16 Best Gift Ideas for Therapists and Counselors in 2023

personalized mug gift ideas for counselors

Gifting your therapist or counselor may not be such a common thing to do because they don’t want to cross the line of being professional and helpful to you as an objective person.

Showing appreciation towards them through a gift is not forbidden, but it may be frowned upon if you’re overdoing it.

Don’t worry. There are a few things you can offer to your therapist or counselor as a gift during or when you’re about to finish the sessions.

Annie Wright, LMFT, Psychotherapist, Founder of Evergreen Counseling, says that a general rule to follow when picking a gift for your therapist is to buy something less than the cost of a session.

So, here is a list of gifts for therapists or counselors that show your thoughtfulness and are also appropriate.

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16 Gift Ideas for Therapists and Counselors

1. Personalized Mug

This gift idea never gets old, and it’s appropriate for any occasion. See if you can remember something your therapist or counselor said they like during your sessions and use that to personalize the mug.

If not, here are some suggestions that will bring a smile to their face.

mug gift ideas for therapists

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2. Mug warmer

Therapists usually work long hours, so they need a lot of coffee or black tea, but sometimes they get caught up with work, and they forget to drink it. Help them keep their beverage warm with an electric mug warmer.

mug warmer gift idea for therapist

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3. Personalized tumbler

Like any human being, your therapist is sometimes in a hurry and can’t drink their coffee in front of the morning news.

So here is a gift idea for therapists and counselors: a tumbler so they can drink their coffee on the way to work.

personalized tumbler gift ideas for therapists

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4. Small decorations

On the list of great therapists’ gifts are small decorations. Choose something that goes well in their office, and if possible, something representative of their niche.

Here is an example of a symbolical gift for counselors or therapists: a healing hand, or a tissues box like the one below. 


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5. A book from their niche

One of the best ways to show appreciation towards anyone is through a book. This is also an appropriate gift for your therapist or counselor, and if the book is from their field of expertise, even better.

A suggestion would be to choose something written by Irvin Yalom, like The Gift of Therapy.

book gift idea for therapists

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Or a book written by Carol Dweck, like Mindset.

book gift idea for therapist

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6. White noise machine

A white noise machine is one of the best gifts for therapists, as it will bring a soothing atmosphere to their office, blocking and deactivating the outside noise.

This will create a feeling of calm, safe space, helping the patients open up.

gadget gift ideas for therapists

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7. Small office plant

Another simple yet great gift for counselors is an office plant. So, if you’re planning to buy them a plant, choose a small one, easy to care for.

One example is the Peperomia Obtusfolia, which needs to be watered only once every one to two weeks and can undergo low light.

plant gift ideas for therapists

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8. Plant terrarium

On the list for extremely thoughtful gifts for therapists or counselors is the plant terrarium. You can find tiny ones that they can place on their desk or bookshelves.

plant terrarium gift ideas for therapists

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9. Bookends

There are many different bookend designs, and you know best which one will fit their office’s overall decorum. No matter what design you’re going for, this is one of the best gifts for counselors or therapists, as they surely have lots of books and keep buying more.


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10. Diffuser

If they don’t have one already, a diffuser is an excellent gift for your therapist. This will help them use essential oils and bring a certain vibe to their office. It can be for purifying the air or creating a calm atmosphere.

diffuser gift ideas for therapists

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11. Aromatherapy candle

You probably offered or even received an aromatherapy candle before. It’s a great idea for a thank you gift for your therapist. They need relaxing, too, and this candle surely helps.

It‘s also fitted if you’re planning to buy a Christmas gift for your therapist or counselor.

gift candles for therapist

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12. Light therapy lamp

Therapists or counselors usually take notes during sessions. So, this gift will come in handy. Besides, it’s called a therapy lamp because it’s also useful during the winter months when we can fall victims to the winter blues, caused by shorter days with unchanged working hours.

therapy lamp gift idea for therapists

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13. Fruit basket or sweets

Food is a universal gift that’s suitable for many occasions. So if you’re planning on buying a gift for your therapist, you can buy them something sweet from your local bakery, or even a fruit basket.

An even more thoughtful gift would be to bake the cookies yourself, especially if you love doing it.

chocolate cookies with chocolate chips

14. Tea assortment

Tea is appreciated since forever. It is a great way of helping your therapist relax and unwind at the end of their day, or why not, during the workday.

tea assortment gift ideas for therapists

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15. Thank you card

Most of the time, a simple thank you card goes a long way. Add your own words inside the card, and you’ll create one of the best gifts you can offer.

thank you card for therapists

16. Hourglass

An hourglass can give patients a visual representation of how much of the session time has passed.

Plus, it’s also a great piece of decoration, because it has that aura of professionalism from the old days.

hourglass gift idea for therapist

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Your therapist or counselor doesn’t expect you to buy them gifts, but if you’re planning to, a small gift will do the trick.

You know the old saying: it’s the thought that counts. So, the best therapists’ gifts are mostly symbolical, that say you’re appreciating the work they’re doing.

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