8 Tips on How To Let Salon Clients Reschedule Appointments

Let salon clients reschedule appointments

Unexpected events or high-priority tasks might make your clients reschedule their salon appointments, which will directly impact you as a professional. 

Rescheduling is probably one of your clients’ most common requirements. In such situations, it’s essential to be flexible and offer them a fast and convenient solution. 

But why is it though so important to make it easy for clients to rebook? First of all, unforeseen situations can occur to all of us, and if you want to keep your clients coming back to your salon, you must find ways to increase their satisfaction and ease the rebooking process as much as you can. 

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to reschedule salon clients fast and easy. Keep reading and discover practical tips & tricks to let clients reschedule their appointment with you and the latest tools and technologies to optimize your salon admin work. 

1. Have a clear rescheduling policy

Having a clear rescheduling policy and making it easily accessible to your clients minimizes misunderstandings and sets expectations upfront. 

To achieve success in your business, transparency is key. Your clients should know everything about costs, salon rules, and where to reschedule their appointment in case they need to. 

By making it clear how far in advance they need to reschedule, you establish boundaries while securing your income. Furthermore, including in your salon booking policy possible fees that can be applied when rebooking helps reduce last-minute cancellations.

Your salon policy should be accessible on your booking website, social media channels, and even in your client communications.

2. Foster efficient client communication

Goldie app client communication

You know how annoying it is for you and your clients to constantly receive calls while working, miss important messages, or verbally explain things that will be forgotten in seconds. 

For smooth operations and efficient communication with your clients, it’s time to get rid of the things I mentioned above. Phone calls or face to face discussions about your client’s appointments are the least efficient and the most time-consuming thing you can do. And since you aim to grow your business and efficientize your time as much as possible, it’s time to take action and automate your communication. 

First and foremost, considering a booking app that automatically sends instant confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups is a must. Goldie, one of the best-rated apps for salon professionals, lets you send automated messages to clients. What means that? You don’t have to worry anymore that they might miss any details; Goldie sends the messages, and you can work without interruption. 

Also, as a busy professional, it’s recommended to have all your client communications in a single place and easily access message history and client details. 
Tip: Two-way texting allows you to enjoy a chat-like experience within the Goldie app while receiving messages from clients and being able to reply, facilitating real-time interactions and updates.

3. Start using a salon online booking system

salon online booking system

Here’s the proof you need to start using an online booking system. 

If you just started your career as a beauty pro, you’ll need more clients, and there’s no better way to grow your client base than having a website where people can easily book with you. 

On the other hand, if you’re a busy salon professional, admin work is something you don’t want to spend too much time on. Therefore, letting your clients book themselves 24/7 based on your availability is all you can dream about. 

Now, does anyone need better arguments? Whether you want to get more clients or simply let your existing ones book with ease, having an online booking website reduces the hassle of manually booking and gives you more time to promote your salon or to do your job. 

And don’t forget, once you have it, you can also let clients reschedule their appointment without calling you.

4. Show empathy and understanding

Showing compassion and flexibility in unexpected situations will make your clients appreciate you more and will help you maintain a positive relationship with them. You should definitely avoid being angry or worrying they might mess with your schedule; with a clear policy and an efficient booking system, letting your clients reschedule will be a breeze. 

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5. Set up your availability

When rescheduling clients, explaining any time limitations or restrictions is a must.

 Having viable rebooking alternatives and keeping your available time slots accessible will make it easier for your clients to rebook and attend their future appointments.

When you set availability in your booking calendar, make sure the timelines are realistic and clients can find a suitable alternative.

6. Let clients reschedule and manage their appointments

Goldie appointment management link

If your clients know exactly what are the conditions to reschedule, where to reschedule, and when they can reschedule, the only thing that’s missing is how to do it. 

Making the rescheduling process as easy as possible for your clients is essential. For example, when you send instant confirmations or reminders with the Goldie app, you can choose to add an appointment link in the message template that your clients can access anytime. That link not only allows them to see information about their appointments, but they can also confirm, pay a deposit, reschedule, or cancel, with just a few taps.

7. Make sure clients never forget their appointment

SMS appointment reminder Goldie app

It’s your job as a salon professional to remind your clients about their appointments. 

Sending message reminders about upcoming appointments contributes to reducing your salon no-shows and, of course, directly impacts your income growth. These reminders serve as gentle prompts that help clients organize their schedules and prioritize their appointments.

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Think about personalizing your reminder templates according to your salon needs. For example, if you want to let people manage their appointments alone, consider including the management link in your templates. With the Goldie app, you can quickly let clients confirm their appointments; just mention in your message templates that they can reply with a “yes” to confirm. 

8. Ask for feedback & improve

Hairstylist asking for feedback from clients

Growing your business means constantly listening to your customers and improving your services. These two things must go hand in hand to guarantee your success.

But how to do it most effectively?

First of all, you should take advantage of the time you spend with your customers in the salon and chit-chat. Sincerely ask about how happy they are with the services you offer, the hygiene in your salon, your booking process, or the overall atmosphere. 

Another good way to ask clients for feedback is to list your business on Google and encourage them to leave reviews. This will not only collect valuable feedback but also increase your salon’s visibility and build trust online.

Lastly, don’t forget: positive feedback is proof that what you do has a positive impact on your clients, but negative feedback or improvement suggestions are a gold mine. Pay attention to them and take action to implement small changes that will have a big impact on your clients’ experience. After all, they’ll notice your efforts to make things better and will appreciate you even more.

A great starting point is to empower your clients to manage their appointments themselves and to have a smooth experience when booking or rescheduling.


Letting clients reschedule and manage their appointments hassle-free contributes to a positive experience and better salon efficiency. 

Now, you know why it is important to let clients reschedule their appointments, what to include in your salon policy and make it easily accessible, and what tools you should use to ease your salon operations.

Keep in mind that you should always prioritize client needs and refine your salon rescheduling process with Goldie. Let us know in the comments section if these practices are useful for you and how do you deal with rescheduling clients in your salon.

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