Goldie vs Mangomint: Best Mangomint Alternative in 2024

Best mangomint alternative

Booking apps are a must for busy salon professionals. Goldie and Mangomint, two leading options in the beauty industry, simplify booking, improve organization, and foster growth. 

In this blog post, we’ll compare these apps and look into the features and attributes that make Goldie the best Mangomint alternative. Choosing the right scheduling software is vital for businesses, particularly in the salon industry, where task automation is key. 

Whether you’re an independent professional or a small business owner, you should prioritize user-friendly apps like Goldie that can help you easily manage your bookings and grow your salon.

Mangomint general view

Mangomint calendar view

Mangomint is a tool that helps beauty and wellness businesses improve their management. Mangomint offers versatility to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses within the industry. Its inclusive design caters to both medium and large salons, providing a centralized platform for efficient operation. From online booking capabilities to detailed reporting, Mangomint aims to enhance the overall workflow, making it a great choice for salon owners seeking a modern and integrated approach to salon management.

Who can use it?

Thanks to its complex functionality, Mangomint is designed to serve a diverse range of professionals in the beauty and wellness sector who are part of medium to large teams. It is suitable for hairstylists, nail technicians, spa owners, estheticians, and various salon professionals.

Functionalities and costs

Mangomint pricing plan

When it comes to pricing, Mangomint offers three pricing packages for users: Essentials plan, Standard plan, and Unlimited plan. Every Mangomint subscription is thoughtfully crafted with diverse features to cater to various business scales. The Essentials Plan is well-suited for up to ten providers, while the Standard Plan is specifically crafted for larger teams, supporting up to twenty service providers. 

Mangomint subscription costs range from $165 to $375 per month, depending on the plan that suits your business better.

The Mangomint Essentials plan is a package that includes online booking, retail and inventory management, and mobile apps. This can be an effective solution for the professionals who sell retail products in their own salons. With this plan, you can support ten providers, schedule your calendar, process payments, manage your clients, and so much more.

The Standard Plan is oriented toward busy salons and spas that want comprehensive management for their business from start to finish. This package supports twenty providers, and it comes with all the functionalities in the Essentials Plan plus waiting room, express booking, and HIPAA compliance, among others.

Their last pricing package is the Unlimited Plan, which includes all the Standard plan key features and can support unlimited providers. This plan is oriented toward large businesses looking to update their operations.

Mangomint provides a 30-day free trial, allowing professionals to explore its feature set before committing. After the trial period, access to the app is restricted unless you subscribe to one of the three pricing packages.

Professionals considering Mangomint may be drawn to its various features. However, it’s essential to evaluate the options suitable for your business type and their level of specificity. 

Keep in mind that not all solutions cover every need. While a sophisticated tool may work for some businesses, others requiring more specialized features and customization may find it lacking. Therefore, carefully define your business requirements and goals before making a decision.

User satisfaction

Mangomint rating

Mangomint stands out with a remarkable 4.9 star rating on the App Store, proof of the positive experiences and feedback shared by 36 iOS users who have found the platform valuable for their business. Similarly, on Google Play, Mangomint has a 4.6 star rating, backed by the feedback of 12 users. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that forming a comprehensive opinion on the product may be challenging due to the small amount of reviews.

Goldie general view

Goldie: appointment booking app

The Goldie app offers a user-friendly interface that provides all the tools you need to start, manage, and expand your salon business without effort. The Mangomint competitor is designed for small businesses and independent professionals from the beauty and wellness industry, and it simplifies the management of their daily tasks. While both apps aim for the same goal, they have different features for different needs in the industry.

Targeted audience

In 2024, Goldie was a top choice for salon professionals and spa owners, positioning itself as the best Mangomint alternative. It’s designed to be more user-friendly, making it easy for users to schedule appointments, manage clients, and process payments. Goldie focuses on simplicity while providing essential features, helping professionals stay organized and competitive in their fields. 


Goldie app pricing plans

Compared to Mangomint, the Goldie app does not provide a free trial, but a free plan that gives you essential tools to manage your salon like a pro. You can book appointments, handle clients, enable online booking, and send appointment reminders via SMS. This makes Goldie a cost-effective salon booking app and a free Mangomint alternative.

If you want to take your business to the next level, upgrading to Goldie Pro at $19.99 gives you access to powerful features such as: 

  • automated reminders
  • detailed financial, client, and appointment reports
  • business forecast
  • deposits and payments processing
  • client birthday notifications
  • block clients
  • create client photo gallery
  • personalized message templates

Goldie offers a more budget-friendly option for salon management, making it the best Mangomint alternative. The balance of essential features and a cost-effective plan makes it the top choice for those who are searching for a free Mangomint alternative.

User satisfaction

Goldie app rating

The Goldie app has received reviews from users on prominent mobile platforms. It holds an impressive 4.8-star rating from 6k reviews on the App Store, highlighting the satisfaction level among iOS users. Also, on Google Play, Goldie has a solid 4.6-star rating from an extensive 9.2k reviews, contributing to its positive reception.

What makes Goldie a top Mangomint scheduling alternative?

Goldie and Mangomint are both effective scheduling and management tools, and they address similar audiences, but here are some reasons why Goldie stands out as the best Mangomint alternative.

Goldie app advantages
  • With availability worldwide, Mangomint falls short in comparison to Goldie, which serves as a more expansive and inclusive alternative. While Mangomint is limited to the United States, the broader global reach of Goldie positions it as the preferred choice for salon and wellness professionals worldwide.
  • Embracing diversity, Goldie is available in different languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. This commitment to inclusivity and accessibility highlights Goldie’s dedication to navigating and using the app in your preferred language. On the other hand, Mangomint is currently accessible only in English.
  • By using the free version, you can manage a limited number of appointments and enjoy advanced client management features. Goldie sets itself apart as a budget-friendly alternative to Mangomint, providing valuable features for your salon without high costs. Its pricing structure ensures that small businesses and independent professionals can access essential tools without any financial challenges.
  • Goldie excels over Mangomint with its more detailed client and financial reports, providing salon professionals with comprehensive insights into your customer’s preferences and appointments, so you can better understand your business. This feature sets Goldie apart, giving it a distinct advantage over Mangomint.
  • Goldie makes it easy for beauty and wellness professionals to grow their businesses by offering client and financial reports.
  • Handling transactions is easier with Goldie’s payment processing features. You can manage deposits, tips, contactless payments, and point-of-sale (POS) transactions. This feature secures transactions and helps you keep track of your income while improving your clients experience. The transaction fees users that live in The United States and Canada have to pay is 2.6% + $0.30 per card transaction each time they collect a payment, meanwhile Mangomint, which is available exclusively in The U.S, has two types of fees: in-person payments where the fees are 2.45% + $0.15 per successful transaction and virtual payments that have a fee of 2.90% + $0.20 per successful transaction. While Mangomint transaction fees may be lower, their pricing plans are very high compared to other scheduling apps, like Goldie. Goldie’s transaction fees may be pricier, but offers a paid plan that is cost-effective and affordable for professionals.
  • Goldie offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to craft personalized client communications with no effort. With customizable message templates and dynamic fields, you can maintain a consistent voice and build a more human connection with your clients. You can send 500 messages in one month with the paid version, while Mangomint offers you five free messages per month if you use one of the packages that doesn’t include an add-on. If you are using Mangomint with a plan that includes an add-on, you can send unlimited messages.
  • If you’re part of a team, you can invite extra team members to your Goldie calendar for just an additional $10 per person.
  • Goldie is designed with busy salon professionals in mind, offering a user-friendly mobile experience. With Goldie’s mobile-first approach, you can add a widget to your home screen, allowing you to quickly check your schedule and perform actions like processing payments, adding notes, or sending reminders without opening the app. It’s a simple and convenient way to manage your salon tasks on the go. 
  • Both Goldie and Mangomint offer a web version that can help you work more efficiently. Accessing them on a laptop or desktop makes it an excellent option for salon professionals who prefer working on larger screens. This is especially beneficial in salon environments with a reception desk, where managing appointments and overseeing salon operations seamlessly on a desktop or laptop can enhance efficiency and workflow.

Start with Goldie today

Goldie: booking app for salons

Starting your journey with Goldie is free, incredibly easy, and no card is required when creating your account. To begin, simply visit the Goldie website and click on the easily visible “Get started” button, or download the app directly. Follow the prompts to provide your email address and password and create your account effortlessly.

Once completed, you’ll step into Goldie’s intuitive interface, ready to personalize settings and explore the features designed to make salon management more manageable. With Goldie, getting started is an easy and enjoyable experience, ensuring you’re well-prepared to try its powerful tools for the success of your business.


To wrap it up on a friendly note, Goldie not only stands out as the best Mangomint alternative but also excels in user-friendliness and is an affordable option for salon and wellness professionals. Its intuitive interface, coupled with international accessibility, ensures a smooth experience. 

Goldie’s commitment to user-friendliness shines through with its many advantages, like detailed reports and integrated payment processing to easily meet a variety of business needs. The affordability factor reinforces Goldie’s commitment to user satisfaction. Goldie stands as the top choice, combining ease of use with advanced features for a comprehensive and tailored management solution. If you’re looking for a friendly, feature-packed companion to manage your salon, Goldie’s got your back!

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