Goldie is Now Available on Laptop and Desktop

Goldie: desktop booking app

We’ve got exciting news again! The Goldie app, your virtual assistant for managing your business, has just unveiled its web version. Now, you can access all the features you love on a larger screen, offering you even more versatility and utility. 

Read more to discover the incredible capabilities of Goldie’s web version and how it empowers beauty professionals to stay on track with their schedule every moment of the day.

Discover Goldie’s versatility with the web version 

Goldie’s web app is a game-changer for beauty professionals. Accessing it on a wider screen offers a better user experience, mirroring all the options you’ve come to rely on but in a more expansive format. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Real-time scheduling and appointment management
Goldie schedule appointments web version

With the web version, you can schedule and manage appointments in real-time, just like on your mobile device. It’s now easier than ever to ensure your calendar is well-organized and fully booked.

  • Automatic reminders and notifications
Goldie notifications web

On the web version, you can choose the message you want to send to your clients in just a few clicks, on your laptop or PC.

Note: For more advanced message settings, you will need to access the Goldie app on your mobile phone or upgrade to Pro for automated messages. 

  • Customizable online booking website
Goldie online booking website

You can customize your online booking website with a better view by accessing it on the web version. 

  • Client profiles one click away
Goldie client management web feature

Easily access and manage your Goldie client profiles. A wider screen lets you better see all the details you need and customize your preferences for every client.

  • Appointment, client, and financial reports
Salon reports management web app

Expanding your business operations requires careful planning and a proactive approach, that’s why keeping an eye on how your business is going is crucial for your success. Now, you can analyze your appointment, client, and financial reports directly on a desktop or laptop.

  • Staff management options
Goldie staff management web app

Especially for salons that have a reception desk, accessing the Goldie account on the web version makes staff management a breeze. 

  • Payment processing
Goldie payment processing web

The payment option is a must for all beauty professionals who want to spend less time managing their finances manually and more time expressing their talent in the salon. Read more about the payment feature here.

Note: You will need to access the mobile app to take payments with Goldie.

  • Intuitive business operations

The Goldie web version synchronizes data across your devices, helping you stay organized and efficient. You can focus more on your work and less on administrative tasks, saying goodbye to double-bookings and missed opportunities.

Note: Now, you are able to compare, understand select, and manage your subscription directly from the web app, without having to access the App Store or Google Play.

How to access the Goldie Web Version

Getting started with the Goldie web version is a breeze. If you’re an existing user, simply click here and enter your login credentials to access the web version. 

New users can open the web version and create an account with just a few steps.


The Goldie web version is a game-changer for beauty and wellness professionals. It offers the best tools to grow and manage their businesses efficiently. With the mobile app’s features now available on a wider screen, you can expect enhanced versatility and utility that keeps you on track every moment of the day.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of accessing your calendar in a web browser; we value your feedback!

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5 months ago

Seria bueno que la opción de pago este directo desde la computadora. Porque no le veo sentido usar la computadora para que al momento de cobrar a un cliente tenga que usar mi telefono