Current Nail Trends: 10 Most Popular Nail Styles in 2022

most popular nail style ideas 2022

I bet you’ll agree with me when I say: a woman’s hands are her label, as they are an important detail people observe when they first come into contact.

In order to maintain beautiful nail hygiene and at the same time to be on-trend, it is important to keep yourself informed, especially when it comes to the current nail trends.

We all adore staying at the salon while doing our nails, right? But we’re never decided when it comes to choosing a new color or a new shape. Luckily, there are many options to get inspired by the most popular nail styles this year. We just have to take a nail dip in the right style and colors and our pretty nails will be all prepared to speak high fashion!

With Very Peri being the color of the year in 2022, I bet we’ll see, more than ever, nail artists playing with purple shades and tones while creating nail styles.

1. Marble Nails

“Marble nails are on the top of the list when it comes to popular nail styles this year. Many clients ask for it, but besides the classic marble manicure from the last years, they come with different demands. In 2022, we’ll not see anymore the black and white marble nails, but we’ll see some reinterpreted, coloured marble nails”, saya Anna Joe, nail artist based in LA. 


Photo source: @naglarbynattis


Photo source: @saritass_nails25


Photo source: @laurentibeauty


Photo source: @q_marti_q

2. Minimal Nails

nude nails trend

Photo source: @zhenskiy_jurnal

In the last years, the nude nail trend has taken wings, as lots of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, or Bella Hadid are wearing it.


Photo source: @bellami_nails_academy


Photo source: @raelondonnails


This popular nail style presents a picture of elegance and simplicity without the need to try too hard to obtain a sophisticated look. The nude nail polish looks fresh with any model on it and will meet your needs for every occasion, whether you want a casual or formal style.

Therefore, if you are looking to adopt a popular nail style in 2022, the minimal nail trend may be the ideal solution for you.

3. Velvet Nails

blue velvet nails

Photo source: amyytran

nude velvet nails

Photo source: charlottehennessynails

green velvet nails

Photo source: bhambnails

4. Rhinestones Nails

metallic rhinestone nails

Photo source: topcoatnailbarsj

elegant rhinestones nails

Photo source: jagodowablog

elegant nude rhinestones long nails

Photo source: olootka_nailart

elegant jewel long nails

Photo source: olootka_nailart

nude rhinestones short nails

Photo source: lacquernailsstudio

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5. Classic Red Nails. Or with a twist!

Red nails are back on top at the end of 2022! Why? Because red nails are gentle to the eye and romantic in their undertones, fitting best your outfit on special occasions in your life.

You can glam up your red nails with some glitter or heart motives and you’ll be the star of the night! Glamorous red nails, amazing!

glam red nails with glitter

Photo source: @taryns_nails

For a more up-to-the-moment nail color trending in 2022, a drop of strawberry nails or a drop of bloody red nails have found their way to the top of our nail color alternatives.

red hearts and teddy nail design

Photo source: olootka_nailart

The following nails will make you look and feel like a celebrity!

fabulous and glamorous red nails

Photo source: @cheyennesnails_

As a beauty tip for you ladies, you can complete your fashionable look by adding a red lip gloss to fit your nail’s color and to give contrast to your outfit. Red is one of the few colors that work just as well on short nails, long, almond or square ones. The only question is, are you red-dy to wear a popular nail style in 2022? 🙂

6. Gold Foil Nail Style

In 2022, you have to expect seeing gold foil nails everywhere. They look very elegant and they are a perfect choice for all the seasons of the year. Therefore, ladies, get ready to shine with some gold themed nail styles.


Photo source: @bellami_nails_academy


Photo source: @nails_by_sweet_temptation


Photo source: @cats_claws_newport


Photo source: @educator_lidia_wrobel

7. Pastel Nail Color

pastel nails trend

Photo source: @melissavla_

What better way to enjoy the warm season than with pastel nails? 🙂

rainbow pastel nail trend

Photo source: meraki_nails_cardiff

There’s a large palette of colors you can use, and the advantage is that you can combine them in different styles like french manicure, baby boomer, designing shapes or simply applying a different color on any finger.

There’s something cheerful about adding those soft shades on your nails this year. Just try it and enjoy your pretty candy nail style in 2022.

Photo source: sassnailartistry

8. Pink Nail Color

bright pink and coral nails

Photo source: olootka_nailart

super bright pink nails

Photo source: meraki_nails_cardiff


Photo source: @nails_and_lashes_by_j


Photo source: @bellami_nails_academy

As simple as it is complicated, the pink nail style is the expression of an electric personality that gives us a bold, bright look. This color looks amazing on every kind of nail style – short, long, stiletto, coffin, matte or glittery. You can mix it however you want, it will give a note of elegance and class on your hands for the 2022 summer.

9. Very Peri Nails

Everybody seems to be very excited about the trending color of 2022, this lavander tone just perfect for spring and summer. Below, you’ll find inspiration for the best manicure styles of the year. 


Photo source: @raisin_nails


Photo source: @ellejapan_beauty


Photo source: @enjoy_nails892


Photo source: @authenticart.nail

The Very Peri color will add a note of glam to every outfit . 2022 is here to shine bright! You can use the hashtag #veryperinails on Instagram or Pinterest and discover even more nail styles in the Very Peri tone. 🙂

10. Animal Print Nails

Animal print can be an intimidating addition to your look. Even if you’re a lover of wildlife or you just want to show off your feline side, animal print nail style never goes out of trend.

Photo source: @henriettenails

In 2021, this pattern is everywhere, especially on ladies’ nails. Animal print-themed nails are one of the most glamorous and extravagant manicure styles in 2022, expressing in the best way your interest in fashion.

nude and black snake print nail trend

Photo source: meraki_nails_cardiff

From the leopard spots to the tiger or zebra prints, you can shape the perfect nails with every kind of color- it will look stunning anyway!

Bonus Trend: Baby Boomer Nails

baby boomer nails

The ombre french manicure or the baby boomer as everybody knows this manicure style in 2022 is and will always be on-trend. Why? Simply because it is elegant and you can combine two of your favorite colors in a perfect blend.

glamorous baby boomer long nails

Photo source: amethyst_klaudia_gozdek

If you’re a person who enjoys a more classic nail style rather than the eccentric 2022 nail trends that have been sweeping social media lately, you’ll be pleased to know that this latest manicure style offers you the perfect blend of minimal nail style and timeless elegance.

square baby boomer french manicure nails

Photo source: aureliemanucure

The best part about this nail style is that the ombré gives an elongate effect to your nails. What’s more, it is the perfect style for fast-growing nails because the base color is usually nude, a color that’s very close to your natural nail shade, and that makes it hard to spot.

Here are five ways to get your baby boomer nails done. Choose your own style and get ready to make an appointment with your nail artist. You’ll look awesome wearing one of the most popular nail styles in 2022, honey!

Bonus Trend 2: Green Nail Color

cute green nail design

Photo source: nailsbypaulin

You’d better add the green nail color to your list this year if you want to be in style. From all the colors to choose from, maybe green is not the one that you’d think about while coloring your nails.

Photo source: stergiou_s_nailartist

After you see these amazing green nail colors you’ll inevitably fall in love with them. From pistachio green to emerald or aqua green, there are tons of these shades that fit all the seasons perfectly.

modern and cool green nails

Photo source:

It was just a matter of time before green made its way to nail trends in 2022, and ladies absolutely love it. Do you? 🙂

Leave me a comment down below and tell me what’s your favorite nail trend of 2022? 🙂

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7 months ago

I love the gold marble! All the nails are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa p.
Lisa p.
7 months ago

I like the green nail with the with the color fading the last at the last that green at the end that’s what I like it look lime green with that one male with the color fading it’s so cute to me I love that one the other one is nice and pretty but I like that one better you done a good job

7 months ago

I love all of them sooooooooooooooooooooo pettry.

Shaunice Rene
Shaunice Rene
7 months ago

As a nail tech of 11 years it is not called nails this is why I struggle when client are giving detail on what they want I always just ask for picture
Most tech in Cali call it the cat eye or magnet because you can change the position of the little shinny silver part ….

I would have love more shades of red as red has so many …

Next time call me for the next article I’d like to add to it because nails are my thing @mistybluebp

6 months ago

I’ve been doing nails for 42 yrs. Yes 42 yrs! Some if these nails are beautiful! Some not so much. Just keep up the good work and enjoy your job… Women will always have money for there nails and hair, even when money is tight. Lived through that a few times…. Ladies keep it up enjoy your work…

Daniella Juliana Rose
Daniella Juliana Rose
6 months ago

Finished nails are my very favorite female adornment and this is a great overview of the possibilities. I just love them all, but I am one who favors the less pointed styles, both for safety and the fullness of expression.