Goldie vs GlossGenius: Best GlossGenius Alternative in 2024

Goldie app: Best Glossgenius alternative

Goldie and GlossGenius are two of the biggest names when it comes to booking apps, so knowing the pros and cons of both options is a must.

Choosing the right scheduling software for your small business directly impacts its success. Automating tasks with the help of technology has become more than just an option for salons; it’s a necessity. 

As an independent professional or small business owner, you should focus on simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly apps that allow you to launch, run, and grow your business from anywhere. 

First, let’s identify the key features every salon professional should use and why the Goldie app is a top GlossGenius alternative.

Goldie vs. GlossGenius: What is the difference?

Goldie, like Glossgeius, was built for small businesses or independent professionals (hairstylists, nail artists, fitness trainers, estheticians, counselors, etc.) to help them manage their daily salon tasks. While both apps share approximately the same objective, they have some differences that cater to various aspects of the beauty and wellness industry.

Goldie vs. GlossGenius

Ease of use

Goldie presents itself as being more user-friendly than GlossGenius, offering an intuitive experience that simplifies appointment scheduling, client management, and payment processing. It is tailored for professionals seeking essential management functionalities without overwhelming and complex options. However, Goldie doesn’t offer email marketing for clients, as this feature is typically relevant to larger salons. 


Regarding user feedback, GlossGenius has a 4.7 rating in the App Store and a 4.4 rating in the Google Play Store. In comparison, Goldie is a higher-rated app, standing out with a 4.9 star rating in App Store, and 4.6 in Google Play.

rating glossgenius goldie


In terms of pricing options, GlossGenius offers a free trial for 14 days, allowing professionals to experience its full suite of features before committing. After the 14-day free trial expires, you’ll not be able to use the app anymore unless you subscribe. On the other hand, Goldie follows a freemium model, ensuring that essential features are accessible to all users while also offering premium paid features. The cost of a paid subscription at GlossGenius can vary between $24 and $48 per month, while Goldie unlocks all the powerful features for $19.99.

It’s worth mentioning that Goldie is focusing primarily on service-based businesses and doesn’t intermediate product sales like GlossGenius.

Goldie and GlossGenius pricing options

Choosing between Goldie and GlossGenius depends on a professional’s preferences and business goals. Those seeking a more user-friendly and smooth experience might choose Goldie, while those looking for a complex solution for big salon businesses could find GlossGenius more appealing. Careful consideration of factors such as appointment scheduling, payment processing, and the importance of an easy-to-use online booking page will guide professionals in making an informed decision.

What makes Goldie a top alternative to GlossGenius?

User satisfaction

Goldie app reviews

Goldie is a top GlossGenius alternative for its outstanding reputation and user satisfaction. Goldie is one of the highest-rated scheduling apps on the market, with many positive reviews and testimonials. Its user-friendly interface and helpful features have contributed to its top rating, helping beauty professionals to meet their needs. Hence, Goldie’s user satisfaction positions it as a compelling choice for those seeking an intuitive and efficient scheduling and management solution.

Functionalities & interface

The main reason why users prefer Goldie over other apps is its user-friendly interface, which offers a great experience in the app for beauty and wellness professionals.

Here are some of the key features that make Goldie’s stand out:

  • Mobile-first approach

Goldie’s commitment to being mobile-first is reflected in the dedicated widget for iPhone users. This option lets you effortlessly manage your appointments and business tasks at a glance without even opening the app.

Scheduling app widget
  • Personalized appointment message templates

Goldie lets you personalize client communications by editing message templates and adding dynamic fields. This customization lets you maintain a consistent brand voice and establish a more personalized rapport with clients.

  • Payment Processing

Goldie simplifies your transactions by offering payment processing capabilities. For example, you can take deposits, tips, contactless payments, and point-of-sale (POS) transactions. This integration improves your client’s experience, promotes secure transactions, and helps you keep track of your income efficiently.

  • Reports

Goldie offers users insightful reports, like client reports and financial reports. They provide valuable data that allows you to make informed decisions, track your business performance, and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

  • Personalized online booking website

Goldie takes customization a step further by allowing users to create their personalized online booking website. It offers a convenient online booking process for clients and contributes to building a professional online presence for your salon business.

Goldie online booking website
  • Multiple device access

When it comes to platform accessibility, Goldie stands out by letting users take advantage of all its features across multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This approach ensures that professionals can manage any business operations from wherever they are without any limitations. 

On the other hand, GlossGenius offers a more restricted experience, allowing users only to access their calendars and manage appointments.

scheduling app web version
  • Multilanguage

As people at Goldie love diversity, the website, the knowledge base, and the app are available in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Romanian. This fact reflects Goldie’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that professionals from various countries can easily navigate and use the app in their native language. In contrast, at the moment, the GlossGenius app is only available in English.

The combination of these features highlights Goldie’s commitment to providing users with all the tools they need to launch, run, and grow their business.

User review

Goldie user review

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Convenient price

Goldie has a free version that allows you to manage a limited number of appointments and offers advanced client management features, the ability to create your online booking website, and manually send reminders to your clients. What sets Goldie apart is its commitment to affordability while still delivering valuable features. 

If you decide to upgrade to the Pro plan ($19.99/month) or the Pro Plus plan ($39.99), you’ll gain access to powerful features that can significantly contribute to the growth of your business. This upgrade includes fast payment processing, financial reports, personalized message templates for efficient communication, staff management, and others.

Goldie’s pricing structure makes it a lower-priced option than many other apps in the market, ensuring that small businesses and independent professionals can access essential tools without any struggles.

Discover in the video below how to get started with Goldie:


To offer exceptional customer experiences and remain competitive in a digitally-driven market, you must analyze what software meets your needs best. With so many booking apps on the market and many promising features, you need to establish which of them you need for your business type. 

Goldie’s user-friendly interface, tailored features, and commitment to providing both mobile and web views make it an efficient option for running your operations. The ability to personalize appointment message templates, process payments with ease, generate detailed reports, and its accessible pricing options sets Goldie apart as an ideal GlossGenius alternative that meets the diverse needs of the industry.

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