How to Promote Your Beauty Business with Instagram Story

promote beauty business with insta story

Promoting your salon through Instagram stories can be a game-changer for attracting and engaging clients. Whether you specialize in hair, nails, skincare, or spa treatments, you can leverage this format to stand out in the competitive beauty landscape.

In this article, we’ll get into why this type of social media post is so effective and share with you eight creative story ideas for salons plus ready-to-use design templates that you can customize and publish in minutes.

What Are the Benefits of Using Instagram Stories?

If you’re not using Instagram stories to promote your salon business, you’re missing out. Here’s why you should:

You can reach a wide pool of potential clients

Unlike grid posts, which rely on the algorithm to appear in your followers’ feeds, stories are easily accessible at the top of the Instagram app and your profile, and can be seen by your followers and profile visitors alike.

According to Hootsuite, 500 million people tune into Instagram stories daily. That’s a lot of potential salon clients right there. 

You can easily engage your Instagram followers

Instagram stories allow you to use multiple interactive features such as polls, questions, and quizzes to engage with your following. These can make your salon Instagram story ideas more fun and help you build connections. 

Not only that, but you can also gain insights into potential clients’ preferences and interests. For example, you can post a story with a poll asking your followers to choose between different services, then tailor your offering to meet their needs better.

You can show a more authentic side of your business

Stories are designed for informal and real-time sharing, so they allow you to get more personal and have a less polished approach than with grid posts, for instance. There’s no pressure to make everything perfect since they disappear after 24 hours.

Don’t be afraid to show the real, raw side of your business as it can make you more relatable and trustworthy. 

You can promote your salon for free

Stories are a cost-effective way to grow your business because they are free to use. Sure, you can choose to run ads on Instagram stories if you want to, but you don’t have to invest a single cent to see results.

This format is a great option for salons just starting out, as they can build a presence and connect with clients without a significant marketing budget. However, established salons can also take advantage of stories to keep their existing clients engaged and bring new ones through the doors.

You don’t have to invest a lot of time

Stories are usually as easy to do as they’re to consume. You can snap a quick photo or record a short video and post it in-between appointments as it is, without any edits. 

Even when you want your salon Instagram story ideas to be more visually apealling, you can achieve that with a premade template that you can quickly customize to suit your needs.

8 Effective Instagram Story Ideas for Salons

Now that you understand how being active on Instagram stories can help you grow your beauty business, you might be on the lookout for post inspiration. Look no further, because we prepared several story ideas for salons that you can use to promote your business. Plus, free-to-use templates to make it super easy.

1. Provide instructions on how to book

If there’s one must-do item on this list of Instagram story ideas for salons, it’s definitely this one. Make sure to share a clear outline of your online booking process with your followers, going through all the required steps, so potential clients know how to set appointments. 

Even though booking is fairly intuitive, not all clients are equally tech-savvy. Providing clear instructions ensures that everyone, regardless of their comfort level with technology, can easily set up an appointment.

How to book an appointment: story template

Download this template

Pro tip: 

  • Use short and straightforward sentences as well as action verbs to make the booking instructions easy to follow. Additionally, add a sticker containing your booking link.

2. Post your monthly availability

Some months your schedule is fully booked, but other times there are still openings. When that happens, a simple Instagram story can help you fill in the gaps.

If you’re using Goldie to manage appointment scheduling, simply choose the monthly view to see your availability for the upcoming month and add it to the template below. Remember to add a link to your booking page so clients can immediately schedule appointments.

Monthly availability story templates

Download this template

Pro tip:

  • Take this story idea for salons to the next level by creating a sense of urgency with calls-to-action like Secure Your Spot Before It’s Gone or Last Chance to Book for This Month. You can also include story GIF stickers containing call to action to tap, and link stickers containing your booking website.

3. Post your weekly availability

There are people who might prefer planning their salon visits within a shorter time frame, so we suggest posting your weekly vacant spots on Instagram stories too.

This salon Instagram story idea will allow you to make adjustments based on changes in staff schedules, client cancellations, and other factors, providing more accurate scheduling information.

Open slots Instagram story templates

Download this template

Pro tip:

  • Same as with monthly availability, highlighting urgency is more likely to make people take immediate action and secure a spot.

4. Announce last-minute cancellations

It can be frustrating when one of your clients cancels their appointment, but it happens quite a lot in the beauty industry, even when you require deposits for bookings.

One way to handle last minute cancellations is by posting the available spots on your Instagram story. Sharing real-time updates on availability will help you fill in the vacancies and avoid revenue loss or schedule disruption.

Last minute availability story template

Download this template

Pro tip: 

  • You can offer a small discount or bonus service as an incentive for clients who book last-minute slots.

5. Show off before and after photos

Nothing showcases your skills better than before and after photos. They’re bound to make an impression on potential clients, especially when they capture dramatic transformations like elaborate hair color jobs or intricate nail designs. 

Don’t shy away from asking clients for permission to take and share their photos. You’ll find that most of them will be more than happy to model for you.

If you’ve never taken before and after photos, we have an entire blog article dedicated to how to get professional-looking ones and nail this Instagram story idea for salons.

Before and after photo template

Download this template

Pro tip:

  • If you want to prevent others from using your photos without permission, you can add a subtle watermark with your salon’s logo or name.

6. Share client testimonials and reviews

Showcasing the positive experiences of your satisfied customers can easily build trust in your services. One of the best salon Instagram story ideas is to feature client testimonials from Google Reviews or Yelp as eye-catching text designs. You don’t need to be a gifted graphic designer—you can simply use the template below.

We also recommend you share stories from people who show off their hair color, cut, nails, or improved skin texture, gushing over your work. Potential clients are more likely to trust the opinions and experiences of other clients over content from the salon itself. 

Client review testimonial

Download this template

Pro tip:

  • Highlight key information like the client’s name (with their permission) and the service they received. To add the review on Instagram Story, make a screenshot of the review, then open the story and add the photo with Story stickers.

7. Spotlight team members

You can also use Instagram stories to introduce your team and showcase their expertise. Revealing the faces behind the services will humanize your salon brand and help people make informed decisions about which stylist to book next time they pay you a visit. 

As a bonus, clients will be more comfortable and relaxed during the appointments because they already feel like they know the stylists, even if it’s just through social media.

Team photo instagram story template

Download this template

Pro tip:

  • Create dedicated story highlights on your salon’s Instagram profile for each team member, so they can be accessed anytime.

8. Present salon products and tools

Another Instagram story idea for salons is to show off the high-quality products and advanced tools you use. This will assure clients they’ll receive top-knotch services whenever they come by.

Go one step further and educate your followers about the benefits of the products you use. Sharing this knowledge will reinforce your expertise and might even drive purchases if you’re also selling these products in the salon.

Product promotion Instagram story

Download this template

Pro tip:

  • Tag the brands of the products and tools you share on Instagram stories. They might repost your content or want to collaborate with your salon.

Wrapping up

Making Instagram stories part of your salon’s social media strategy can enhance your online brand presence and attract clients. Through salon Instagram story ideas like before and after transformations, client testimonials, or booking instructions, you can showcase your salon’s expertise, build trust, and engage with your audience. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you feel inspired to start creating Instagram stories today and watch your salon thrive in the digital space. Feel free to share in the comments below which one of these story ideas for salons you want to put into practice.

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