Valentine’s Day Infographic: What do Women Prefer

valentines day infographic

Valentine’s Day is a celebration appreciated by many couples around the world. Each year on February 14th, men and women spoil each other and celebrate love. So we thought you might love to see women’s preferences on this day and how they like to celebrate it in 2024. 

History brief before starting

Have you ever wondered why and since when people celebrate Valentine’s Day? The celebration gets its name from Saint Valentine, a Roman priest who was the patron saint of lovers. According to Britannica, ​​St. Valentine signed a letter “from your Valentine” to his jailer’s daughter, whom he healed from blindness. Another legend states that St. Valentine defied the emperor’s orders and secretly married couples to spare the husbands from war.

Valentine’s Day statistics

Statistics show that in the last two years, people changed the way they celebrate love in the context of the pandemic. If before they preferred to go out for dinner, now, most people say they will celebrate at home, in a more intimate ambiance. The annual survey released by NRF shows that people spent a total of almost $22 billion on Valentine’s Day last year. Just as we expected, men are the ones who buy more gifts for Valentine’s Day compared to women. The shelf found out that people aged between 24-45 years old spend the most on gifts, and the main locations where people wait for Cupid on February 14th are Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. 

Valentine’s Day Infographic 

The Goldie team made a survey on Instagram Story about how ladies working in the beauty industry celebrate Valentine’s Day. Based on the survey, we’ve created a Valentine’s Day infographic with some relevant information on what are women’s preferences on this special day and how do they celebrate it. Below you can find the results.

Valentine's Day infographic

Well, we can see that the ladies who answered our survey have a very cozy perspective when it comes to celebrating love. They preferred to stay at home, far from the crowded restaurants, enjoying a dinner for two, and the ideal gift being a sweet cake and jewelry. 

Even though they have a lot of appointments to attend, the major part of women made time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their beloved one. 

Surprisingly, compared to other celebrations, the number of appointments at the salons didn’t increase on February 14th. 

When it comes to discounts, the percentage is quite close. 44% of professionals prepared a special discount for ladies on this day, and 56% didn’t apply any beauty industry marketing tips. 

Well, with this infographic, ladies and gentlemen, you know exactly how to get prepared for Valentine’s Day next year. If you didn’t have enough inspiration or time to organize something in 2024, with this information, you can easily organize a cozy evening and buy the perfect gift for your partner.

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