11 Express Hair Salon Services To Do For Higher Profits

Hairstylist offering express hair salon services

Sometimes people want to have their hair looking gorgeous without spending too much time or money on salon services. This means that all they could need is a blow-dry, an up-do, or some other under 30-min work from your part. 

These are express services, and they became popular among hair salon owners as they are profitable, pain-free, and maybe even a schedule filler. 

There are times when you have to work a lot on hair coloring, for example, which also implies a lot of waiting. This can turn into a profitable situation by scheduling express services meanwhile.

Moreover, these hair salon services are a great way of increasing the spending of your existing clients and bringing new clients that require just these express services.

Therefore, you can use them separately or as an add-on to a more complex appointment. 

So, if this seems like something you want to include in your day-to-day work, we have put together a list of hair salon services you can do right away.

11 Express Services for Your Hair Salon

Let’s see those services that take little of your time and offer instant joy to your clients. 

Make sure you include a short description for each of those you want to have on your website. Then, you can optimize your website and its content with a bit of SEO for hair salons to make them more visible to your potential clients.

1. The Money Piece

face framing highlights

The Money Piece or the face-framing highlights has a highly suggestive name as you can make money with minimum effort, and your client will look amazing and glamorous after.

This is also one of the most requested color services at the moment because it instantly changes the client’s hairstyle, brightening their face. It’s also a hairstyle that looks fresh for a long time, requiring little maintenance.

2. The fringe

hair salon fringe

Change anyone’s look in just a few minutes with a fringe. 

This service can include a complete makeover with a newly-cut fringe, trimming the existing one, or cutting some face-framing layers. 

3. Stylish blow-dry

express salon service blow dry

Yes, good old styling can be just an express blow-dry service, and your client is good for the day without breaking the bank.

You can add a regular blow-dry to your services list or go one step further and make it a luxury blow-dry. Of course, you can also add a beverage to the equation while your client is getting pampered.

While styling their hair, you can offer a step-by-step process so that your client can try the salon-quality blow-dry at home.

4. Casual up-do

casual hair up-do

This hairstyle doesn’t have to mean weddings or proms. Of course, you can make those too, but you can include a casual up-do in your express hair salon services list as well.

Women can look stylish yet carefree with a daytime up-do, and you can make money quickly in just a few minutes.

You can use this service on its own or as an add-on at the end of a more complex appointment, like a haircut or hair dyeing. 

5. Hair & scalp treatments

scalp treatment

If you notice clients with flat hair or say they want to have more volume, you can recommend them volumizing products such as shampoos and conditioners while washing as an express add-on service.

But this lack of volume, or other issues such as dandruff, can point to a scalp problem. So help your clients by offering scalp treatments as a salon service.

The treatment can be just a simple hair wash while massaging the scalp to stimulate the cells. 

There could be other hair treatments you can include as express hair salon services, such as gloss treatments for dull hair due to heat damage or harsh hair products.

Even water can damage our hair and strip it of necessary nutrients. You can add a water protection treatment as a service add-on.

6. Hair color retouch

hair color retouch

This salon service add-on can include a demi-permanent color for blending gray hair with the hair’s natural color or a retouch for colored hair around the hairline and two to three inches at the part line.

Any of the two will take up to 30 minutes, and your client can feel their hair fresh again.

 7. Hair accessories

hair accessories

Hair can be and look fun in more than one way.

You can add a salon service that includes colorful or shiny hair accessories.

Whenever someone needs to look glam but doesn’t have enough time to book an appointment that would take an hour or so to style their hair, you can help them look glamorous with just a few hair accessories such as hair tinsels or mermaid hair extensions.

Your clients can look perfect for parties in just a few minutes, and you can cash in a few extra bucks with no effort.

8. Hair masks

hair mask express service

Hair masks are a very good option for those with damaged hair or simply for maintaining the healthy aspect of dyed hair. 

You can add hair masks as express hair salon service and do it separately or at the end of a hair coloring session. 

The thing is, it will take little effort on your part. While you leave the hair mask on, you can do another express service or tend to other matters in the salon. It’s a win-win situation.

9. Eco-friendly products

eco friendly hair salon product

There are many options when it comes to eco-friendly products, so it won’t be difficult to include them in your services if you haven’t already.

Now, if you wonder how you can turn this into an express hair salon service, you should know that the answer is simple. While you offer a hair mask treatment, you can let your client choose between the eco-friendly product and the regular one.

They will most probably go with the eco-friendly one.

So the express service lies in giving them a choice and making you a trustworthy salon owner that cares about the environment.

10. Online consultations

online hair consultation

Sometimes, your clients need your advice on something they want to try at home. Based on their history at your salon, you can offer them online consultations to say whether they should do it or not, which you can keep track of in a client management system. 

Moreover, suppose you’re thinking about maximizing your hair salon services. In that case, you should consider virtual consultations (which is an express service itself) before your clients come to the salon for more complex services so that when your clients arrive for their appointment, you can take care of them right away.

And don’t think you have to spend hours on the phone. A photo with the present state of the hair and the desired result is more than enough for you to prepare in advance.

11. Online products

online hair products

You can make the products you’re using at the salon available on your website, such as shampoos, conditioners, and other similar products that your clients can buy and safely use at home.

This can be done through drop shipping or affiliate programs.

By implementing this express hair salon service, you’re helping your clients benefit only from professional products and encouraging them to trust your salon even more while your profits increase.

Automation Services

While you can add all sorts of express hair salon services to take care of your clients’ hair, you can also go for automation services that apply before their appointments.

These are important to have as they will ease your job and make a seamless booking process for your clients.

  • Online Booking 

How often have you heard about people not wanting to call or being called, and they just prefer a text message?


The best express service you can give is online booking through your website, Facebook, or Instagram profile.

This will work for you and your clients alike because you remove friction altogether.

  • Reminders

Your client made the appointment, yes. But they can just as easily forget about it.

You can reduce missed appointments by automatically sending text reminders to your clients. These can be instant notifications when the appointment is booked, text reminders when the appointment is coming up, and follow-up messages.

This automation method will also help you and your staff focus on giving your undivided attention to your appointments and offer only high-quality services. Plus, Goldie lets you collect payments from clients via payment link or with the Tap to Pay feature, without a POS or any extra equipment required.

If you’re ready to use an appointment scheduling app like Goldie, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. It’s free! 🙂

Final Thoughts

Express hair salon services are an excellent way to increase profits while making your clients happy.

As you’ve seen, these services imply little effort, yet they are great opportunities to turn your customers into loyal clients.

What kind of express hair salon services are you using already? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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