7 Salon Reports That Will Help Your Business Grow

salon reports to grow your business

As a salon owner, you have to know every aspect that keeps your business going. 

This means you need to monitor the backbone of your business as well—the unseen but highly necessary aspects that make the difference between a messy management and a highly profitable one. The hidden part of your company can become transparent in a minute by analyzing different salon reports. 

For many salon owners, this can get tedious, and if there are other tasks they need to take care of, these salon reports can be placed to be handled last.

But the thing is, these reports are equally important as your salon marketing campaigns or the way you handle your appointment calendar, to say the least.

In order to know the status of your business and to be able to plan a growth strategy, you have to run and analyze different kinds of salon reports that precisely take the pulse of certain areas in your business.

I’m going to focus on a few salon reports you should consider generating and constantly checking to run your business successfully.

Tip: If you take deposits, payments and tips with Goldie, you can see your total business reports for a day, week, month, or year,

Let’s dive right in.

1. Revenue Reports 

Goldie app reports

Generating revenue reports means looking at the numbers to see how your business is doing. You can choose to analyze the sales for any day or a certain period of time by comparing it with previous times. 

By analyzing these reports, you get an idea about your busiest or slowest times of the week or month. Knowing this information will help you plan your staff, opening hours, and other scheduling details.

Having precise numbers rolled out in front of you assists you tremendously in making future decisions.

Goldie is here to help you run this kind of salon report, as well as others, as we’ll see next. By using this reporting feature, you can export monthly and yearly reports as PDF/CSV and make your accounting tasks easier. You can download the Goldie reports app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Services in High Demand Reports

Another kind of salon report you can run with Goldie is a breakdown of your revenue according to services. This one is extremely useful when you want to examine which are the most profitable services you provide in your salon.

3. Best Clients Reports

An essential salon report you should definitely run periodically is one that shows you how many existing customers you have, how many new ones, and which are your loyal clients. 

With Goldie, you can determine this aspect of your salon and even analyze it for a certain period of time.

Your top clients are one of the most valuable assets to your business. Based on this type of salon report, you can reward them accordingly. Imagine how good they’d feel to receive additional free treatments as a gift from you, only because they are your most loyal clients.

You can use one of these free salon loyalty cards and reward your clients accordingly.

4. Staff Reports


A salon report that shows your staff performance is a transparent way to see which employees are performing well and which ones are not.

Once you know this, you can praise and compensate your top-performing staff members accordingly and also have a meeting with those who are not doing so well and try to find solutions for this particular issue.

This type of salon staff report helps you see how much money you invest in your staff vs. how much your employees bring into your business.

Additionally, you can analyze what drives your staff and makes them productive at work.

5. Stock Reports


Retail is a great opportunity to increase sales in your salon, so besides the services your salon offers, it’s a good idea to recommend and sell products to your clients. 

A stock salon report is a fast way of discovering which products need to be reordered and those that are not selling that well. In this way, you’ll know not to order them again and avoid filling up the storage space with unnecessary products.

This kind of salon report could also point out how many retail products your employees are selling to your customers. If you consider they can do better, try to implement an incentive program to determine your staff to sell more.

6. Productivity & Appointments Reports 

You can run a salon report that shows you the productivity percentage of your staff in a given period of time. 

This report can give you insights about the number of appointments, showing which period of the year or month is busier. By looking into this, you can encourage your staff to move the appointments during quieter periods for the customers with a more flexible schedule.

7. Discount Reports


Whenever you feel like you should have earned more money in a week or month, running this kind of report will give you an overview of how many discounts you gave away. Then, you can decide if your salon can handle it in the future or not.

All you have to do is to write down every time you make a discount campaign or to find a tool that keeps track of it, and to analyze the report at the end of the month. 


Salon reports are an efficient way to fast audit specific areas of your business and see the places that need improvement.

By doing this regularly, you will keep track of everything that is happening in your salon, so the fixes that need to be done from time to time will be easier to handle.

If you wait too long to analyze the numbers, the results may not be that light to take care of.

And you, are you analyzing any of these salon reports periodically? Write down in the comments section below what reports are you using in your salon business.

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