8 Best Eyelash Extension Styles for You

Lash artist applying lashes at the salon

Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years to enhance the natural beauty of a person’s eyes. No longer do women have to rely on mascara or false lashes to create a fuller, more voluminous look. With many eyelash extension styles, one can achieve a flawless and effortless look that can last for several weeks. 

According to statistics, the beauty industry has been growing in recent years and responded by offering a wide range of eyelash extension styles to meet customers’ needs and preferences. From classic extensions to volume lashes, there is a style for every face shape, eye shape, and personal taste. 

Whether you want a subtle enhancement or a bold and dramatic look, eyelash extensions can be an attractive solution that can save you time and effort in your daily beauty routine.

What types of eyelash extensions can you find?

There are several different styles of eyelash extensions to choose from, each offering a unique look that can complement your style and desired level of glamour. The four main types of lash extensions are classic, hybrid, volume, and wavy. 

Classic eyelash extensions

This type of eyelash extension is applied in a one-to-one ratio with the natural lash. Classic eyelashes are the most traditional and well-liked type because they look natural, don’t weigh the eye down, and won’t harm your natural lashes. So how do you apply lash extensions? In contrast to strip cluster lashes, one extension is dipped into the adhesive and applied to one of your natural lashes.

Volume lashes

Because a Russian lash technician created them, volume lash extensions are also known as Russian lashes or Russian volume lash extensions. They are a brand-new treatment that has blown up all over the world. Russian lashes are eyelash extensions that create thick, dense volume lashes by applying small fans of two to six lashes to one of your natural lashes. These lashes give the eyes a more dramatic appearance because they are lighter and finer than traditional lashes.

Hybrid lashes

The hybrid lashes are frequently requested because they are customizable and appear more natural than volume lashes. For a customized, more natural appearance, hybrid lash extensions combine Russian volume lashes and classic lashes. These are utilized to enhance fullness and density to provide sparse lashes with length and volume. The outcome? Wispy, textured lash extensions look more natural-looking than the Russian volume look.

Wavy lashes

Wavy lashes are the hottest look because they look so natural and fluffy. They are ideal for girls who like their eyelashes to stand out and have a dramatic makeup look. There are several different ways to get wavy lashes. The best long-term results can be obtained with eyelash extensions, which outperform getting a strip of wispy lashes, which are temporary solutions. Wavy eyelash extensions combine closed fans of various lengths and curls with individual lashes or extensions. That way, your lashes will be feathery and have noticeable spikes.

What are the best eyelash extension styles out there?

There are many different eyelash extension styles to choose from, each providing a unique look and level of enhancement. As a professional lash artist, you must know everything about lash lengths, styles, and colors when clients book an appointment with you. 

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Cat eye eyelash extensions

Cat eyelash extensions are a popular enhancement that can give you the flirty, feline look you’ve been dreaming of. Cat eye extensions are created by applying longer, thicker lashes at the outer corners of the eyes and gradually tapering the length of the lashes as they move inward. This creates a dramatic, wing-like effect that mimics the shape of a cat’s eye. One of the great things about cat eye eyelash extensions is their versatility. They can be customized to suit your taste, whether you prefer a subtle, natural look or a more dramatic, head-turning style. With their distinctive, upward-flaring shape, cat eyelashes are the perfect way to add a touch of glamour and sexiness to your appearance.

Reverse cat eyelash extensions

Although not quite as extreme, reverse cat eyelash extensions are nearly the complete opposite of a cat eye. They then become medium and slightly short at the lash of the outer corner after being longer just past the inner corner. The inner corner of the eye still has the shortest lashes. It is essential to visit a highly skilled lash stylist who is proficient at blending and tapering the lengths of the extensions. Although it isn’t common, it can look good on specific eye shapes. Otherwise, it might appear odd rather than attractive.

Squirrel style

An original take on cat eyelash extensions is squirrel-style lash extensions. They give the impression that the eyes are very upturned. The lashes are longest in the second-to-last quadrant, just above the outer half of the iris, if the lash line is divided into four parts. Then, the lashes gradually become shorter on each side, with the inner corner having the shortest dimensions. It’s a glamorous look that also lifts and opens the eyes.

Colored eyelash extensions

Colored eyelash extensions are a new and innovative way to add color and personality to your lashes. The trend of colored eyelashes has been overgrowing and has become a popular way to enhance your beauty routine. Colored eyelash extensions are a fun and easy way to add a pop of color to your eyes, making them look perfect for a special occasion or just a daily splash of personality. There are various colored eyelash extensions available on the market, ranging from subtle shades like blue, green, and pink to bold hues like purple, red, and yellow. The extensions are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, creating a natural and flattering look. Colored eyelash extensions are applied by a technician who carefully places each lash on your natural lashes. The process is quick and painless, taking only a few hours to complete. 

How to choose the right eyelash extension style for your face shape?

The connection between face shape and eyelash extensions is a topic of growing interest in the beauty industry. How we apply eyelash extensions can significantly enhance or detract from the natural beauty of an individual’s face shape. Understanding the connection between these two elements is critical to creating a flattering and natural look. First, it’s essential to understand the different face shapes. The most common face shapes include oval, round, square, heart, and diamond. Each of these shapes has unique features, such as the width of the cheekbones, the length of the face, and the angle of the jawline. By identifying your face shape, you can determine which eyelash extension style best complements your features.

Square faces are characterized by a strong jawline and a broad forehead, so eyelash extensions should be longer at the outer corners to soften the angles of the face. For those with an oval face shape, eyelash extensions should be kept long and full to create balance and harmony. On the other hand, those with a round face shape should opt for longer extensions on the outer corners to give the illusion of a more elongated face. 

Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and a narrow chin, and eyelash extensions should be longer in the center to add fullness to the cheekbones and balance the face. Diamond-shaped faces have cheekbones, the widest part of the face, and a narrow forehead and chin. Extensions should be longer at the outer corners to complement this unique face shape to draw attention to the eyes.

Final thoughts

Eyelashes come in different types and styles to suit the individual preferences of different people. The type and style of eyelash extensions you choose will depend on your personal preferences, the shape of your eyes, face, and the desired outcome. Additionally, there are different curl patterns and lengths to choose from, which can create a customized look that complements the individual’s natural lashes and face shape. 

Regardless of your choice, eyelash extensions can add length, volume, and curl to natural lashes, giving you a beautiful and polished look. With so many options available, working with a professional lash artist is essential to determine the best type and style of eyelash extension for you.

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