11 Best Gifts for Hairstylists in 2023. Hairdressers Gift Ideas

Gift for hairstylists

Looking for gifts for hairstylists? Get ready: gift season has arrived. Let’s be honest, there’s not one person in this world who doesn’t love to be surprised by a little gesture meant to show how much one means for another. When it comes to your favorite hairstylist, it is even more important. Why? Maybe because this person always takes care to make you look pretty, or maybe this is the person who’s there for you before every special moment in your life. Have you ever thought about that?

Well, be it birthday, salon anniversary, or seasonal holiday, there’s always an opportunity to treat your hairstylist with a little gift. Knowing what to buy for a hairdresser, however, can be tricky sometimes.

Tip: A great thing you can do for a hairdresser without actually buying something for him/her is a great solution for increasing productivity in his/her business.

For example, you can advise your hairdresser about some activities to do to feel more energized during the day (vitamins, a gym session, a spa where to enjoy a day off) or maybe to talk about some useful tools he/she could use to be more productive at work.

A great one could be Goldie, an easy-to-use scheduling app for hairdressers. With this app, stylists can send message reminders to clients, create their personal online booking page, and much more. It can be downloaded for free, directly from the App Store or Google Play. Isn’t it easy to make a little present for someone?

Here’s a list of the most unique gifts for hairstylists that will make their hearts melt. Plus, maybe you’ll find something for yourself too! 🙂

1. Hairstylist Personalized Tumbler

An engraved tumbler with tools of the hair trade and your hairstylist’s name can be the best gift for hairstylists. This is probably one of the most unique and useful objects you can offer to your favourite hairstylist for a special occasion. Why? Because they are always in a hurry and a little bit tired, making a coffee and then not having time to drink it. Well, a tumbler keeps it warm & tasty. 🙂

You can find it here

2. Hairstylist Apron

There’s no professional hairstylist without an apron, and what better way to make them wear it with more pleasure than by designing a funny one for them? Hairdressers need to protect their clothes from hair dye, water, sprays and so on. Therefore, one of the best gifts for hairstylists still remains a funny personalized hairdresser apron.

You can find it here

3. Magnetic Bobbie Pin Hair Clip Bracelet

This magnetic bracelet turns your wrist into your assistant. It features a metal face on a rubber wristband which easily attaches to the wrist with a slap. It also has an elastic bands holder, which comes with a plastic ring, just perfect for holding many silicone rubber bands. The super strong magnets embedded are ideal for holding hairpins, little screws, and other small tools.

You can find it here

4. Personalized Hoodie

Everybody wears hoodies. They are comfy and warm, and if they have a nice message on them, they are even more likely to become a cute Christmas gift for a hairdresser. You can buy a simple hoodie at a reasonable price, and then go to a print shop and put a funny message on it. For more inspiration about what to write on a hoodie, you can check out these hairdresser t-shirt ideas.

You can find it here

5. Salon Wall Clock

What better way to help your hairdresser keep track of her time than with a hair tools wall clock? It is a pretty and helpful decor item to put in her hair salon that can always remind her how important she is to her beloved clients like you. With a new clock, she’ll never accidentally leave the dye on too long or run over her appointment times.

You can find it here

6. Keychain Gift

A keyring is just a small detail meant to remind someone that you care. People tend to keep different keychains and accessories on their keyring, creating a whole story there. One may be from the last trip she enjoyed, one can be from her husband, and one can be from you, just to fulfill her key chain story: she’s a professional, a hairstylist, and someone really appreciates her work. Isn’t it a pretty gift for hairstylists?

You can find it here

7. Decorating Prints

For your favorite hairstylist, nothing compares to a gift that keeps all her clients smiling. Some decorating prints holding funny messages may add personality to the salon. Considering that we spend a lot of time at the salon when we go there, it would help to have such visually and mentally engaging decorations. Here’s one of the best gifts for your hairstylist.

You can find it here

8. Hairstylist Inspiring Books

Spending some minutes a day reading a book improves people’s personal and professional lives. Well, hairstylists need to know that, because they are the ones who work the most with people and have to deal with different situations. If you’re looking for a gift for hairstylists, this might be a beneficial one: one of the best books for hair stylists and hair salon owners to read. You might get one for you too. 🙂

9. Bath Bomb Set

All hairstylists feel tired after a long day standing up working, but at the end of the day they need to relax. Well, what better way to recover after a long day than having a warm, scented bath? Bath bombs have become a real trend in the last year, therefore one of the best gifts for your hairstylist might be a bath bomb set. Don’t worry, she’ll hurry up arriving home just to try them!

You can find it here

10. Hairstylist Photo Album

Hairdressers are always trying to get the perfect pictures after having done a hairstyle. Before and after photos are still one of the best social media marketing strategies, as they show to potential customers the quality of the service a hairstylist provides. Well, if you want to help her inspire her stunning clients with a new hairstyle while waiting in the salon, a photo album where to put her work might be just the perfect gift.

You can find it here

11. Professional Brush Holder

This professional salon organizer will store scissors, clips, brushes, and accessories all in one neat box. It is the ideal gift for hairstylists, as the rubber box is suitable for any size of scissors. Well, you can be pretty sure that you can’t fail with such an acquisition if you want to surprise your hairdresser with a gift.

You can find it here

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