How to use QR codes to grow your salon business

How to use QR codes to grow your salon business

What do people want nowadays? Ease. Ease of accessing information, getting somewhere, or booking an appointment with you. And if so far the easiest way was to call you, let me tell you something; it can be even easier with the help of QR codes and an easy-to-use booking app.

QR codes have become a popular tool for businesses to provide a quick and convenient way for customers to access their appointment booking page. Using QR codes can significantly simplify the booking process both for you and your clients. How? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore that they won’t find you, and they don’t have to spend time searching for you. 

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to generate a QR code fast and free and how to use it to grow your salon. You will find a step-by-step guide on downloading your online booking QR code and creating marketing materials like business cards or stickers. And no, you don’t need any technical or design skills for that. 🙂

How to generate a QR code?

First, you must create an online booking website where clients can book 24/7. Goldie lets you set up your online booking page and customize it with your favorite color, image, and logo. If you don’t have an online booking website yet, here’s how to create your online booking system from scratch. 

Hair salon online booking system

The Goldie app allows you to include in your online booking website information like your salon name, booking policy, description, business hours, services, prices, and more.

Then, you will be able to generate your online booking QR code directly in the app. 

How do you use QR codes to grow your salon business?

Using QR codes can effectively attract more clients to your salon by combining offline and online marketing tactics. The whole point is to shorten the booking process for your clients and to get them to book online instead of calling or asking you personally. 

Remember, QR codes are a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, providing an easy way for potential clients to connect with your salon’s online presence. 

Here are some tips on how to make QR codes an essential part of your salon marketing strategy: 

1. Design your own marketing materials containing your QR code 

Tools like Canva allow you to design salon marketing materials for free. Even though Canva is available on mobile, you can design your marketing materials on a desktop screen for better visibility. 

Start by creating an account, and once you’re logged in, you’ll be greeted by lots of pre-designed salon templates.

Create an account in Canva

This is the perfect occasion to showcase your talent. You can play with different elements, colors, and shapes to create your own marketing materials.

Click on “create a design”, then type in the search box what marketing material you want to create. In this case, we are going to create a salon flyer containing a QR code. 

Create a salon flyer with Canva

After the blank paper opens,  type in the search box “salon QR”, and you’ll see lots of templates. 

Salon QR code design templates

Then, choose the one you like the most and personalize it with your own salon logo, colors, and text. Here’s a helpful article on how to create your salon logo for free.

While designing your flyer, think about a good spot where to place your online booking QR code. Ensure it is visible and easy to scan. Additionally, remember to include a call to action under the QR code, guiding clients about the destination of the linked page. Some call-to-action examples could be  “Scan this QR code to book an appointment”, “Book now”, or “Scan & book your appointment”.

After your flyer is ready, click on the Share button, and download your design. Keep in mind that PDF format is preferred for printing, as it offers several advantages that make it well-suited for maintaining the quality of printed materials.

Download salon flyer

2. Add your QR code on business cards

While flyers give you the opportunity to write more information about your salon and even offer discounts, business cards are more formal, brief, and focused on contact information. Anyway, both are effective marketing tools for your salon. 

Adding your online booking QR code on your business card is just as important as adding it to any other marketing tool. If you already have a business card, you can upload it in Canva and simply add your online booking QR code on it.

However, the process is equally straightforward if you’re starting from scratch and wish to design a salon business card. Begin by selecting a salon business card template from Canva’s extensive collection. Once you’ve chosen a template, personalize it to reflect your branding. After customizing the design, remember to add your online booking QR code.

Business card for hairstylist

In summary, flyers and business cards are valuable tools for promoting your salon. Including your online booking QR code in your offline marketing materials empowers potential clients to easily connect with your salon and secure their appointments.

3. Increase online bookings with window stickers

Creating an attractive window sticker featuring your online booking QR code and placing it on your salon window is an excellent way to maintain your schedule fully booked. This innovative tool allows potential clients to simply scan the QR code with their smartphones, granting them instant access to your online booking platform. 

Moreover, the prominently displayed QR code on your salon window serves as a visual call-to-action, catching the attention of passersby. This can effectively draw in traffic, encouraging spontaneous bookings. 

A salon window sticker should contain information like your logo, your ability to take card/contactless payments (if you don’t process card payments in your salon yet, Goldie lets you take deposits or contactless payments fast and easy), a call to action, and your online booking QR code. The best part is that there are static cling window films that don’t need any adhesive to stick them, making it the ideal choice for your salon as you can remove it anytime with no effort.

To design a window sticker for your salon, create a new design in Canva and search for “square sticker” format. I recommend designing it yourself from scratch, as this one has to best reflect your business details and doesn’t need many design elements. When you finish creating your window sticker, you will need to download it in PNG format and don’t forget to select the “transparent background” option.

Window sticker design for salons

If you prefer another design tool, here are 14 Canva alternatives for beginners.

Offline marketing is effective, but don’t forget about social media

Social media plays a key role in your marketing game. So, let’s not neglect it. Besides the social media marketing tips you need to apply, you can also think about promoting your social media accounts and inviting people to follow you via QR codes.

This way, when distributing your business cards, you can encourage recipients to scan the QR code to access exclusive promotions or discounts available only to those who follow your salon on social media. Make sure to highlight the benefits they will receive by engaging with your social media accounts.

For example, add your Instagram QR code to your offline marketing materials like stickers or business cards. Just open your Instagram menu and tap on “QR code”, and there you have it. Anyway, make sure you don’t place QR codes too close to each other, or else they’d be difficult or even impossible to scan.

Do's and dont's QR code


Taking advantage of online booking QR codes can truly help you grow your salon business and get more clients. By integrating this modern technology into your business marketing strategy, you’ll not only increase the convenience and comfort of your clients, but also ease your daily booking process, as the transition to online booking QR codes eliminates the need for time-consuming manual scheduling.

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