10 Best Apps For Hairstylists

best apps for hairstylists

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: as a hairstylist, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, you’ll always need a source of inspiration, a trick to make your photos look better, a way to spend your time more productively. 

Luckily, we’re here with a solution: use your phone smart. Your smartphone is full of apps, and sometimes you just scroll through them and get nowhere, right? But what if you put everything in order, delete the apps you don’t need, and install some new ones?

In this article, you’re going to find what are the best 10 apps for hairstylists. From scheduling apps to editing or shopping apps, everything’s here with some helpful information for you. Ready? 🙂

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the best editing apps for hairstylists out there. Why? Because it helps you achieve the high-quality result you need from a photo editing app. Plus, the Snapseed editing app is free. There’s no need to make any efforts while turning your hairstyle photos into professional looking ones.

The quality of your before and after photos is essential while creating your hairstyles  portfolio. Even though you choose to create a digital one on your website or a printed one for various events in your industry, you should seriously think about design. For example, your hairstyle photos should have the same filters applied and should be captured in proper lighting if you want to look professional while presenting it to others.

Sometimes, you capture a photo that doesn’t turn out the way you’ve expected. In those cases, only one of the best editing apps for hairstylists can help you transform your capture into an image just perfect to be put in your hairstyles portfolio.

Click here to download Snapseed for iOS

Click here to download Snapseed for Android

2. Goldie

Well, if editing apps help you reach a quality image, an appointment scheduling app will help you earn more money.

Every hairstylist in the world wishes for a fully scheduled calendar, but without a little help, it is tough to obtain. People sometimes forget about their appointments, and that means lost time and money for you. A great solution so far should be starting to use Goldie, a  hairstylist booking app. It sends automated text message reminders to your clients, so they will not forget about their appointments anymore. Also, Goldie lets you collect payments from clients via payment link or contactless with just your phone, without a POS or any extra equipment required.


A poll by MGMA shows that 9/10 (88%) professionals in every service industry use automated appointment reminders to reduce their no-show rate. Reminders can reduce no-show rates by 30–50%.

SMS appointment reminder Goldie app

Another useful feature you can benefit from in Goldie is the online booking system. It lets your customers book appointments online 24/7 on your free booking website, without having to call you anymore. Plus, you’ll gain even more clients by adding a Book now button to your Facebook or Instagram page. Here’s a helpful article about how to create an online booking system for a small business.

Hair salon online booking system

Click here to download Goldie for iOS

Click here to download Goldie for Android

3. Amazon

amazon shopping app

Hairstylists are addicted to buying all kinds of hair accessories. If you want to be always notified about the best deals and discounts on hair tools and accessories, a great idea should be to install a shopping app. Apps like Amazon or eBay are some of the best apps for hairstylists when buying accessible and useful products.

Click here to download Amazon for iOS

Click here to download Amazon for Android

4. Sephora

sephora app

At Sephora, it is not all about makeup and fragrances. They sell some of the best hair products and treatments on the market. Even though you want to buy something for yourself or to use the products at your hair salon, Sephora is a good hairstylist app to consider installing.

They have many promotions, and you can buy your favorite hair care products at a reasonable price directly from the app. It was never more comfortable to purchase your hair care products than now. 

Click here to download Sephora for iOS

Click here to download Sephora for Android

5. Audible

audiobook app

All real professionals invest time and money in their learning process. I’m not talking about joining a professional course, getting your diploma, and ending it there. Your hairstylist learning process is never ending because trends are changing, techniques are improving, and you must stay up to date. 

One of the apps for hairstylists that I recommend for learning is Audible. You can find more than 470.000 audiobooks in the app, and you have solid playback features, with chapter navigation, a sleep mode, and many more. 

Click here to download Audible for iOS

Click here to download Audible for Android

6. Instagram

instagram hairstylist profile

Social media marketing for hairstylists is essential if you want to grow your business. Besides the fact that promoting your hairdresser business is free, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide, with more than one billion monthly active users.

Well, the best app for hairstylists by far is Instagram. Using it regularly and by creating engagement with your customers, you can educate them, communicate with them essential information about your salon, and achieve new ones. I’m not going to let you a download link here; I bet you already use it. The single trick is how productively you use it. 🙂

7. Canva

business cards for hairstylist

To make your social media posts look attractive, you’ll have to use a design tool that’ll do the job for you. Canva is a design app that allows you to create all kinds of visuals, from flyers, posters, business cards to Instagram stories, posts, and more. 

Even with the free plan, you can access thousands of templates for your design and free copyright images. You don’t even need the talent to create some awesome designs for your small business. Just get this awesome design app and get ready to boost your hairstylist business. 🙂

Click here to download Canva for iOS

Click here to download Canva for Android

8. Youtube

youtube hairstylist vlogger

Last year turned out to be the year of Youtube. As it is the second largest search engine after Google, Youtube has more than 2 billion logged-in active users monthly.

Why do I include Youtube through the best hairstylist apps? Because lately, more and more professionals are promoting themselves on Youtube and earn some extra money from vlogs. You can create a Youtube account and start sharing precious hairstyle tips and ideas with people around the world. And here it is, an extra income source for you. 🙂

9. Pinterest

pinterest hairstylist inspiration

If you’re looking for all kinds of inspiration, Pinterest is by far the best app where to look for it. Once you start looking for hairstyles on Pinterest, you’ll get lost through thousands of hair style ideas, hair color ideas, and trends. It is all you need when you feel uninspired or just feel the need to explore something more. 🙂

Click here to download Pinterest for iOS

Click here to download Pinterest for Android

10. TikTok

tiktok hairstylist

Do you know that joke “Marked safe from going out of quarantine without a TikTok account?” Chances are you wish you’d have it because marketing has moved on TikTok. More and more brands are promoting themselves on this platform, and they have a huge success. The best part? TikTok links are everywhere, and they’re contagious! 🙂

Click here to download Tik Tok for iOS

Click here to download Tik Tok for Android

I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser.” – Joan Crawford.

Yes, you play an essential role in people’s lives. Women feel more beautiful and confident after they have their hair done, but for that, you have to provide them the best services. 

To achieve your BEST, you have to work with high-quality products, to have vast knowledge in your domain, and when you need a little helper, to use the best apps for hairstylists. 

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