18 Best Gifts for Barbers. Coolest Gift Ideas for Barbers in 2023

barber gift ideas

We all have someone special in our lives. If your special someone happens to be a barber, you might be searching for the best barber gift ideas, to make them feel special.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! We’ve prepared a list of razor-sharp gifts for barbers that will bring a smile to their face.

Whether you are searching for gifts for your barber boyfriend or your father, brother, or other friends who might be barbers, you are in the right place.

You also might be a regular client of a barber, and you want to express your gratitude. You will surely want to keep the person who works with sharp objects near you happy, right?

When it comes to getting a gift for your barber, you probably should avoid expensive, professional barber tools before checking with him. Everyone has his style and preferences about the professional tools they use to get their job done, so it might be a risky gift.

But that doesn’t mean you offer great gifts for barbers by choosing something unique, fun, and entertaining. And that’s what giving a thoughtful gift is all about!

Read on to find our best picks from all price ranges to make sure you find a useful or fun barbers gift.

So, grab a pen to write down your gift-list, and let’s cut to the chase.

1. Barber clock

A barber clock will remind him how much he means to you every time he checks what time it is. Barbers have to be always on time to meet their appointments; since their hands are busy and they can’t check what time it is by looking at their wrist all the time, a wall clock is a necessity.

There are tons of fun and creative barber clock designs out there. All you have to do is pick one that suits his personality, and you’re good to go.

barber clock gift

You can find it here

2. Barber mug

All barbers love a good coffee, right? A barber mug is the kind of gift he can appreciate and use every morning for years (or at least until it’s broken). Here’s a fun scissors coffee mug that’s great for all barbers and hairstylists.

gift for barbers scissor mug

You can find it here

Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can go for a funny print or quote, like this Game of Thrones barber mug, ideal for barbers that also love the show.

3. Barber pole cufflinks

The barber cufflinks are an elegant and stylish detail that all barbers will appreciate. The barber’s pole sign is a universal symbol, and its tradition goes back to the Middle Ages. The barber pole cufflinks are great as an engagement gift for barber or as a special gift for any occasion.

cufflinks gifts for barber boyfriend

You can find them here

4. Barber plastic spray bottle

This spray bottle is one of the funniest gift ideas for barbers you can find. If he’s a bourbon fan, you can’t go wrong with these bottles that mimic the famous Jack Daniels bottle. All barbers need water spray bottles, and the more unique and fun, the better.

We love these Jack Daniels spray bottles so much, we’ve added them to our list of Essential Tools For Barbers in 2023. The client’s reaction when they see the bottles for the first time is priceless.

These models are creative, easy to use, and made of plastic, so they won’t get broken and will last for years to come. Check them out and buy some for your favorite barber. He’ll thank you later.

barber bottle gift idea

You can find them here

5. Scented candle

Usually, a scented candle can be a perfect gift for women, but what if you could find candles that incorporate all smells that evoke masculinity and character?

The blind barber scented candle does just that; with its smoke, lavender, and leather aroma, it will soon become your barber’s favorite way to add a touch of fragrance to his barbershop.

scented candle gift for barbers

You can find it here

6. Barber apron

As a barber, it’s hard to keep all the tools you need handy, and keeping them close could save time and ease the work. If he doesn’t already have one, why not buy a cool barber apron where all his favorite tools can find their place?

Go for a quality piece with quality materials like leather, denim, or cotton to make sure your gift will be useful and appreciated.

barber apron gift

You can find it here

7. Barber artwork sculpture

If he’s a fan of creative sculptures and artworks, why not go for something different? Here’s a cool nuts and bolts sculpture with a barber as the main character. It’s funky, creative, and unique, so it will remind him how much he means to you.

nuts and bolts barber sculpture

8. Barber mask

A face mask helps both the barber and his clients feel safe and protected. You can find some creative designs that look great on anyone, or you can even ask a shop to create a custom, personalized mask that’s truly unique.


You can find it here

9. Barber cardholder

Give your barber a helping hand to promote his barbershop with a personalized business cardholder. A wooden cardholder with his name engraved could be a nice touch and a gift that’s timeless and useful.

barber business card holder

You can find some here

10. Razorblade necklace

He will surely appreciate this beautiful, minimalist silver necklace featuring a razor blade if he’s into jewelry. It’s symbolic yet straightforward and fancy, giving a subtle hint of his barber job.

barber necklace gift idea

You can find it here

11. Barber keychain

Here’s a new twist on an all-time favorite: a barber keychain can be a simple yet creative gift, especially if you choose a funny message. Use your sense of humor, think out of the box and get out there searching for the perfect barber keychain.

cool gift for barber keychain

You can find it here

12. Barber Christmas ornament

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for barbers, look no further! A snowflake Christmas ornament for barbers or hairdressers is an excellent way to show you care. It’s going to look lovely in the Christmas tree, whether it’s home or at the barbershop.

christmas gift for barbers

You can find ornaments here

13. Barber Tshirt

Personalized t-shirts are great barber gifts for him if you are looking for a gift that’s both useful and funny. With so many creative prints available, you’ll find something he’ll love and wear with a smile on his face.

Here’s a cool T-shirt that’s the ideal gift if he’s also a fan of The Godfather.

barber tshirt gift

You can find it here

14. Barber tie

A fancy detail can go a long way! Even if he’s not into formal outfits, he’ll surely love this scissors tie that’s both elegant and playful. It’s also a smart way you can get him to wear more elegant clothes. You’ll thank us later.

barber themed tie gift

You can find it here

15. Barbershop sign

Barbers love their barbershops. There’s no way around this one. It’s one of the places they spend the most time and get their job done, but it can also be an extension of their personality. The way they decorate the shop can say a lot about them, and they will never refuse a great artwork they can hang on the wall.

A barbershop wall decoration can be a thoughtful gift they will surely love. Here’s an example we loved, but you can find other decorations that are cool gifts for barbers in all shapes and styles.

This metal barbershop sign could be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

barbershop metal sign gift

You can find barbershop signs here

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a really affordable barber gift, check out this barbershop wall sticker.

barbershop wall sticker gift

You can find it here

16. Personalized Bobblehead barber

Bobblehead figures are always fun, but the best thing about them is that now you can personalize them to offer the perfect, unique gift for a barber. Just choose a pattern, send a picture, and you’ll have your own handmade, polymer clay figure made to look just like him.

gift ideas for barbers

You can find it here

17. Barber phone case

You can never have enough phone cases, especially if they feature something you love. All you have to do is find out exactly what’s your barber’s phone model and then you can choose from hundreds of creative barber phone cases. We loved this one for its vintage and artsy look.

barber phone case

You can find phone cases here


I hope you found some inspiration in our list of gifts for barbers. Hit us up with a comment if you used one of our ideas or if you would like to share some of your findings.

Also, if you work as a barber or you know one, here’s a tip you might love. Did you know that using a scheduling app to manage your appointments increases work productivity? This appointment scheduling app for barbers has a free plan and lots of helpful features for barbers. Download it from the App Store or Google Play and start saving time and money. 🙂

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