How to Increase Nail Salon Online Bookings with Instagram Stories Links

increase online bookings with instagram link sticker

Instagram story links have been just a dream for nail salon owners since recently. So with the last big update, Instagram launched the link stickers without any restrictions. Before, only accounts with +10k followers or verified accounts could use swipe-up links, and now, Instagram has eliminated this rule, and it is available for all accounts.

This is probably one of the best news for everyone who wants to promote their nail salon business online without any cost. But do you know how to create a story with a link for your business? Or what are the advantages of doing it?

Below, you will find out why you need to start creating Instagram stories linking to your nail salon website or online booking page and how to do it to increase online bookings.

The advantages of link stickers in your Instagram stories

When you create stories for your nail salon business page, type a call to action for your clients and potential clients and attach a link sticker to your online booking page. This way, you will get the chance to take advantage of some promotional benefits for your nail salon business without investing money.

With around 500 million people watching them every day, you can reach your followers and clients even more with Stories instead of just posting to your feed.

Some of the main advantages of using link stickers in Instagram stories are:

  • Increasing the visibility of your business;
  • Attracting new clients to your salon effortlessly;
  • Increasing the number of visits to your website;
  • Keeping your calendar fully booked via your online booking page;
  • Increasing page engagement.

How to attach an Instagram link sticker to your story?

First, create the Instagram story you want to share. All you have to do is choose the right image and to write a call to action so that you encourage your followers to click on the link and book an appointment with you as soon as possible.


Tip: You can create a tone of urgency in your call to action, something like “hurry up, the time slots fill fast” or “just a few time slots still available.” This way, ladies will be even more convinced that they need a nail appointment immediately.

After you’ve created your story, tap on the media icon and select the link sticker, paste your online booking link there, and you’re all set. 


The last step is to publish your Instagram story and to wait for the appointment requests.


How to increase your nail salon online bookings?


First of all, you have to use a modern appointment scheduling system. If you still use pen and paper for your bookings, it’s time to switch to an appointment scheduling app for nail salons. 

For example, Goldie is a nail salon booking app easy to use, and it has the online booking feature included in its free plan. So you don’t have to worry about needing much money for a profitable business.

Goldie online booking page for nail salon

You can install the app from the App Store or Google Play, set up your services, working hours, message notifications, and personalize your online booking link. It was never easier to manage your daily nail salon schedule than now!

If you want to read more about how to use the Goldie online booking system, here’s an article for you.

Also, if you work in a nail salon with more employees, you can upgrade and use the Goldie team management software. You will be able to keep all your salon’s appointments in one place, manage all your team’s appointments, take deposits and payments online, and many more. Plus, when accessing your salon’s online booking link, clients will be able to choose which nail artist they want an appointment with.


“As a busy nail tech and nail instructor, I can’t afford last-minute cancellations or forgotten appointments. With Goldie, I have zero missed appointments. It syncs with my Google calendar and contacts, so I didn’t have to enter anything manually! This has made my life so much easier!”Rose Resendez-Soria – Nail Tech & Instructor

Don’t forget about nail salon marketing


Besides having a fast and easy scheduling system and an online booking page, you have to ensure that it is visible everywhere and that people can easily find you. The best way to do so is to implement an effective marketing strategy for your nail salon. You can read more about the best nail salon marketing ideas to help you grow your business both online and offline.

Besides the link stickers with your online booking page, you can insert your appointments link in your Instagram BIO description and even in your posts captions. 

Last but not least…


A great idea to increase engagement and visibility online is to encourage clients to tag you in their stories or add your online booking link in their Instagram stories. You can reward them for their generosity by promoting your business with some discounts or freebies. 

In the end, word of mouth is what works best for nail artists, and your client’s beautiful hands are the ones who speak for you. So, get ready to propose to your ladies to promote your booking link on their stories, and prepare some hard to resist discounts for them. Happy scheduling, ladies! 🙂

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