8 Top Places To Run: Best Running Destinations In The World

Best places to run

There are countless great places to run around the world. Only a runner knows how awesome it is to run with a wonderful view by your side, how addictive it is to feel that adrenaline and how hard it is to quit.

Have you ever thought about going on a vacation especially for the best running routes? Going to the seaside is already a cliché . In our minds, running is the ultimate vacation activity, but in an athletes mind, “where to run” is one of the main questions while choosing a running destination.

In fact, the time you spend out for a run ends up being the best part of your trip, but very few people try it. When you choose to explore a new destination by running, you discover it more deeply and naturally than a usual tourist, that often chooses the “commercial” way of visiting.

Also, if you’re a personal trainer and you’re looking for unique PT marketing ideas, you can organize holiday trips with a few of your clients to provide them a unique running experience. This way, they’ll be even more interested in coming to gym sessions with you or refer you to a friend after such an amazing, energizing experience. By the way, if you’re interested in making more money in your industry, you can learn more about how to become a successful online personal trainer. It may help. 🙂

Without any other intro, here they are: the best places to run in the world.

1. Maui Half Marathon, Hawaii

Hawaii sounds like a relaxing tropical paradise, where you chill at the beach and eat all day long. In fact, there are lots of activities you can do. One of them, and a really adored one, is the Maui Half Marathon.

Going along the Hawaiian coast, seeing locals, smelling the ocean salt and enjoying a beautiful sunrise above the beach, that is impressive. Well, if you’re a sports enthusiast and don’t know how to fill your schedule in your vacation, training and participating in a half marathon in a tropical destination might be a great idea. Plus, you won’t have time to complain that you ate too much… 😉 Here’s a short video with some highlights from the maui Marathon. Enjoy! 🙂

2. Polar Night Half Marathon, Norway

This is maybe one of the best places to run in the world just because it’s unique. Why is it so unique? Just in case you didn’t know, in the Northern countries, the sun shines approximately 2 hours per day. It is always dark outside starting from the end of autumn until the beginning of spring.

There are many tourists that visit Norway just to see once in a lifetime the Aurora Borealis, that amazing, colorful night sky that you can only encounter in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The Polar Night Half Marathon starts in the mid-afternoon, and because of the lack of sun, you’ll race the whole trial in the dark. For those who love running during the cold season, that’s the perfect spot!

3. Peniche, Portugal

A peninsula that leads directly to the Atlantic, Peniche has something to offer to everyone: a beautiful view to the ocean for those who want to lay at the beach all day long, world-class waves which attract thousands of travellers every year, bars and restaurants for students and young wanderlusts, and, for sure, impressive running trials for those who wish to explore new scenery along the way.

If you choose to visit Peniche as a running destination, you can start your mission in the surf coastal town and run through various beach cliffs, exploring the beautiful coastal line. For approximately 8 kilometers, you can enjoy a pretty short, but intense experience in one of the best places to run in the world. As it is a smooth route and it also has an outdoor gym set along the trail, it’s the perfect spot for beginners in this field, or simply tourists who want to enjoy doing some sport in their pretty portuguese vacation.

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

Having new, beautiful running paths every year, Iceland is one of the most well-known running destinations around professional runners. According to Grapevine, the number of runners has grown significantly in the last few years, with over 70 running events being held in Reykjavík every year.

Iceland has a lot to offer, from the Gullfoss falls to the Olfusa River. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a fantastic view of the glaciers and mountains in the distance or the breathtaking wildlife, Reykjavik is the perfect destination. Remember: if you choose to go for Iceland on a running tour, the best time to hit it is between May and September. Last but not least, I leave you here some tips for trial running in Iceland: It’s a tricky destination, so it can also be tricky to go there unprepared. 🙂

5. Mont Blanc Tour, Alps

100 miles at 32,000 feet isn’t easy to think about, but for sure it is perhaps the most luxurious run you ever thought about.

The “Tour du Mont-Blanc” is THE BEST running destination in the world, and for good reason. Hiking and running over mountain trails from France, to Italy and Switzerland, this destination offers the most iconic view anywhere. Just in case you’re already planning to go on a unique adventure in the Alps, here’s a full guide and all you need to know about going there. Isn’t it that the Alps Mountains have something…très spécial?

6. North Cascades National Park, Washington

Located at 3 hours from Seattle, this 34 miles trail is a true fairytale: on your path, you encounter evergreen trees, a river valley, a view to the glaciated Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker, and colorful fields of wildflowers. Considered the “American Alps“, this mountainous park is just perfect for a running tour in your free time. 🙂

7. Albuquerque, New Mexico

This running trail is best done early in the morning, as the Bosque Trail is a paved path from where you can see the Sandia Mountains from over 10,000 feet. Whether you choose a flat run along the Rio Grande or a difficult mountain trial, this runner-friendly city is a running destination that will keep you busy year-round. The flat road allows runners of all levels to get into a chill rhythm while enjoying the beauty of nature, so pack now and go enjoy the New Mexico adventure.

8. Carpathian Mountains, Romania

The last option is just for the brave ones: what do you say about a 100km ultramarathon in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains? You may think that it is impossible, but trust me, if you’re well trained, it’s absolutely worth it.

Running through colorful wildflowers, listening to the distant sound of cowbells, and simply seeing the unique mountains that surround Transylvania, that’s all you can ask from nature on this planet.

Launched by fitness coach and ultra-runner Anne-Marie Lategan, the three-day 100K Ultrabug ultramarathon begins in the village of Bucovina, an authentic region famed for castles and monasteries. Owning mysterious forests and traditional villages, the Carpathian Mountains are the second-largest mountain range in Europe. That’s why I said you need to be brave to be there! Ultramarathons offer you an escape from modern life and the chance to explore wild places, so, believe me Romania is the best option for a full adventure.

The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham

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