Let us reintroduce ourselves: we’re Goldie

Introducing Goldie

Our name is Goldie, and we’re the all-in-one software for beauty, wellness, and other professionals.

More than anything, we love empowering independent business owners who have taken bold steps to venture out on their own and work for themselves. Our mission is to provide these small business owners with all of the tools they need to launch, run and grow their businesses.

You might have previously known us as Appointfix. It was a fitting name since we’ve helped over 100 thousand professionals schedule and manage over 30 million appointments. We do a lot more than that, though — and we think it’s time our brand reflected everything we offer. So we went in for a Hollywood-style makeover. While we’re sad to leave behind our old selves, we’re thrilled to show you our new identity.


What we look like has changed a lot: new colors, new imagery, a new logo. The updates we made reflect how Goldie is just like its customers: energetic yet elegant, passionate yet playful, and simple yet memorable. You’ve got clients to impress, and Goldie helps you look good.

You’ll see these changes throughout our product, website, and marketing materials starting today. We’ve been working on Goldie for a while now and can’t wait for you to get to know the new us.


All the features you already love will still work the same way you’re used to, so you can continue to schedule with ease — just like you’ve been doing since 2015. As a result, no new learning is necessary (although we have launched some powerful features that we think you’ll love).

One of the most important changes to be aware of is that we’ve got a new app icon. Goldie’s “G” will be replacing our prior icon, so keep an eye out for a new tile on your homescreen:


The introduction of Goldie is another big step in our journey to empower independent professionals and small business owners. We’re excited to see everything our customers accomplish with Goldie, from simplifying their everyday lives to growing their businesses more than they thought possible.

We know change can come with thoughts and questions, so you can always reach out to us at [email protected]. Goldie’s got your bacck.

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