10 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Salons in 2023

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Now is the beginning of the most commercial period of the year, and it’s a great opportunity for you to boost your salon business sales and get some new clients.

Besides your sales strategies for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Black Friday, these salon Christmas promotion ideas might inspire you to attract new clients. 

According to statistics, 32.3% of men prefer to buy gift cards for Christmas, and more than 60% of people make their holiday purchases online. Below, you’re going to find 10 Christmas marketing ideas for salons that you can include in your strategy in 2023.

1. Plan your Christmas marketing strategy budget 

Managing finances in a salon

Before implementing a Christmas marketing strategy, it is essential to calculate how much you can spend to attract more customers to your salon this holiday. You can export your financial reports from last year’s December and analyze your income, and then you will be able to get an idea about how much you can spend.

If you are using apps like Goldie, you can go to Menu -> Reports -> Revenue and select the year you want to see.

While setting your budget, keep in mind that you will have to invest in Facebook and Instagram advertising, printing your Christmas gift cards, salon Christmas decorations, staff incentives, and product stocks. Also, don’t forget to consider the percentage discounts you are willing to offer to your clients. 

2. Keep the whole sales period lit 

Christmas salon discounts

If you have already started a marketing campaign for Halloween, it’s time to consider continuing it for the upcoming celebrations, and don’t interrupt this special deals season. 

Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are the perfect occasions for you to fill your December appointments calendar. You can encourage clients who come into your salon to book in advance for Christmas by offering them a little discount or a VIP card in your salon. That VIP card can come with future salon advantages like a priority when booking an appointment, freebies, etc. 

Remember that these autumn celebrations are your Christmas marketing campaign’s preps. 

3. Provide Christmas themed gift cards


When people are out of ideas for Christmas shopping, gift cards are the ideal choice, and they are also one of the safest Christmas promotion ideas. You can’t be wrong with gift cards. So, make sure you always have with you some gift certificates you can sell to someone who doesn’t know what present to make for their dear ones this year.

What better choice can they have than a hair or beauty appointment? Every single lady wants to spark at the Christmas dinner, no matter where she goes. And a free appointment at the salon is everything she can wish for.

You can download your favorite Christmas gift certificate from here. They are free to download. All you have to do is print them at a print shop and encourage clients and prospects to hurry up and buy them! 🙂

4. Partner up with a brand

Influencer marketing social media

Affiliate programs between beauty professionals and beauty product distributors are a must to implement a Christmas promotion idea. First of all, because they can help each other increase their sales and achieve new clients, and secondly, because they can come with a plus value to their existing clients.

You can increase your hair salon services value by offering your clients freebies or samples after an appointment with products from your distributors. They will appreciate your gesture and will be most likely to call you soon for another appointment.

The benefit of affiliate marketing for product owners is that their primary marketing tool is word of mouth. People will be more likely to trust a professional that a product is good than a non-certified person. 

5. Inform your clients with mass messages


To make sure that your Christmas marketing strategy will be successful, you have to make sure that you inform clients about your promotions everywhere. 

A great way to let clients know about your offers, services, or changes is via a scheduling app that can send mass messages to your clients.

For example, by using Goldie, you can easily send a bulk message to everyone, gaining precious time and forgetting about texting each of them manually. 

Ready to give it a try? Download the app right now from the App Store or Google Play: it’s free.

6. Organize an Instagram contest 


Especially around the holiday season, people love to participate in contests and get the chance to win something. So if you are looking for Christmas giveaway ideas, here’s one you might love to post on your profile: 

Create a post and ask followers to write in the comments an amusing letter for Santa. The comments with the most likes will get in the top 3 winners, you will create a poll in the story, and people will choose the final winner of the giveaway. 

This is a great way to organize a contest because you will be transparent regarding the process of choosing the winner. In addition, it is interactive, creates more engagement, and encourages participants to promote your page and ask friends to like their comments so that they will land on your page. 

Anyway, make sure that when you organize a Christmas giveaway, you read first the contest rules from Facebook and Instagram, as they change very often, and you might not have the impact you expect if you don’t follow the right steps. 

7. Promote your services on social media 


Social media algorithms often hide certain posts, considering their importance, impact, and possible interest for followers. That’s why sometimes you have hundreds of likes on your posts, and sometimes you have none. 

When you have a post or an announcement that you want all your followers to see, I’d highly recommend you to invest in paid social media posts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to boost your post on social media. 

8. Start a charity program

Christmas charity program

Emotion has a fundamental role in people’s intention to buy a product or service around Christmas. Therefore, you can attract more clients to your salon by sharing the same emotions. 

Suppose you want to run a charity campaign around Christmas and get more clients simultaneously. In that case, you can choose a cause to support and inform clients that you will donate a certain percentage of your income to a specific charity cause. 

9. Participate in events in your area and socialize

Women networking at a Christmas event

Being present at local events is a great Christmas promotion idea, as you can meet people and convince them to visit your salon before the celebration day. 

Social skills are essential for everyone who works with people because that is the secret ingredient that helps you attract clients to your business. Besides that, having a large network and occasionally interacting with them helps boost your industry awareness. 

10. Effectively manage your time to avoid crowding


As a professional working in the beauty industry, you need excellent time management skills if you don’t want to create a mess in your agenda and overcrowd your salon. 

A great idea when it comes to managing your time effectively is to use a salon scheduling app. You will be able to book, schedule, and manage all your appointment, everything in a single mobile calendar specially created for salons. Furthermore, it’s a chance for you to get rid of no-shows, thanks to the message reminders sent to your clients and to the payments feature that allows you to take deposits, tips or full payments online or contactless.

Goldie payment card readers

Tip: You can take payments with the Goldie card readers fast and secure. With Stripe’s reliable technology, you can accept payments through dip, tap, or swipe, ensuring your customers enjoy a convenient and protected payment experience. Check the Goldie card readers here.

Last but not least…

Don’t forget that January is a low-income month, so consider creating an after-Christmas program to attract clients to your salon during January with special extra discounts. 

Anyway, when you do it, try not to be too promotional or pushy. Just present them the advantages of being spoiled in your salon at the beginning of the new year, and their appointment request will come. Until then, I wish you a successful Christmas marketing campaign! 

Here are some Christmas party hairstyles you can recommend to your clients.

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