Discover how Julie Taylor Gained Success as a Gym Trainer

Fitness trainer testimonial

Julie Taylor has been providing clients in the Adelaide area with personalized Fitness solutions and wellness/counseling services for many years now.

Everyone wants to live well and healthily, so she encourages people to take the next step to improve their fitness and well-being!

Julie is a very passionate personal trainer who loves the opportunity to help people reach their goals! Hope you’ll be inspired by her story! 🙂

1. Who or what inspired you to become a personal trainer and how did you end up starting your business?

I was inspired to become a personal trainer because I wanted to help people become the best version of themselves, I made my own transformation and knew I wanted to help people achieve their own goals.

I waited until my kids were a little older before I jumped into the demanding life of a PT.

I studied part-time while working full time and studying for a counseling diploma, thanks to the support of my family.

I started my business with a friend, initially working with a Premier League Netball Club in Adelaide. We both still work with the same club over 7 years later.

2.What were the challenges you’ve faced in growing your business and how did you overcome them?

The thing that was the most difficult, was to go from a full time, permanent job, into self-employment. It’s like taking a giant leap of faith.

I learned early on that you need to keep learning for growing. I also learned that discovering your niche is probably the best thing you can do to propel your business. Once I started working for what I liked the most and I trusted the process, everything fell into place.

3.How do you differentiate yourself in the market?

I’m a counselor and a holistic personal trainer. You’d call me a Female Health and Performance Coach, as I also offer Menopause health solutions. My focus is on the client as a whole person looking at the balance between lifestyle and training to effect the best result.

4.What part of your business are you improving? (branding, clientele, technique, etc.)

I’m currently working on the areas of Seminar and health information, online training solutions and our Achievers Program. I’m planning to bring a couple of Personal Trainers on board in the new year, upskilling and supporting them in a tricky industry to navigate.

5.What advice do you have for any new or upcoming personal trainers?

The best thing you can do as a personal trainer is to offer the best customer service possible. Stay connected to your clients, when you’re training them and when you’re not. What they do during the days of the week they’re not with you is just as important to their success as their sessions with you. A message to ask them how they are, to show them you really listened to them when they were telling you about their day or that you remembered their birthday, is invaluable.

6.How is Goldie helping you?

Goldie has been the most amazing tool for me and my business. At a time when I’ve been inundated with daily sessions, it allows me to stay connected with my clients, send personalized reminders, instant booking notifications, alongside keeping track of my revenue, client sessions and so much more. Having the service levels up the professionalism of your business and gives you an edge on your competition.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!”

Thank you, Julie, for sharing your experience with us and thank you for using Goldie! 🙂

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