15 Best Gifts For Makeup Artists in 2023

Gift for makeup artist

It might be pretty hard to buy a gift for a makeup artist, especially because they probably already have it all and because they’re aware of what’s good and what’s not.

But this is a real fact: women love makeup products, and women love gifts. Well, if you find yourself in this situation, you’re exactly in the right place. As we know that makeup artists work just with quality cosmetics, here I’ve prepared for you a list of some professional makeup products and tools that you can buy for a friend who is a beginner MUA. First, don’t forget to check out what are the best makeup trends and ideas this year, just to make sure that you’ll buy something useful and on-trend.

1. Makeup Face Charts Book

A makeup face charts book is a useful tool that not many makeup artists think about.

First of all, the secret to success in the makeup industry is practice, and a good way to practice this talent is by using makeup face charts. Think about how easy it is: you can shape the eyebrows, the eye contour, and the lip contour as thin or voluminous as you wish, and if you fail, you just take another paper and start again.

Secondly, your makeup artist might be using before and after photos when she wants to inspire a client with a makeup look, but this is risky. Risky just because someone might like the person in the photo, not the makeup she wears. By using makeup face charts with different makeup looks, this risk diminuates, as all of the faces in the book look the same: it’s just the makeup that changes. Well, are you convinced now that a makeup face charts book is one of the best gifts for makeup artists?

You can find it here

2. Beautyblender Set

Every cosmetics lover knows the key to creating gorgeous makeup has the right tools and products. Well, Beautyblender is a must-have. This set contains two Beautyblender sponges and a liquid cleanser. An absolutely awesome gift for makeup artists!

You can find it here

3. Yves Saint Laurent Mini Rouge Lipstick Set

I must confess: I’ve been using YSL red lipstick for years, and it’s an absolute must-have! Mini lipsticks are a good idea, especially because we get bored with always using the same lipstick color. Well, with this set, you simply can’t get bored because the lipsticks come in four different colors, and they are absolutely awesome! Plus, a luxury product at an affordable price sounds even greater.

You can find it here

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Your Brows Set

Makeup artists always think about products for their clients, but they rarely think about products for themselves. You can spoil your friend or your personal MUA with a brow set branded by the queen of eyebrows, Anastasia. Makeup artist gifts such as this one are a blessing.

You can find it here

5. Brush Cleanser

Disinfecting makeup brushes is the most important process in the makeup field. It is essential for a MUA to provide safe services for their clients. Therefore, a brush disinfectant can not be missed from a MUA salon. If you want to make a gift to your makeup artist and you’re out of ideas, a brush cleanser is a product that will take off her headache.

You can find it here

6. Cosmetic Organizers

If you’re looking to help out a makeup artist who doesn’t know how to deal with the mess they have on the table, gifting items for storage would be an immense help.

You can find it here

7. Personalized Makeup Artist Mug

How to start the day without a strong, long americano? Enjoying a tasty coffee at work might brighten the day, especially when it comes to makeup artists. In this case, a personalized mug with a quote, a photo or some makeup product illustrations is the greatest makeup artist gift.

You can find it here

8. Phone Case

Makeup artists usually spend a lot of time online. They probably manage all their appointments in an online calendar, they use it to take photos of the makeup they’ve done, or they simply look for inspiration on Pinterest. Well, whatever they do, they use their cell phones very often. Help them have a prettier phone look with a new phone case. Isn’t it a great gift idea for makeup artists?

You can find phone cases here

9. Selfie Light Ring

For a fast selfie with a quality light, a mini selfie light ring is very useful. Besides the professional light ring that is pretty big, the advantage of the mini version is that you can always have it with you in your pocket. All makeup artists should definitely have one.

You can find it here

10. Wall decorations

White walls are boring, but in order to maintain a clear and modern atmosphere, it is most likely to dye the room in a light color. Well, you can add a spot of color in your makeup artist’s salon with a wall decoration for makeup artists. They have pretty illustrations and funny quotes, and that makes them the perfect gift for makeup artists.

You can find it here

11. Makeup Brush Cup Holder

Not many people use a makeup brush cup holder, and I honestly consider that they should buy one immediately. Besides the fact that it is comfortable as you can carry in it all your makeup brushes without making a mess in your bag, it protects brushes from external bacterias and dust. Have you already provided a gift for your makeup artist? If not, consider adding this one on the list.

You can find it here

12. Printed Gift Certificate Templates

Gift certificates are a good way for makeup artists to attract more clients in their salon. Well, not many of them have the time to look for a well designed gift certificate template, and often they have to pay for one. I’ve got for you some free printable Christmas gift certificate templates that you can print for your makeup artists. In the linked article you can also find the print dimensions.

13. Personalized Mask

A MUA must take care of her and her client’s health. In order to do so, protection masks are a must have. A gift idea for makeup artists might be a personalized mask. They’ve become fashionable in the latest months, aren’t they?

You can find it here

14. Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

The Foreo Luna Mini is a mondial trend when it comes to skincare, but it does cost a lot. On Amazon I’ve found a cheaper alternative that works just as good as the expensive one. Give it a try. 🙂

You can find it here

15. Headbands

While applying the makeup, it is recommended to use headbands in order to avoid messing up the hairstyle. This being said, there are plenty of headband designs that your makeup artist will adore. Do you?

You can find it here

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