Calendar syncing

Easily keep track of all your personal and professional appointments

View your entire schedule in one place

Easily connect Goldie with any other calendars you use, so that you can manage every day, week, and month with a single tool. Connecting other calendars is as simple as just a few taps.

Prevent scheduling conflicts

Ensure clients never schedule an appointment that overlaps with your personal events or time off. Goldie automatically syncs with events from your other calendars.

Stay organized from anywhere

With Goldie’s app, you can access your calendar from any device to make sure you’re always up to date with all of your commitments. No matter where you are, Goldie’s got your back.

A better scheduling app, as rated by other independent professionals







Reduces stress.
The app has helped me stay on top of my schedule by linking to my Google calendar. It has made my professional and personal life much less stressful. Thank you!
James Wright
User friendly.
I’ve been using Goldie for a year now, and my last-minute cancellations dropped by about 30%. It is very easy to set up, integrated with my calendar, and user friendly. I love it!
Jennifer Fidder
Saves me time.
I have found Goldie to be a really valuable tool. I love that it syncs with my Google Calendar. It has saved me time and hassle and is really easy to use. Thanks for creating such an efficient app!
Susanna Walker

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Schedule appointments and control your calendar using our powerful platform
Reduce no-shows by sending appointment confirmation, reminder, and follow-up messages
Enable your customers to easily book appointments based on your schedule
Take deposits at booking and offer a seamless checkout experience
Manage your list of service offerings and prices to keep your customers up to date
Stay organized and communicate with all your clients in one place
Grow your business by sending mass messages like promotions and rebooking reminders
Review your business performance to simplify taxes and identify new ways to grow

with ease

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