How to Get More Client Reviews for Your Salon

As a business owner you want a good reputation around your business, and customer reviews are like gold for your salon. In fact, 60% of customers say that the number of reviews a business has received has influenced their decision to engage with its services, and 81% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses.

Customer reviews can help you increase your brand’s credibility by showcasing your professionalism and reliability and showing how happy and satisfied they are with your services.

But the benefits go beyond just credibility.

Reviews are a great SEO tool that can help your salon rank higher in search results when people search for salons online. Positive reviews act as social proof, putting your salon at the forefront of people’s searches for a trustworthy salon. More positive reviews make your listing stand out. And when someone clicks through, seeing the majority of good reviews further builds confidence, making them more likely to choose your salon.

But how can you encourage your customers to leave more reviews?

In the article below, we will discuss some strategies for making it easy for customers to leave reviews and share their experiences. We’ll also discuss how to respond to both positive and negative reviews.

How to get client reviews?

If you want to get more reviews from your customers, you have to make the process as easy as you can. 

1. Use a salon management software to automate review requests

Goldie ratings and reviews

Investing in a good salon management software can ease the process of collecting reviews. For instance, apps like Goldie allow you to create a personalized online booking website where your clients can book 24/7. After each client’s appointment, they automatically get an email, inviting them to leave a review that you can choose to publish on your booking website.

People may check your website to see what new services you provide, your service prices, or your salon location. By having positive and trustworthy reviews on your booking website, you’ll attract and impress potential clients with authentic feedback and you’ll make it easier for them to decide to book an appointment.

2. Optimize your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

Connect Goldie with Google Reserve

Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok look great on your business page, but if you want to increase your sales, you need customer reviews on Google. If you’re not appearing near the top of the first page on Google when a potential client searches for services in your area, chances are they’ll never find you.

Google reviews will actively contribute to your salon’s search rankings by letting it know how popular your business is. And with a higher quantity of reviews that focus on exactly what your business does, Google can see that it’s relevant and liked in your community.

If you don’t have one yet, set up your Google Business Profile, then connect your online booking page with Reserve With Google. Goldie directs clients who are most likely to leave reviews to your Google review page, boosting your brand’s reputation on the web.

To make your Google Business Profile page at the top of rankings, remember to keep it up-to-date with pictures, an accurate description, updated business hours, and your phone number. 

3. Implement QR codes to make reviewing easier

How to use QR codes to grow your salon business

Create a QR code that takes your customers directly to the Google page or other review websites to make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave you feedback.

You can put the review code on stylists stations in a frame or even print it as a sticker and put it on the mirrors so your customers can easily scan it.

Also, you can create and download a free QR code for your online booking website from Goldie and print it on flyers, stickers or business cards.Hand them to your customers to have it at hand when they want to make a fast appointment.

4. Ask for reviews in private messages

Salon professional asking for client review

Some customers may feel much better telling their opinions in private messages, and that’s fine.

So, tell your customers that they can talk about their experience by sending you a direct message on social media, WhatsApp, or your company’s phone. Make them feel comfortable leaving a review wherever they want, but make sure they know all their options. 

You can later use that review by taking a screenshot and sharing it on social media like a post or a story. Make sure you protect your client’s identity in case they are not willing to make it public.

5. Ask for a photo shoot or video testimonials

Client photo shoot in salon

Ask your customers if they are comfortable with you taking a few shots with their new looks.

If your customers seem more than happy to do so or are already regulars, ask them if they are willing to let you record a short 30-second video testimonial. Tell them all you need from them is to respond to a simple question and tell them what it is so they can prepare.

Think of questions like “What do you love most about your new hair?” or “How does the new make-up look to make you feel?”, or “How do you feel in our salon?”.

💡Pro tip: Once you have your customer’s permission, post these photos and videos on your social media accounts, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, to boost your credibility and encourage others to visit your salon.

6. Create social media contests and giveaways

Social media contest and giveaway

Social media can be really helpful if you want to gather reviews and promote your salon.

You can run a contest on social media asking clients to leave you a review in comments or post a photo of their new hairstyle or manicure using a certain hashtag and tagging your salon to participate.

To encourage your customers to participate, you can offer them awards like free haircuts, makeup sessions or even beauty bundles.

💡Pro tip: You can promote your contest on Instagram through posts and stories, and create in-salon posters to ensure all your clients are aware of it. You can also collaborate with influencers to participate in your contest to create hype around it.

Tip: Use loyalty cards to reward clients who review

You know how important it is to keep your customers coming back and that’s why many salons offer loyalty cards to their customers for this reason. 

What if you take advantage of these loyalty cards to get more reviews? Offer to mark off one appointment on their loyalty card if they will leave a review. This will bring them closer to that free session they’ve been waiting for, making them more eager to leave you a review.

How to respond to both positive and negative reviews?

First of all, keep in mind that it’s impossible to avoid negative feedback because no business is perfect or liked by everyone. But if you know how to respond to negative comments, they could actually help your business.

Negative reviews are a great way to learn what to improve in your salon’s operations. When you see a negative review, consider whether that is exactly how things happened and what you can learn from the situation so it won’t repeat. After your introspection, make sure you respond to the review. But if you feel rage because it mentioned something that is not true, take time to respond later.

When you’re in a calm state, spend time writing an answer to the concern mentioned. If someone in your team made a mistake, assume it and discuss it further with your stylists. Some clients will leave bad reviews even though, from your perspective, nothing wrong happened, but offering honest responses to those reviews as well.

People spend time reading reviews, especially bad ones. Actually, 45% of customers say that they would visit a business if it responds to bad reviews. If clients see you handle issues carefully, they will probably be more eager to write a great review to improve your salon’s reputation.

Some business owners are not responding to positive reviews either, but how can you expect others to leave new reviews if you don’t respond? You should tell them that you appreciate choosing your salon and that they appreciate you trusting them. Responding to positive reviews will help you increase their trust in you and also increase your retention rates.

💡Pro tip: When responding to good reviews, observe if your clients pointed out specific products or services. If they didn’t, write about these details in your response so other clients will better understand the services and benefits you provide. 

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