surprised what a huge impact celebration wishes can have in people’s lives. You can brighten their days with a Christmas wish, a “Happy Independence Day” post, or even share wishes on Natural Pet Day on April 11th or National Dog Day celebrated on April 26th. This is a great way to build your community and attract new clients to your salon.

8. Affiliate marketing


If you want to create social media content for your dog grooming business, but you’d like to have an extra income, you can partner with some brands in your industry and begin an affiliate marketing campaign on your profile. 

For example, you could contact a dog shampoo brand and promote their product to your clients. Your followers are the ideal audience for their product, and you will benefit from extra money or extra visibility for your business.

9. Testimonials

Testimonials act as a super powerful tool for attracting new clients to your business, simply because people tend to trust people and not brands. 

Tell your clients to give you feedback after they take their pet to your grooming salon, and ask them for permission to publish it on your social media pages. 

10. Staff photos


A great social media content idea is to share photos of your dog grooming salon staff. Organize a photo shooting with your teammates, ask them to create a short bio description, and share it on your Instagram and Facebook pages.

This way, you will make the experience more friendly and welcoming for the people coming into your salon for the first time. Plus, they will decide easier if their pet is safe or not in your salon. 

11. Content from your blog

If you don’t have a dog groomer blog yet, I’d highly recommend you create one and start writing content on it. There are many benefits of blogging for your business, and you don’t want to miss any chances in converting viewers into clients. 

After you make sure you publish consistent content on your blog, you can share pieces of content on your social media page and encourage people to read it. 

12. Contests


Free stuff attracts people, and periodically creating contests on your pages can highly increase your engagement. 

Even if you choose to offer free grooming sessions, food, or pet toys, contests are a good social media marketing strategy that can be implemented at a low price. Anyway, be careful about what you offer and what you ask in your contest rules because the Facebook and Instagram contest policies change a lot, so you don’t want to make a giveaway that will not have visibility just because of the wrong guidelines! 


Being consistent and creative with your social media content is not always easy, but I promise you that when you see the results, you’ll notice that it really matters. 

Stay up to date regarding how often to post on social media and stick to your content strategy, publish helpful content and maintain a good relationship with your followers. 

Last but not least, do not forget to use the right hashtags in your photo descriptions so that you will appear in people’s searches and you’ll be even more visible with a minimum effort. Good luck in implementing and creating social media content for your dog grooming business! 

Pet groomer online booking software

TIP: Many professional dog groomers use a booking app to schedule appointments effortlessly in their businesses. You can check out this free booking app and send text reminders to clients, let them book online with your personalized online booking link, and even keep track of your client’s details, everything in just one app. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play and start scheduling appointments like a pro. 

As always, you can share with us in the comments section below what type of content you like the most on social media and what has the biggest impact in your online strategy. 

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