Marketing Ideas for Medical Spa in 2024

Med spa marketing ideas

Client interest in medical spas has surged in recent years, but so has the number of businesses on the market. Having a good marketing game is crucial as it’s the only way to stand out in this competitive landscape.

That being said, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when you have no prior experience in promoting a business. Rest assured, we’ve prepared a list of medical spa marketing ideas to point you in the right direction. Let’s get started.

1. List your med spa business online

List med spa business on Google

Make it easy for potential clients to find your med spa online by listing it on platforms they use to search for local services.

The surest way to do it is to create and optimize a Google Business profile (formerly Google My Business). Provide accurate details like location, contact information, schedule, and a list of the services you offer, and add relevant photos to make it visually appealing.

Connect your online booking page with Reserve with Google to help clients set appointments quickly and hassle-free.

Google Reserve med spa page

In addition to Google My Business, you should also consider listing your medical spa on Bing Places for Business, Apple Maps, Yelp, or TripAdvisor. These other platforms may not bring in as many clients as Google My Business, but they will increase your med spa’s online visibility.

2. Use search engine optimization to your advantage

Optimize your website and blog to appear at the top of Google search result pages and drive organic traffic. Using this med spa marketing idea can lead to more inquiries and bookings without the expense of paid ads.

You should focus your efforts on local searches, as users looking for services in their area are often ready to book an appointment.

Identify relevant keywords for location-specific queries (e.g., “med spa near me”) and use them naturally in content, meta titles, descriptions, and URLs. 

Also, make sure to link to other relevant pages on your website and pay attention to technical SEO aspects such as mobile friendliness and loading times.

3. Build a strong social media presence

Social media marketing for med spa

Some might say you don’t exist if you’re not on social media. This might be a bit drastic, but creating social media profiles for your med spa will help you reach a broader audience. After all, there are 5.07 billion social media users globally.

In addition to this, social media can act as a portfolio where potential clients can check out your work before making an appointment. You can also engage with them through comments, messages, and reviews, fostering a sense of community.

Encourage appointment scheduling directly from social media by linking to your online booking page. You can activate your “Book Now” button for Facebook and Instagram so clients can set appointments in your Goldie calendar.

4. Leverage email marketing 

One of the best med spa marketing ideas for turning leads into actual clients is email communication. It’s cost-effective and can bring a high return on investment when done well.

Whether it’s promotional campaigns or newsletters, you need to create valuable content that addresses your audience’s needs and interests, such as educational tips, exclusive offers, and updates. 

Personalize messages for a higher success rate. For example, you can suggest treatments and products based on the person’s past interactions and preferences. If you use Goldie for client management, you probably already have detailed notes on each client.

5. Experiment with paid advertising 

paid ads medical spa business

This is probably the most costly initiative on this marketing tips for medical spas list, but it’s also one that brings immediate results. Unlike organic methods that take time to build momentum, PPC and social media ads can generate instant traffic to your website or booking page.

Both PPC and social media ads allow you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring your ads are seen by the people interested in medical spa services.

However, it’s not all about targeting– the ad creative and ad copy are just as important. Make sure to use professional images and videos that showcase your facilities, treatments, or happy clients and clearly communicate what sets your med spa apart from competitors.

6. Develop a mobile messaging strategy

Mobile communication is a direct channel to your clients. You can use text messages to notify clients about special promotions, discounts, and events, send appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, or send follow-up texts to get feedback.

It’s a low-effort and high-return medspa marketing idea because you can automate the whole thing. For instance, Goldie allows you to send automated text reminders for upcoming appointments and many other types of messages.

Med spa text marketing messages

As long as you send messages at appropriate times and don’t overdo it frequently, this should help you create a more personal connection with clients and foster loyalty.

7. Ask your clients for reviews

If you’re not already collecting feedback from clients, you should start right away because this med spa marketing idea is a must. Positive reviews are social proof that other people have enjoyed your med spa’s services. On top of that, they can bump up your business in local search rankings.

It’s best to reach out soon after clients have received a service so the experience is still fresh in their memory. With Goldie you can automatically send marketing messages requesting reviews or offering discounts after an appointment. 

The message should show you’re grateful they’ve chosen your services and include direct links to your Google Business profile, Yelp, Facebook, or other platforms. You can also offer small discounts or a special offers for clients who leave a review to make it more appealing.

8. Set up a referral program

Creating a referral program is a great med spa marketing idea to keep existing clients engaged and bring new ones in. 

In a nutshell, you motivate clients to promote the med spa’s services to friends and acquaintances through incentives like discounts on future services, free treatments, gift cards, or product samples. 

For example, the referrer gets $35 off their next treatment for every new client they bring in. But the new client also gets 10% off the first treatment they have at your medical spa. This is usually done via a unique link or referral card and it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved, including your business.

9. Collaborate with local influencers

Partnership medical spa business

Reach out to local influencers and ask them to promote your medical spa. They have credibility within their community, and can make potential clients more likely to trust and choose your services.

Depending on how you negotiate these collaborations, you can offer services, money, or a combination of both in exchange for them endorsing your business. But this is one of those medical spa marketing ideas that will probably require a budget.

Some ways to collaborate with influencers are sponsored posts, giveaways with your med spa services, and sharing discount codes with their following, among others. Whatever the details of the partnership are, just make sure to choose influencers whose content aligns with your services and target audience.

10. Partner up with local businesses

Another medspa marketing idea worth exploring is partnerships with other businesses in your area. This will help you tap into their customer base, resulting in new clients. 

It’s essential you pick businesses whose customer base overlaps with your target demographic, for example, salons, yoga studios, or health food stores. Otherwise, your marketing efforts may be wasted on people not interested in your services.

In terms of what you can do together, there are a lot of options, such as sharing each other’s content online, displaying promotional materials at each other’s locations, creating special offers that include services from both your businesses, and offering exclusive benefits to each other’s clients.

11. Host on-site events

Events can boost your med spa’s visibility, attract new clients, and enhance customer loyalty all at once. But to achieve that you need to carefully plan your event and promote it using a mix of online and offline channels.

You can even combine a few med spa marketing ideas on this list and partner with influencers or local businesses to gain more exposure for your event.

Remember that the goal is to get participants to try out your services, regardless of the type of event you’re hosting (educational seminar, service launch, VIP night, etc.). Showcase your services and facilities and offer incentives like special discounts to prompt booking.

Ready to put these med spa marketing ideas into practice?

We hope these marketing tips for medical spas inspire you to build an effective marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that by using digital tools, building personalized client relationships, and engaging with your online community, your med spa can stand out in a crowded market.
Don’t feel pressured to take on all of these medical spa marketing ideas at once. Focus on what aligns best with your brand and resonates with your clients. Start slowly, with a couple, and you can add more to your marketing mix as you go along. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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