11 Hair Salon Discounts That Bring in Clients and Boost Sales

hair salon discounts

Hair salon discounts are a great way to promote your business, bringing new customers, and turning existing ones into loyal clients.

But there’s a time and a method for everything, even for these discounts. You have to plan and offer them in such a way it benefits you too. Otherwise, you’ll create a discount culture, where people are only waiting for those specific moments to come to your salon, which will ultimately affect your brand in the long run.

What are the benefits of hair salon discounts?

If done correctly, these discounts will certainly help you boost your business and bring you lots of benefits, including:

• More clients & appointments
• Increased customer loyalty
• Introducing new services, treatments, and products to your clients
• Make up for the slow days

11 Types of Hair Salon Discounts That Work Like a Charm

The discounts you make should bring added value to your services. Only in this way you’re going to turn clients into long-term, loyal customers and still keep your business going.

Without further ado, let’s see some of the best salon discounts you can use.

1.Percentage Discounts for New Customers

People love discounts, so this method will surely bring you a few extra customers. This is a great way of promoting your brand, especially if you just opened or recently expanded your business to a new location.

When it comes to the percentage discount, it’s up to you how much you are willing to let go from your profit for the clients’ benefit, but for the offer to be attractive, you have to go higher than a 5% or 10% discount.

Hair salon discounts for new clients

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2. Hair-related gifts

Freebies feel like you just won something, so you can definitely turn this to your advantage.

Offer your clients a hair-related product for, let’s say, every coloring. It can be a hair treatment or even a salon gift card.

Moreover, you can talk to your suppliers and see how they can help you with a few samples or special prices.

In the following example, the salon offers a $20 gift for every new service. This will surely encourage clients to try more services in your hair salon.

Hair salon gift

3. Extra Services

Discounts have to be attractive enough to bring in customers, but this can mean cutting into your profit margin.

To avoid that and still make your clients happy, think about offering extra services to existing prices.

For example, you can offer your first ten customers of the day a free shampoo service, a blow-dry with styling, or a free massage, if your hair salon is a part of a larger beauty salon.

Here’s an example of hair salon specials:

Hair salon services discounts

4. 3 for 2 Discount

This is one traditional yet very popular promotion you should try. It works extremely easy: your customers will get three hair-related services at the price of two.

This method works in two ways:

1. Your customers will find out about more of your services, and

2. They will be satisfied with the discount.

This goes almost without saying that to benefit you too, make the free service the cheaper one.

5. Multiple Appointments

The main reason you’re doing all these discounts and giving incentives is to bring back previous customers.

Go one step further and offer them discounts any time they want to schedule more than one appointment ahead.

Your clients know they will need a haircut or coloring again, so why not go for it right then and there and make some appointments for the upcoming months?

The limit of the appointments to which this discount applies is again up to you.

And here’s something amazing that will take away your stress of making and then checking your appointment calendar.

You can use an app called Goldie, to schedule ahead these multiple appointments fast and easy. The app helps you create, view, and update appointments from your phone and set recurring appointments that repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. You can even set the app to send automated reminders so your clients won’t forget about their appointments. Also, you can take deposits or full payments right before the appointment.

You can install the Goldie app from the App Store if you’re using iOS, or from the Google Play Store if you’re using Android.


6. Referral programs

Encourage your clients to recommend your salon and bring in a friend that has never been there before. Offer both of them a discount on your services.

Alternatively, you can give them a gift card to use on their next visit to the salon or hair care products for free.

This program is a win-win situation. Your client gets a discount or free hair care products, and you get word-of-mouth advertising. And we know this is one of the best kinds of advertising you could have.

referral program hair stylist

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7. Seasonal Discounts

Give a reason for the discounts you want to offer. You can link them to an event, or it can be a seasonal promotion. And you’ll find plenty of them, such as Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day.

black friday hair salon discount

You can also create buzz around your salon’s anniversary by applying discounts to your services or give away quality hair-related products.

hair salon opening discount

8. Birthday Discounts

A good loyalty program means personalized programs, and what is more personal than someone’s birthday? Make your clients feel appreciated and give them a special discount on their birthday.

Simply sending happy birthday wishes to clients makes them feel appreciated. Imagine how valued they’ll feel when they’ll receive a special birthday discount.

This type of discount is always popular with customers, and it’s one of the fastest ways to turn them into recurring clients.

Blu Salon has a birthday club clients can join to get special discounts on their birthdays.

hair salon birthday discount

9. Loyalty Points

The idea behind this program is to reward your most loyal customers. The more loyal they get, the more points they’ll receive. Of course, you’ll reward these recurring engagements to secure their loyalty in the future and to grow your business continuously.

The program can work extremely easy. For example, for a certain number of accumulated points, your customer will get a free haircut. If they don’t want to spend the points and keep collecting them, the reward should be more significant, like free coloring.

Use hair salon loyalty cards as a fancy way of keeping track of your customer’s points.

Stefan salon has a very clear loyalty program on their website.

hair salon loyalty program

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10. Thank you offers

Reward your loyal customers and show your appreciation towards them by emailing or texting them a simple “Thank You” message that includes a promotional code to use in your salon.

These signs of appreciation will make your clients feel good and pampered while you lock loyalty and trust between you and your customers. You can use the Goldie app I was talking about earlier to get the most out of text message marketing.

11. Social media contests and giveaways

If you have social media accounts, pay attention to where your customers are spending their time and start running contests that can include hair salon discounts or freebies.

This kind of contents can go the classic way where your followers have to:

• Like posts
• Tag friends in the posts
• Distribute
• Mentions with hashtags

It’s a great way to gain more followers, make your customers get the rush of participating in a contest, and, ultimately, make some of the customers happy by winning.

hair salon instagram contest giveaway

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Ways of Promoting Hair Salon Discounts

You can promote your discounts without having to spend money on ads. There are a few simple ways to let people know about promotional deals just by using a bit of your time.

Try to use these methods to reach your customers:

• Post your hair salon discounts on your website.
• Share deals on social media.
• Send text messages to your clients.
• Create posters and put them inside your hair salon in visible places.

Get Your Hair Salon Discounts Promotion Right

Before adopting any of these discount types, make sure you set straight all the conditions.

Always post your promotions on your hair salon website with all the necessary information about them, such as:

• Set a clear expiry date
• Which hairstylists are part of the deal
• Are there specific days of the week for these promotions?
• Any other detail that will help you and the customers get the best out of the deals.


Hair salon discounts and deals are a terrific opportunity to create brand awareness, make customers happy, and create a connection with them to build brand trust.

Keep in mind that it is best to have a reason to give out these discounts. In this manner, you add value to your quality services, not just bring people because of the deals.

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