Halloween Costume Ideas for Hairstylists in 2023

Halloween costume ideas for hairstylists

You’ve probably been making plans to celebrate Halloween this year, but you also have to be at work and prepare others for the most awaited party. Do you still want to make sure that your costume will be noticed in the 2023 Halloween? Why not trick or treat exactly in your hair salon? 

According to an NRF statistic, last year, 65% of Americans planned to buy a costume, while 96% wanted to buy candies for the Halloween party.

This year, you can change the game and leave your apron aside. In this blog post, you’re going to find the best Halloween costume ideas for hairstylists that you can wear in the salon on October 31st. 

Halloween costumes for hairstylists

Little Mermaid Halloween costume

Since the Little Mermaid was one of the most popular movie characters this year, choosing to dress like her for Halloween might be a quite unique costume idea.

Little mermaid halloween costume

Photo source: @one_mermaid_fantasy

Little mermaid and Ursula Halloween costume

Photo source: @one_mermaid_fantasy

Barbie Halloween costume

Barbie is another character that made people fill the cinema halls this summer. Plus, thanks to the movie’s success, brands like Zara or Primark have launched Barbie clothing lines. With this in mind, we’re pretty sure it will be easy for you to choose a Barbie Halloween costume.

Barbie Halloween costume

Photo source: @jackiewyers

Barbie pink outfit

Photo source: @berni.cos

Rihanna Superbowl outfit

Rihanna cought all the attention at the Superbowl Half Time in 2023, and so will you with this red Halloween outfit.

Rihanna superbowl outfit

Photo source: @laacademy.eng

Cartoon character Halloween costume

Cartoon characters are probably one of the most popular Halloween costumes out there, and it comes comfortable for hairstylists to wear it at the salon. The red riding hood, the scooby doo’s, Cinderella, or any other costume you wish, are just perfect for the hairstylists who celebrate Halloween at the salon. 


Photo source: @maddy_ale23


Photo source: @trendiesthalloween


Photo source: @marianne.ward_


Photo source: @starlingsalon

Schoolgirl Halloween costume

The classic schoolgirl outfit, with the checkered skirt, white shirt, and stockings, is ideal if you want to be comfortable at work but still wear a Halloween costume for hairstylists. You can create this outfit easily, with just a few pieces that you have in your dressing and a funny hairstyle.


Photo source: @trendiesthalloween

Shampoo bottle Halloween costume

What funnier costume can you have than dressing up like a shampoo bottle? To create this Halloween costume, you can either print the bottle’s label on a t-shirt in a print shop or buy a white t-shirt and paint it yourself. There are acrylic paint pens, just perfect for designing your own Halloween costume as you like it.


Photo source: @olivethehairapist

Scary Halloween costume

With this scary costume, you and your team can create the perfect Halloween atmosphere in your salon. All you need to make it are some white shirts, scissors to crop them, red watercolor paint and some masks. You can find some scary masks for your Halloween hairstylist costume here. They will complete your look perfectly. You can also buy some Halloween wall decorations with knives, pumpkins, and spiders to create the whole scary atmosphere in your hair salon.


Photo source: @halloween____costumes

Funny hairstylist Halloween costume

These photos show exactly how funny it can be to celebrate Halloween together with your salon staff. To create a funny look, you can choose everything from carnival costumes, clown noses, angel wings, and even pajamas.


Photo source: @cuttingedgesalonandboutique


Photo source: @bloomhairny


Photo source: @cristophebeverlyhills


Photo source: @americanhoney7


Photo source: @barbfavasbeautysalon

Feline Halloween costume

For girls, the cat look is probably the most popular one on a Halloween day. You can create this feline costume easily by dressing up with an animal print shirt, a pair of cat ears, a black point on the nose, and there you are, with a feline costume for your Halloween salon party.


Photo source: @caraestol

Minnie Mouse Halloween costume

Minnie Mouse is an iconic Disney character that can be just perfect as a Halloween costume for hairstylists.  Minnie’s very short, black skirt and red polka dot shirt are instantly recognizable. With a bow in your hair that matches your outfit, you’ll look stunning on a working day. Minnie Mouse also wears white gloves, so why not accessorize your costume with some gloves too? It would be so cute to dress up as this beloved character for Halloween this year! 


Photo source: @beyondblessed_md

Wednesday Addams Halloween costume

The gothic style of the Addams Family is great for Halloween costumes because it’s not too scary but spooky enough to get you into the spirit. To create your gothic look at home, I recommend three items: a dress in black or purple with lace detailing around the hemline; a pair of black, comfortable salon shoes; and lastly, some sort of hat- either a beret or witch hat if you want to go more traditional. Last but not least, don’t forget to accessorize this look with 2 braided tails.


Photo source: @marianashleycosplay


Photo source: @trendiesthalloween

Geisha Halloween costume

While most people don’t get the opportunity to meet a real geisha in person, it’s a chance for you to dress up as one for Halloween! If you want to wear an authentic geisha costume this year, you’ll need the right makeup and kimono. You can find a geisha kimono on amazon, accessorize it with a french twist or a bun, and Japanese makeup. And there you are, wearing a very original Halloween costume for hairstylists. 


Photo source: @peachie0_0


Photo source: @lulyn_cosplay

Movie character Halloween costume

Don’t you have a clue what you should dress up as this Halloween because it’s just so hard to find that perfect costume? Well, I’ve got you covered with some easy suggestions!

First, think about what are your favorite actors and movie characters. There are many different versions of costumes on Amazon like Catwoman, The money heist, or even the Iron Man suit.


Photo source: @prwsprwx_

Poker Halloween costume

Here’s a homemade poker Halloween costume idea for hairstylists, perfect for those who want to save some cash. All you need is a few cheap materials and a little creativity.

To start, grab an old t-shirt of yours that won’t be missed if it gets ruined by your Halloween theme. Next, go to the closest office supply store and buy some white paper (or print out an online template) for the headband design of your card. Now take your shirt and lay it flat on the floor, and start painting your shirt. 

If you don’t have the talent to do it your own, you can take your old t-shirt to a print shop and ask them to personalize your poker Halloween costume as you wish.


Photo source: @selviapia

Last but not least…

Professional hairstylists have a lot of work to do around Halloween, and that means a crowded schedule. To organize your appointments better, you can choose to use a salon scheduling app and keep track of your calendar in a modern way. In addition, you can send message reminders, let clients book online, keep track of your financial reports, and take deposits or full payments everything in a single app. You can download Goldie for free from the App Store or Google Play

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