Best Massage Music For Wellness And Spa In 2024

best massage music

While relaxing at a spa center, music is the main thing that can complete your client’s experience there. Even though your massage technique, your spa design, and lighting are essential elements as a massage therapist, without the proper background music, chances are your client won’t go home as relaxed as he/she expected.

People come to you with lots of problems in their head, with pressure, stress, or anxiety, and it’s your job to help them get rid of all their problems at least for some hours. 

According to research made by the University of Nevada, music can profoundly affect both emotions and the body. While faster music can make people feel more alert and concentrate better, a slower tempo can quiet our minds and relax the muscles, making us feel soothed while releasing the day’s stress. Hence, music is one of the most effective ways to manage stress. 

In this case, having some playlists with the best massage music for your clients is essential. They will not only enjoy the massage or body treatment you provide, but they’ll have a complete experience by listening to a kind of music they don’t use to play at home.

TIP: Having a consistent spa marketing strategy and sticking to it is essential if you want to grow your spa business and increase your clients’ loyalty. We’ve created an article, especially for this topic. Read more about the best spa marketing ideas and strategies in 2024.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • What are the benefits of listening to relaxing music;
  • Best massage music playlists for wellness and spa centers.

Benefits of listening to relaxing music

benefits of relaxing music

As I already mentioned, the best spa music can make your clients relax and get rid of stress, but this topic is even broader. Now let’s dig deeper into it.

1. Spa music reduces stress

Why do all neuroscience experts say that spa music can reduce stress? Because it can lower blood pressure, making us concentrate on the sound and not on our thoughts. 

It is pure meditation. When we meditate, that means we focus on a specific sound or on a particular action/ part of our body and not on our problems and responsibilities. Hence, music is a good way of making people meditate while enjoying a massage session in your spa.

spa music reduce stress

2. Improves concentration

The sound of nature or different musical instruments directly affects our bodies and mind. A study by BirdLife Focus Natura showed that music containing nature sounds like rain, waterfall, and others improve concentration and performance. 

3. Reduces the perception of pain

An article published by Psychology Today shows that spa music lessens a person’s sensation of pain, produces endorphins, and even strengthens our immune system. That makes sense because when a person feels pain, listening to relaxing music can switch attention from feeling to hearing.

4. Improves sleep

Let’s be honest: a techno playlist or a radio will never make you relax or prepare for bedtime. On the contrary, it will energize you even more. 

If one of your clients comes into your spa center having sleep issues, you could recommend them a nice, relaxing playlist, a cup of tea, and a scented candle before sleeping. If you have more CDs with music for spa, you can even make them a little present and give away one.

music improve sleep

5. Activates brain functions

I found around the internet a saying that I love: keep your brain young with music. For many years, scientists have tried to prove that music positively impacts people’s brain functions, and here’s their conclusion: it does.

Just think about the first thing you do when entering the car… you turn on music, right? What about the moment you start studying? Or what about when you arrive at work? I bet the answer is the same. Because even unconsciously, people feel the need to listen to music because it helps them arrange their thoughts differently.

music activates brain functions

6. It helps clear your mind/ meditate

Most people think that meditation is something easy to do, or even that it is not important at all. In reality, meditation is a complex, long-term process. You must be conscious that in the beginning, you might feel even more agitated because different things come to your mind and you have to admit and accept them. Only after you fall into peace with yourself can you be ready to practice real meditation.

For some people, meditation means spending time with themselves in nature. For others, meditation takes place while running. Doesn’t matter what kind of meditation someone adopts; there’s one thing that will always help them clear their mind: the best meditation music.

meditation music

7. Improves the ability to study

Strange or not, many people prefer to listen to music while they study. It simply helps them remember faster and better the information they learn. 

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 53% of teens do something else while studying. At 87%, listening to music was the most popular side activity for those who balanced studying with another activity. 

study with music

Music licensing: what to be careful about?

The commercial use of music means that a certain kind of music is played in a public location, such as restaurants, hair salons, coffee shops, and of course, wellness and spa centers. The use of music for commercial purposes requires the payment of a fee to your national Copyright Collecting Society (for the USA, it is BMI and ASCAP). 

There are about 40 million small and medium businesses globally, and only 17% of them use music that is licensed for commercial use.

As a business owner, you must ensure that the music you play in your wellness or spa is 100% legal and licenced for commercial use. Music apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, or Apple Music are only licenced for private use. Anyway, there are songs and playlists on youtube that are free copyright, and Spotify has a special plan available for business, named Spotify Business

Hence, in order to play music legally in your wellness center, you have to soundtrack your brand. 

Best massage music for your spa center

Whether you choose to create an account on Spotify Business or to listen to one of these free copyright Youtube playlist ideas, hope you’ll help your clients relax properly while enjoying a well-deserved massage at your location.

Waterfall Music for Spa

Relaxing Music for Spa

Zen Music for Spa

Escape Playlist Music for Spa

Nature Music for Spa

Meditation Music for Spa

Piano Music for Spa

Positive Energy Music for Spa

Summer Vibes Music for Spa

8 Hours Playlist Music for Spa

Healing 10 Hours Playlist Music for Spa

Guitar Music for Spa

Sleep Music for Spa

And you, how do you book your spa appointments?

If the answer is pen and paper, it’s time for an upgrade. Using appointment scheduling apps for wellness and spa centers is essential for all professionals who want to save time and money. You can easily track your appointments and reduce client no-shows using text reminders with this massage therapy scheduling software. It is free to use, and you can download it from the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. Good luck having a full spa schedule! 🙂

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