20 Barber Shop Decor Ideas: How to Design your Barbershop

barber shop decor ideas

Do you own a barbershop? If so, your barbershop interior design is probably an essential aspect for you. 

You want your salon to be the perfect place for men so that they can feel comfortable while enjoying a haircut or a beard trim.

There are many essential aspects of creating a unique interior design in your barbershop, like maintaining harmony with colors, having a clean place, being organized, or having high-quality furniture.

In this blog post, I will share 20 ideas that can help you design the perfect barbershop. These are some of my favorite barber shop designs from around the world that might inspire you too.

Why do you need to invest in barbershop interior design?

While the real cost of running a barbershop can be high, investing in your interior design will bring you even more income in the long term.

Besides many other marketing ideas for barbers, your barber shop interior design can work as a powerful marketing tool. Just think about that: people use to publish photos on social media from every place they enjoy. 

By having an “instagrammable” interior design, clients will most likely take photos in your salon and publish them on social media. This way, your visibility will increase considerably, and they will spread the word about your services. This is the best way to make people feel so curious that they want to book an appointment immediately.

TIP: You can even create your hashtag and expose it on your barbershop’s wall. When your clients post a photo from your place with your hashtag together, you will have even more visibility online. You can read more about the reasons why Instagram hashtags are important

How do you design your barber shop?


1. Make sure you have a barbershop pole

You may think that the barbershop pole is old-fashioned, but in reality, it is still a must-have, no matter how modern your barbershop is. 

The little lightning pole with white, red, and blue stripes at the outside of your barbershop attracts people’s attention when they pass across the street, and it makes them notice your business without having to read anything. Well, that’s an excellent and inexpensive way to attract new visitors to your barbershop.

On the other hand, a lightning pole can be placed inside your barbershop, especially if you want to create a selfie corner for your clients. You can design a special place in your salon destined for taking before and after photos. To make it obvious that you are in a barbershop, you can decorate that place with a lightning pole.

2.Choose your brand’s color palette

Research shows that around 85% of consumers believe color is the biggest motivator when buying something. Also, 92% confirm that visual appearance is the most persuasive marketing factor overall.

With colors having a significant influence on your client’s experience, you must be careful what color palette you choose for your barbershop. The risk is to go for too boring or too overwhelming. Therefore, I’d recommend you maintain a balance, choosing combinations of colors like red-grey, black-white, brown-nude, etc. 

Canva has created an excellent branding guideline about how to choose the right brand colors. You’ll learn why brand colors are important and some color combination examples from popular brands that will inspire you.

3. Choose your style 

Choosing your barbershop style depends a lot on the age segment of your clients. For example, if you have a young clientele, aged between 18-35, you can go for a modern barbershop style, with lots of mirrors and natural light. On the other hand, if most of your clients are more than 35 years old, you can go for an old-fashioned, rustic, or vintage style.

Adapting your salon’s style to your niche is essential to create the best customer experience in your barbershop.

4. Make your waiting area comfortable

Your reception area is where clients spend most of their time in your barbershop before actually having the appointment with you. With this in mind, you have to create a welcoming space and atmosphere that they will enjoy. 

You don’t want your clients to get bored, so you’d better give them an activity while they have to wait (anyway, keep that waiting time as short as you can). 

While some barbers with a bigger space in their salon opted for a billiard table where clients can enjoy a game before or after the appointment, others simply created a mini library or a cinema room in their reception area. You just need some magazines, books, a TV and a nice interior design, and your clients will feel the pleasure of spending time in your barbershop.

5. Focus on branding 

Another important part when you design your barber shop is to focus on branding details. For example, you can go to a print shop and personalize some coffee mugs with your logo on them, as well as putting your logo on your brushes container and other objects in your barbershop. 

If you don’t have a logo yet, you can create one for free in Canva, an easy-to-use design tool. 

Clients will appreciate your efforts and your care for all the small details, and you will be rewarded for sure. 

Clients are more likely to pay for services and places where they see the investment and where they feel appreciated, and by focusing on brand details, they will notice your efforts for sure.

6. Get organized with your professional products.

No one wants to go to a messy place, doesn’t matter what they go there for. Men like to enjoy their time in the barbershop, and they want to feel comfortable, but a messy and unorganized place will never let them think so. 

You can have a look at these barbershop storage suppliers and think about reorganizing your place. Remember that rule number 1 when it comes to working in a clean and organized environment is to store as many objects as possible in drawers and avoid displaying them on the desk if it’s not necessary.

Barbershop Decor Ideas from Around the World

Sports Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source

Minimalistic Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source

Vintage Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source


Photo source

Luminous Barbershop Design Idea


Photo source

Wall Accessory Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source

Grey Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source

Bar Decoration Idea


Photo source

Classy Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source

Golden Lights Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source

Burgundy Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source

Small Barber Shop Interior Design


Photo source

Dark Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source


Photo source

Black Furniture Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source


Photo source

Bricks Barbershop Decor Idea


Photo source


Photo source

Billiard Table Barbershop Design Idea

Photo source


Photo source


Keep in mind that the way your barbershop looks and the atmosphere in that place has a huge influence on your client’s experience. Therefore, if you want to make your clients feel good, you must align your barbershop interior design to the top businesses in your industry.

We hope that the examples above will inspire you to create stunning barbershop decor. 
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