New features for better client management in the Goldie app

Better client management with Goldie

Keeping track of your client details with a user-friendly and efficient interface is essential for ensuring client satisfaction and operational success. Our client profile redesign embodies this understanding, marking a significant step towards a more intuitive and complex user experience. 

Goldie’s new client screen has included additional functionalities, making client management easier and more effective. Now, you can block clients, quickly see a client’s reports, check client appointment history, add notes and photos, and even receive notifications when your client’s birthday is coming.

These new client options are a modern approach to client management, catering to contemporary business requirements. With this update, we aim to enhance the visibility and accessibility of your client’s data, enabling you to view and use it easily.

Now, let’s get into more detail about these new options available. 

New client profile design

Old vs new client screen Goldie

Before this update, you could only see basic information in your client profile: name, phone number, email, note, and appointment history. Now, it is much more complex than that. 

In addition to the previous options, the new client profile interface allows you to add important information like client notes that can be displayed on every appointment, client’s location, birth date, and the possibility to create your client’s photo gallery. 

Block clients 

Block clients with Goldie

This is probably the most required option: the ability to block clients has added a layer of control and convenience in managing your interactions with the Goldie app. If you decide that you no longer wish to accept appointments from a particular client, you can easily block that client right through the app. Once blocked, the client will be unable to book appointments, adding a level of discretion and peace of mind for you. Also, if the client tries to book an appointment with you, he/she will receive a message that booking is not permitted. 

Moreover, if a client has a history of multiple no-shows or cancellations, a warning will be displayed on your screen at the time of appointment creation.

To block a client, open the Goldie app, go to Menu > Clients, search the client you want to block, then tap on the top right menu and select Block from booking online.

Individual client reports

Client reports Goldie app

The updated client profile now includes a handy mini-report for each client, showing the number of their total appointments, no-shows, and cancellations, alongside the total revenue they’ve brought in since they became a client. 

This quick report helps you understand each client’s appointment habits and gives an overview of their impact on your business. The mini-report is a little addition that makes it easier to appreciate the journey you and your clients have shared.

Client appointment history

Client appointment history

The client appointment history section is a dedicated space within the client profile where you can effortlessly browse all your past interactions with a particular client. As you navigate this history, you can easily recall previous service details, preferences, and any notes or observations made during past appointments.

Client notes and appointment notes

Add client notes in the Goldie app

You can create client notes that will be displayed on every appointment. Important information like allergies or special preferences will be highlighted when an appointment is created.

On the other hand, you can create separate notes for each appointment with a client. For example, in the appointment notes, you can add the color code you’ve used, the sizes you’ve made, the style or shape, and so on.

Client photo gallery

Client photo gallery Goldie

We’ve introduced the ability to upload photos to an appointment. From now on, you’ll have a photo gallery for each client, serving you as a visual archive of your talent. This feature adds a personalized touch to each client’s profile and provides a visual narrative of the work you’ve accomplished together over time. Whether before-and-after shots showcasing a project’s progress or images of completed works, this gallery serves as a compelling portfolio when discussing future projects or services with the client. 

This photo gallery will be populated partly by you when you upload photos and partly by your clients when they upload them via the customizable fields in the online booking system.

Birthday notice 

Client birthday notice

Keep a more personalized connection between you and your clients: the Birthday field. By having a client’s birth date, you’ll enable a system that’s designed to send you a push notification as their birthday comes. This reminder isn’t just about keeping on top of dates—it’s an invitation to warmly greet your clients, making them feel valued and appreciated. Small gestures like remembering a client’s birthday can set you apart and nurture a deeper rapport in a busy world. 

“New client” label

"New client" label

The “New client” label will help you instantly identify new clients as you navigate the system. Whenever you acquire a new client, this label will appear in their client profile and the New appointment/Pending appointment/Appointment details screens. 

It’s a straightforward yet effective way to keep track of new clientele, ensuring you’re always aware when a first-time appointment is coming. This label is designed to be displayed only for the first appointment with that client, acting as a subtle reminder for you to extend a warm welcome, familiarize yourself with their needs, or prepare for the appointment accordingly. 

Note: The ability to add photos, to block a client, and the birthday reminders will be included only in the Pro and Team plans. To take full advantage of these new options, please update the Goldie app to the latest version from the App Store or Google Play

As always, we look forward to your questions and proposals in the comments section below or at [email protected] . We’re always happy to hear from you! Happy scheduling, everyone! 

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19 days ago

Omg I soooo love these new updates

19 days ago

I love the changes you’ve made and the data that can be accessed at the tap of a button. It would be even better if we could merge duplicate clients together if this is not already available and I have simply missed it.

19 days ago


Michael's Massage Therapy
Michael's Massage Therapy
16 days ago

This is great. This all that I need as I start my massage business. 💆‍♂️

16 days ago

Can you add on an option to add discounts before clients pay 🙂

We have specials running and it would be nice to add the discount percentage before payments, rather than changing the prices ourselves. Just so we can keep a record of it 🙂

16 days ago

Muy eficaz

16 days ago

Is there anyway a pop up reminder can be added when appointments are upcoming

15 days ago

LOVE the updates! If it would be possible to also have a tip option too, not just the service amount that would be helpful too!