Best Productivity Apps for Personal Trainers

best productivity apps for personal trainers

It’s not a secret that personal trainers have to work hard to be successful. Between training sessions with clients, fitness trainers have to keep track of their schedule, manage a business, and keep themselves up to date. Therefore, it can be difficult and expensive for fitness professionals to find someone to do everything. 

Luckily, mobile apps bring life easier for fitness professionals by automating or simplifying tasks, so trainers can focus more on helping their clients with a minimum cost.

In this blog post, you’ll learn what are the best productivity apps for personal trainers. These tools will help you gain more time in your job and also save money.

What is the best personal trainer app?

The best personal trainer app is the one that you need the most. Before installing an app, think about what’s your biggest need: you need inspiration for workouts? Then probably the best productivity app for you will be a training app. Are you a mess when it comes to scheduling your fitness sessions? Then you should think about installing an appointment scheduling app for personal trainers.

Keep in mind that the best app for you is the one that will resolve the biggest struggles in your business.

What apps do personal trainers use?

Generally, fitness trainers need to use an app for each task they have, like timer apps, training apps, scheduling apps, calories calculator apps, or accounting apps.

Below I’m going to share the best productivity apps for personal trainers from all the categories I’ve mentioned. You will find the most helpful apps for fitness trainers that will make you look more professional in front of your clients and will help you be more organized in your business.

1. Daily Burn


Daily Burn is an energetic, full-body group workout app for any difficulty level. It streams a live class each morning which can be reviewed during the day. 

This training app offers a wide variety of training, like pilates, high-intensity workout, yoga, functional training, etc. Besides the inspiration you can take from different trainers worldwide, the app has an online community for support. You can exchange opinions and discuss fitness-related things with the members.

Pricing: 30 days free trial, $14,95 per month

Install the Daily Burn App

2. Alexia Clark App


Alexia Clark, or the “queen” as she named herself, is a well-known fitness trainer and nutritionist based in the USA.  She’s put all her knowledge in the sports industry in her app, where you can find new and fun workout ideas every day, meal ideas, and recipes. In the Alexia Clark app, you can adapt the workouts you want, from 30 or 45 to 60 minutes per day. 

While it may seem like an app for clients and not for personal trainers, I think that using it and analyzing her training methods and her nutrition tips might help you develop your knowledge. Plus, you can see the weekly shopping list that she shares in the app and get inspired for the nutrition plans you create for clients. 

Pricing: $29,99 per month

Install the Alexia Clark App 

3. Goldie: Scheduling App

Goldie: appointment booking app

It sounds like a dream to have a fully booked schedule, but without the help of an app, it may be pretty hard to have it. I’m saying this because, as a fitness trainer, you will not have the time to take your agenda with you to the gym and answer the phone to book appointments during a workout session. 

For that, using an appointment scheduling app for personal trainers is the best solution out there. It can send automated text message reminders to your clients, so they will not forget about their appointments anymore. Plus, it allows you to take deposits, payments and tips from clients, directly in the app.

Plus, you can set up your online booking page and let customers book appointments online 24/7, without having to call you. Here’s a helpful article about how to create an online booking system for a small business.

Pricing: Free plan; offers in-app purchase

Install Goldie for iOS

Install Goldie for Android

4. SnapSeed


To gain clients in your fitness trainer business, you will have to create a portfolio with before and after photos to show your potential clients what transformation you could help them achieve. 

It is essential to capture good photos and use a photo editing app to remove imperfections, optimize the colors, and highlight the result. Anyway, while using a photo editing app for personal trainers, pay attention to keeping the photos real and natural, so you’ll not lose the trust people have in your abilities.

Pricing: Free

Install the Snapseed App

5. Financial Reports App


Goldie, the app that I’ve mentioned before, offers in the paid plan financial reports for your business. You can easily view how your business performed in a given period of time compared with previous times, or you can export monthly and yearly reports as PDF/CSV for accounting purposes.

It was never easier to find out what activity brings you the most money in terms of value and percentage or who are the clients that generate the most revenue for your business.

Pricing: Premium Plan (Reports feature included) $9,99 per month, Ultimate Plan (everything in Premium + fully automated reminders, sync across unlimited devices) $19,99 per month

You can compare all plans here

6. Google Drive


Google Drive is the best app for personal trainers when it comes to syncing documents and files across multiple devices. You can share your work (nutrition plans), collaborate in real-time, and upload pictures without worrying that they will be lost or deleted. This is the ideal choice for fitness professionals who need to manage fitness and gym documents.

7. Music Apps


Music is an excellent motivator for fitness trainers, as it’s been shown to boost performance during training sessions. 

Many fitness instructors rely on music to keep their classes energized. Music apps provide a huge variety of music that can be matched to the type of workout class you are teaching, whether cardio or fitness training. 

If you have ever tried to teach a fitness class without music, then you know how difficult it can be. It’s much easier when your participants have an upbeat song playing in the background as they work out!

Spotify is the most popular music app out there by far, so you can consider using either this one or another app: it’s up to you.

Pricing: 3 months free trial; $9,99 per month

Install the Spotify app 

8. Learning Apps


As a personal trainer, you need to be informed about the latest trends in fitness, know what exercises will work for different types of bodies, and recommend your clients the nutrition tips they need. This is why learning apps are so important.

Learning apps allow you to keep yourself updated on the latest trends and knowledge in the fitness industry.

So, if you’re looking for the best productivity app for personal trainers, an easy way to stay updated on the world of fitness is using reading apps, such as Audible, Google Play Books app, or Apple Books app.

Pricing: From $7,95 per month

Install the Audible App

9. Shopping Apps


You will always need new fitness equipment in your job. For that, you’d better have in your phone a shopping app like Amazon to make sure that it comes in handy to you to make a purchase when you need some new sports equipment. Amazon is a free app, and you have the advantage that most of the products are pretty cheap. 

Pricing: Free

Install the Amazon App

 10. Social Media


Social media is generally used to promote your business and attract new clients, but you can do even more as a fitness trainer. 

Now, more than ever, you can make money through social media. How? Really easy. You can use the Facebook app for creating a private group, where people have to pay a fee to become members. In that group, you can share nutrition tips, live training sessions, and many more. That’s what makes Facebook the best productivity app for personal trainers! You can read even more about how to become a successful online personal trainer in 2021

11. Fitbit App


With a Fitbit watch, you can track your clients’ progress, heartbeat, and intensity of your training easily. In addition, in the Fitbit mobile app, you will see the whole result of your client’s activity while he/she was using the watch.

This might seem unnecessary, but it is essential. For example, you might discover that some exercises work better than others for a certain client, so you can always adapt and improve their training to obtain the best results.

Pricing: From $118

Buy a Fitbit Tracker

12. Cycling/ Running Apps


Core activity apps like Strava or Adidas Running are the best if you want to keep track of your clients remotely. For example, you might do power workouts with your clients at the gym and recommend them to do the cardio exercises outside, running, or cycling. By creating an account on Strava (best for cycling) or Adidas (best for running), you can see the pace, the distance, and the total duration of your client’s cardio workout. 

Pricing for both apps: Free, offers in-app purchases.

Install the Adidas Running App

Install the Strava App

In conclusion…

Finding the best productivity apps for personal trainers is easy; you just have to pay attention to find the one with the best features and a reasonable price. If you know other helpful productivity apps for fitness trainers, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. 

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