Social Media Marketing for Barbers – 7 Tips and Examples

Barber social media facebook profile

There are few businesses that can be considered more traditional than a barbershop that is still thriving today. And there’s a good reason for that: Regardless of how fast technology is evolving these days, one thing will still be applicable 30 years from now: computers cannot cut hair. Hence, the barbershop industry can never die, and these jobs should not be replaced in the near or far future.

However, while technology will not render obsolete the job itself, it is already replacing the way we market our barber services. And social media is one of the most important tools when it comes to barbershop marketing. Leaflets, pamphlets, inserts, and traditional ads may still do their job, but they will bring in older audience at best.

Nowadays, the new generations are on social media and as a consequence, this is the place to target and attract them to come to you. How? Well, let’s make a little effort and take a quick look at some of the best options for social media marketing for barbers.

1. Choose the warzone, your social media networks

Social media marketing is indeed a warzone. Hundreds or even thousands of companies and brands compete together for a small chunk of the most desired piece of the pie: the audience and, consequently, the consumers. The audience is always viewed as potential future customers.

Therefore, there are two things you need to consider before promoting your barbershop on social media: the audience and the social media platforms, or networks.

Social media networks

What are the best social media networks for a barbershop?

There are so many platforms out there and there is no way a person has enough time to be present on all of them. When it comes to barber social media marketing, the most popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. When deciding which platform to use, the most important question to answer is: where are your potential customers, your audience?

What social media networks do your customers use?

One may ask, “Shouldn’t a barber shop target everyone who has hair?”. Well, not exactly.

Between traditional and avant-garde barbershops, there are a lot of other types of businesses, each of them being focused on specific styles. I am talking about niche places that expect distinct individuals to open their doors and ask for their services. Hence, you will need to know who you target as a potential customer, and where you can find them.

Start by analyzing your competition.

My suggestion as a first step in this new journey is to search for related barbers and barbershops. Study the competition, see what works for them, how do they promote their barbershop on social media and how is the audience responding. See on what platforms they are most active. Are they on Facebook? Instagram? Both? What about Youtube?

After you’ve done your research, start anew on whichever platform you deem to be the most successful regarding what you want to achieve. Create your social media pages for your barber business, let people come in, study their behavior, and learn what type of content and posts they want from you.

Barber Facebook profile

2. Publish “before and after” photos

Now that you created your page or pages and personalized them with your information about your barber business, let’s start by doing the easiest and most impactful thing: posting before and after photos of your clients. It’s easy to do because all you need is a phone for photos and permission from your customers. And it’s impactful because it makes an impression right away.

A good social media strategy for barbers convinces people that you are the barber they’ve been looking for. Or, if they’re already customers, it reminds them how great your work is. While you can’t print a haircut for your customers to try on, you can give them a quick look at what you can do and the amazing haircuts you give.

Select some of your best works of art and take before and after photos. Publish these photos on social media and transform them into a series of successes.

Barber pictures before and afterSource: Fortuna Barber Shop Facebook Profile

It’s pointless to advocate your skills without showing off a little bit. Social media marketing for barbers is all about visuals. And people need visual proof before making style-related decisions, especially when it comes to their own bodies.

So show off your skills. Let people see what you can do for them and why they should choose your barbershop instead of your competitors.

3. Create and post “how-to” videos and articles

While getting new customers is very important for all barbers, creating a relationship with your existing ones is extremely important. Your barbershop social media marketing can make it very easy for you to connect and loyalize your existing clients. The easiest way to do it is by using “how-to” videos and articles. They should provide valuable information that will make their life easier.

Topics can range from beard care advice to tutorials on how they can style their own hair. Everything is welcomed, as long as it offers valuable information.

Imagine all the information you can share with your followers. Just like Trey from The Mailroom Barber Co shows people how easy it is to apply beard balm, you can teach your clients many useful things. The possibilities are endless!

Several years ago, YouTube was the mainstream video platform. Now, you can publish similar video content on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even TikTok with even better results, depending on your targeted audience.

What’s important here is that people react better to visual representations, and the science behind this is not even as complicated as you might imagine. Information is transmitted instantly through visuals, so people can understand it better and faster this way.

Post videos of your latest creations, which at the same time describes what you did and how you did it. It allows people to understand and learn about your process, to gain confidence in your skills, and at the same time, to familiarize themselves with what your work is all about.

You can mix video content with blog posts and get in touch with more people. Keep in mind, however, that blog posts that focus on your processes should describe them with as many visuals as possible. In the end, they show people what you do. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Don’t forget to share your blog articles on your social media pages as well.

Article post on barber blogSource: The Mailroom Barber Co – Blog

4. Create a “Book Now” button

Advertisements should always include a “call to action”. However, it doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to attract new customers. Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

There are two types of audiences you need to consider when thinking about social media:

  • A: People who search online for the specific services you are offering.
  • B: People who land on your social media pages/posts that may turn into paying customers.

Both these categories will eventually want to book your services for a first appointment. And, they might not be willing to search for a landing page, a website link, or a phone number. Don’t let them get bored and close the page because they can’t figure out how to book an appointment.

Facebook Barbershop Business Book Now

So what happens after they click the “Book Now” button?

If you use an app or software such as Goldie, you can allow people to book an appointment online. Simply put, it creates a web page where your customers can book appointments themselves, based on your schedule. This is how your online booking page could look like, this is what people would see after clicking “Book Now” on your Facebook or Instagram page.

Barbershop online boking system

Use your Goldie online booking page to make it as easy as possible for people to take that first step toward becoming regulars. Place a “Book Now” button on all your social media profiles and if you have a website, place a “Book Now” button there too. If you are afraid of possible no-shows from people booking online, you can take deposits or full payments directly from the app.

You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

5. Reviews on Social Media

Customer reviews and testimonials have been and always will be a very important part of barbershop social media marketing. While you cannot write reviews by yourself, you can encourage customers to leave a review on your social media pages.

And encourage 2-way communication with your audience. How? Always respond to their questions, even when they are not of a positive nature. Respond to their concerns or critiques as well. Let them share their opinions and thoughts about your shop. If your customers are happy with your barber services, they will gladly leave a review.

Reviews on barbershop facebook profile

Don’t forget to respond with a comment to these reviews and show customers that you appreciate them. If the reviews are negative, try to reach a resolution. Find ways to defuse the problems and learn from past mistakes. The more you encourage dialogue, openness, and honesty, the more people will engage with you and your page and write honest reviews that will attract more and more customers.

6. Facebook & Instagram Live

Live sessions can also give you an edge when promoting yourself as a barber on social media. People are used to consuming video content, and they expect live sessions from the brands and influencers they follow. Live sessions can help you convey a message, show your followers what you do, and at the same time, keep them interested by showing off.

Don’t overthink it. It’s OK to show off. You are already involved in an industry that is all about showing off. Talk with friends or regulars and convince them to help you once in a while, especially when you are working on unique looks.

7. Giveaways and contests

Social media is a fertile ground for freebies. Many people are stalking them, and you might think that they may be a dead end. Not so.

Use social media to create and advertise giveaways and contests, with prizes from your barbershop. You can use to pick a winner in your giveaways. It’s a completely free tool.

There may be some people who will only get there to win something. That’s OK. If they win, they’ll get to know you, experience your services, spread the word to their friends, and leave positive feedback.

It’s all about “give and take.” Give something to your audience, win a lot more from their joy and happiness.

Facebook barbershop giveaway / contest
Source: Eastown Barbershop Facebook Profile


Social media marketing for barbers is and will be one of the best and most inexpensive ways to attract new customers. It also creates a relationship with your current ones. It can even help you improve your barber services based on their inputs and turn mistakes into success stories.

Now that you have some ideas in mind about how barbershop social media marketing can help you to promote yourself as a barber, start by designing a basic social media plan, and move forward towards online success.

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