10 Salon Organization And Storage Ideas

Salon storage ideas

Although you may dream of a large, elegant salon with plenty of room for a waiting area and a dedicated storage room for all your supplies, in reality you might not have as much space as you’d hoped for. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you maintain a clutter-free environment in your salon.

Working in a well organized environment and storing your stuff well is key if you want to work smarter, not harder. There’s no client in the world who’d enjoy the experience in a salon that looks messy. When you have everything put in order in your salon, be it a hair salon, beauty salon or a barbershop, the space will look bigger and cleaner. That’s what every client wishes: a beautiful experience at the salon. And you can create a whole awesome experience for them by having a clean and well designed salon and by providing the best services.

Why should you stay organized?

Now, let’s clarify why it is so important to stay organized in your salon. First of all, it’s because chaos creates stress. A cluttered space won’t make your clients feel comfortable there.

Secondly, having a messy salon will make you lose precious time. When was the last time you lost 10 minutes from an appointment just because you didn’t find the dye color you were looking for? Exactly: it happens often. Well, storing your products smart and organizing your stuff and your time will help you be more productive, and that leads to more time for appointments.

According to a statistic realized by Small Business Trends, working in a clean and well organized working environment means you are less likely to be distracted by objects cluttering up a workspace, a fact that leads to increased focus.

How to stay organized at your salon?

That’s why I’m here: to show you the best solutions and to provide some useful salon storage ideas. In order to stay organized, I promise you won’t need to invest much money in storage objects and productivity apps. All it takes is a little bit of imagination to adapt these salon storage ideas to your own business. Here’s a vlog by hairstylist Jamie Dana with 3 easy tips to keep your salon organized. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Use wall shelves

As a nail technician, you probably have hundreds of shades of nail colour to hand, or as a hairstylist, you’re likely to store in your salon all the dye colors in the world. These items are actually quite difficult to display and they take time to be well organized, especially because you have to keep them out of direct sunlight. One solution is to invest in a proper wall shelf. It is usually the best solution that allows your clients and yourself to see each individual colour of the product. With a compact base, some wall shelves will also be effective in terms of space too.

Hair dye wall shelf

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Nail polish wall shelf

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2. Label and color code products

After you organized all your products on a wall shelf, there’s another rule you’d better respect: the color arrangement. Put all your dye products in their color code order so you’ll find the desired shades faster. Although, another thing that often helps to keep your products organized is labeling them. Whether you organize your products by its purpose, color, or how frequently you use them, it is recommended to label the bottles or the shelf where you store them so that you don’t have to go digging through the products every time.

3. Organize your cords

Cords are the main things that make a salon look messy. As for myself, one of the best salon organization ideas is to invest in a cord organizer on your desk, so you’ll avoid constantly untying knots of cords.

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4. Use organizers and storage boxes

Avoid having a mess in your drawer just because of the excuse that nobody will see what’s in there. Maintaining a well organized drawer with storage boxes and organizers is important, as you can see clearly everything you have in there. A great salon storage idea I recently heard about is using your chair space by creating a custom chair or a sofa with storage space. Like that, you can store everything you have without it looking messy.

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5. Organize your storage cabs

Try to organize your salon storage cabs according to the products you want to store. For example, use a separate shelf for towels, another for shampoos, and another for disinfectants and hygiene products. Never use the same shelf for several types of products to avoid mixing them and creating a whole mess in there. I’d also recommend you to use labels for each cab and shelf.

6. Use a rolling cart

Rolling carts are the most used hair salon storage idea ever. The salon roller carts have more drawers on the inside which can be used for storage or can be hung on your side for quick and easy access to different instruments. If you don’t have one yet, consider providing a professional rolling cart for your salon studio.

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7. Store your hygiene products in an accessible place

The key to maintaining an organized and clean salon is to have quick access to cleaning supplies. Always store a mini broom, some wipes, paper towel, and a disinfectant in your closet. As you must clean all your tools and equipment after every service you provide, consider storing your hygiene products in a place that’s more handy for you.

Windsor pocket organizer

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8. Use labeled bottles

Having the original bottle from each product you use and exposing them on a shelf near the sink can look absolutely messy. All those colored labels and different sized bottles do nothing but ruin the design of your salon. Plus, if they are not stored in a transparent bottle, you’re most likely to finish the shampoo exactly when you need it. To avoid this, I’d recommend you to store the products in identical bottles and to label them.


9. Organize your appointments

Using an appointment scheduling app on your phone can help more than you think. First of all, an online booking system won’t stress you with phone rings anymore. Why? Simply because clients can book online themselves without interrupting you. And don’t worry, scheduling apps are smart enough to avoid letting clients book your time off, as there’s a setting in the app that lets you block personal events or time off for a vacation in the online calendar.


Another advantage of using a mobile appointment book is that you’ll reduce your no-shows to almost 0. For example, Goldie sends clients automated text message reminders about their appointments. Also, it allows you to process payments online and to take deposits from clients for each appointment. You can free download it from the App Store or Google Play. Trust me it’s a must-have if you’re a busy professional always on the go. 🙂

10. Time management tools

Technology is the most sophisticated at managing time, so let it do its job. There are plenty of apps that keep track of your tasks and plan your daily activity. Knowing exactly how much a service takes is an advantage because it helps you avoid having dead time slots between appointments. Also focusing on one task at a time is essential. Avoid doing half work or overlapping your schedules. Be it Goldie or other apps, keep in mind that you must measure every minute of your working program, and you have to be well organized from all points of view if you want to be a real professional salon owner.


Well, I hope you find useful these salon organization ideas I’ve prepared for you. Also, if you are a beginner barber, don’t forget to inform yourself about what you should include in your beginner barber kit and make sure you use the most qualitative products and tools. Don’t forget, “for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” (Benjamin Franklin). 

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