10 Skincare Trends in 2024. Best Beauty Treatments This Year

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Professionals in the skincare industry had excellent instincts in the latest years, and its spectacular growth is the best proof we have. No matter the age, sex, or lifestyle, there’s a treatment or a cream specially formulated for your skin type. Every single person in the world can benefit from investing in a high-quality skincare product. 

According to Statista, the global skincare market is projected to increase from 134.5 billion dollars in 2018 to over 180 billion by 2024.

Many brands started to invest in their marketing strategy and hired influencers to talk about their products or skincare tools or accessories. For example, brands like Guinot, Savor Beauty, La Prairie, Babor, or Foreo are everywhere on social media, with many influencers using and recommending them. Plus, this year, you will see a more minimalistic trend when it comes to skincare routines, with fewer products to use compared to the last years. So, if you want some of the best skincare trends and beauty treatments in 2024, find below what’s best for you this year.

Why are skincare treatments a must nowadays?

Every year, the environment changes. Climate is changing, our lifestyle is more aggressive, the pollution level has increased, food is processed, and so on. It has become obvious that all these factors are affecting our mind and body. 

Many controversial case studies have tried to prove the link between lifestyle and skincare problems (especially for acne). From the food we eat to the level of stress we have at work, everything can contribute to some kind of skin damage, and this skin damage results in some type of anxiety.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists have recognized that people with facial skin problems are most likely to feel anxious. In this case, women would especially pay for expensive skincare treatments or beauty products to get rid of the anxiety caused by their skin imperfections.

In this article, I will share with you the most popular skincare trends in 2024 and how efficient they are.

Best Beauty Treatments in 2024

Laser Treatment

The laser mixing is here to stay in 2024! Anjali Mahto, the Skincare Bible’s author, is a dermatologist with severe acne problems, and she’s a big fan of this procedure: “Laser technology is far more effective than traditional office-based treatments.”

Laser mixing is a way to treat different skin concerns with a single procedure. This technique must be done by an expert at the salon, with strict surveillance. Acne breakouts, mottled pigmentation, and even rosacea can be improved with this beauty treatment.


IV Drips

IV drips are a super refreshing and healthy beauty trend in 2024. Being much more effective than oral pills, intravenous drips can immediately lead to better skin tone and clarity. Most people love this procedure because it is personalized. Depending on your needs, you’ll receive a cocktail of vitamins, collagen, energizers, and more. Even though results can be seen very fast, you have to constantly follow-up on this treatment in order to enjoy its benefits in the long term.



Microneedling has already been popular during the last year, but it will surely be one of the best 2024 skincare trends. This technique works by puncturing the skin with some tiny needles.

The main benefit of the micro-needling technique is that it stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, bringing it cleaner, rejuvenated, and repaired. It is recommended, especially if you want to get rid of acne scars or wrinkles.

To achieve the maximum results, you should recommend your clients repeat the micro-needling skincare treatment 4 or 5 times once a month during the cold season.

dermapen skin treatment

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Retinoids are active ingredients derived from vitamin A, used for cosmetic purposes. Serums based on retinoids are used to combat acne, pigmentation, aging, or sun damage. Retinol treatments are exclusively used during the cold season, so they’re a skincare treatment that will rock at the end of the year. 

According to the UK dermatologist Anjali Mahto (writer of Skincare Bible), after applying a retinoid treatment, make sure you use 50+ SPF protection (even during winter), as the product increases the risk of sun burning, hyperpigmentation, and the sunlight makes the product less effective.

The Ordinary Retinol, 1% in Squalane, is one of the best retinol serums out there, and it also has a very affordable price.

the ordinary retinol

LED Light Mask

Going forward with the non-invasive skin care treatments, LED light masks are on top when it comes to beauty trends in 2024.

LED light masks look professional. They look like they work, but do they? Well, opinions vary regarding this topic.

These masks are mainly destined to accelerate healing and prevent wrinkles. Such a skincare treatment goes hand in hand with microdermabrasion, hyperbaric oxygen, or derma rolling treatments. 

Anyway, as retinoids increase light sensibility, it is not recommended to use LED masks while on a retinol treatment.


Massage Face Rollers

Face rollers are all over your Instagram feed lately, as they’ve become the main subject in those satisfying reels that we can’t stop watching.

These little beauty badgers are made from jade or quartz, and they come in different shapes or textures, depending on their use. 

According to specialists, the main benefits of the jade and quarts rollers are:

  • Improvement of facial blood circulation
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Smoothly distributes skincare products

Well, if you want to be up to date with the latest skincare treatments in 2024, from now on, you should consider applying your skincare products in the salon with a quartz roller and not with your hands.

jade face roller

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There are many face fillers, from injectable to non-injectable, and hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular ones worldwide. Still, there are also botox and collagen fillers too.

Depending on what are your client’s needs, you’ll choose a filler with specific properties. Ladies mostly come to the beauty salons for fillers, searching for a face-lifting effect, a more refreshed, younger aspect, or getting rid of wrinkles and acne scars. Injectable fillers last up to 6 months.

In the last few years, there’s been a new skincare trend for those who are afraid of needles, namely the non-injectable fillers. They are non-invasive, require no recovery time, and the results are instant. The difference between the injectable and this is that the non-injectable fillers need constant (maybe daily) application and have a shorter result duration.

If you’re interested in providing non-injectable fillers and aligning to the 2024 skincare trends, I’d recommend trying Fillerina. It comes with two syringes, a gel preparation, and a nourishing firm cream. Its results are spectacular. You can see them in the video below. Your clients will adore it for sure! 🙂

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Full Body Treatments

They have been on-trend for a long time, and they still rock in the skincare treatment list trending in 2024. 

Skincare treatments are usually focused around the face area, but the skin on our body needs treatments too. From body scrubs to chocolate or honey wraps, they are meant to remove dead skin and nourish the body with natural ingredients. 


This article provides more information about the best exfoliating body treatments for your spa menu.

Minimal skincare routine

 People need something simple, fast, and useful. A whole experience called do-everything-with-less. People are inclined toward a minimalistic attitude, whether in skincare, makeup, or hair.

Women are going back to natural glam, 5-minute makeup. They’re back to a one cream per day instead of a complex skincare routine. A cream, preferably organic, will be the best choice in 2024. We want beauty, and we want it fast and guaranteed. But for that, some skincare treatments are a must. 🙂


Sustainable Packaging

Brands do not only pay more attention to the procurement and processing of their ingredients but also to their packaging. All brands are committed to keeping the packaging of their products eco-friendly.

Sustainability has become a buzzword in the beauty and skincare industry. Implementing sustainable alternatives to avoid the one-time usage of plastic is essential, and we must replace them with refillable, glass, or paper-based packaging. For example, Kiehl’s skincare brand launched a skincare reward loyalty program for their customers. That means if you return an empty Kiehl’s bottle to a retail store in order to be recycled, you get rewarded with a sample or a mini product.

Well, if you want to follow the 2024 skincare trends, consider using reusable objects and providing products from sustainable brands.


Don’t forget that…

Salon hygiene is a must

Especially in the latest years, people have become paranoid about hygiene in public places. They fear going to a salon or at a spa to not get sick. The best thing to do is to turn hygiene into a day-to-day priority in your salon. You could have a salon hygiene checklist to keep track of the salon cleaning sessions and disinfecting hours for the whole team. If you want to enter the new year more prepared on this subject, check out the importance of hygiene in a salon.

Invest smart

Your money is important, and your client’s feedback on the treatments you provide is priceless, so don’t hurry up to waste money on gadgets or products you’re not going to use. Think wisely and invest smartly while thinking about aligning to the 2024 skincare treatments and beauty trends.

Another way to be on-trend in 2024? To manage your time wisely with Goldie. This appointment scheduling app will help you keep track of your appointments effortlessly. 


Goldie makes scheduling easy for both spa businesses and clients. The app sends appointment reminders, ensures your business is not overbooked and lets you process deposits or full payments. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play

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