Empower your clients to easily manage their appointments 

Goldie app: appointment management link

We’re excited to announce a new feature that empowers your clients to manage their appointments! With Goldie’s new option, Appointment Management Links, your clients can directly handle actions with just a few taps.

What’s even better? They no longer need to reach out to you to reschedule or confirm; they can do it independently through the provided link. This option not only improves your client’s experience but also helps you reduce no-shows and save valuable time.

The appointment management link allows your clients to:

  • Confirm their appointment directly through the provided link, reducing the need for manual confirmation processes;
  • Pay a deposit or full payment: If applicable, clients can make payments for their appointments online using the integrated payment system;

Note: Read here what are the countries where the payments option is eligible.

  • Reschedule appointments according to their availability, minimizing scheduling conflicts;
  • Cancel in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Note: When a client takes action through the Appointment Management Link, you receive real-time notifications within the Goldie app. You’ll be promptly informed about any changes or updates made by clients, allowing you to stay informed and manage your schedule effectively.

How to send your clients the appointment management links?

To let your clients manage their appointments through the links, you will need to update your message templates in the Goldie app. Make sure that your instant confirmation messages or reminders include the Appointment Link dynamic field by going to Menu (☰) → Settings → Messages → Tap on the Instant confirmation.

Goldie appointment link dynamic field

The reschedule and cancelation timeframe can be set from Menu (☰) → Settings → Online Booking → Booking preferences → Cancelation timeframe.

Offer the possibility to quickly confirm via text message

Another useful option we’re launching is offering your clients the possibility to quickly confirm their appointment by answering with “YES” to your communications. After their reply, your appointment status will automatically change to confirmed. You’ll easily identify confirmed appointments in your calendar by the ✅ icon.

Confirmation icon Goldie app

Note: Please ensure your Reminder message template contains all the necessary information for your clients to confirm their appointments. For instance, you should include instructions such as, “Please reply with YES to confirm your appointment, or visit [Appointment Link] if you need to reschedule.”

Reminder with confirmation Goldie app

This clarity will empower your clients to take action effortlessly and enhance their overall experience.

Note: Message replies are available only in the following countries: US, Great Britain, Puerto Rico, Canada, Virgin Islands, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

We’re looking forward to know your opinion regarding these new options in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to update the Goldie app to the latest version from the App Store or Google Play

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